• knitted out for winter

    Knitted Out For Winter 2016

    In the last week or so winter has decided to arrive. After the wet and windy weather we experienced over the weekend, I’ve been reaching for my knitted vests and thick knit cardigans. I find jumpers can be a little to hot for me during a mild winter so I opt for vests that can […] Read more…

  • Empress Eleven Winter

    Rock This Winter With Empress Eleven

    When I headed out to pick Esther up from Prep on the Thursday afternoon before Mother’s Day, a Couriers Please van stopped me on my street to give me a parcel I had to sign for. I wasn’t expecting any parcels as I hadn’t ordered anything online. I quickly placed the parcel in my garage and reminded […] Read more…


  • O

    My 5 Minute Everyday Face Routine

    I don’t have time to apply make-up in the mornings when I have three little girls that I need to get up and ready so we can be on time for Kindy. Since becoming a Stay-at-home mum, my face routine is pretty quick and takes about 5 minutes. I thought I’d share with you what […] Read more…

  • Rosehip Oil

    How to keep your skin hydrated post pregnancy

    The moment I start breastfeeding, my skin goes dry as leather. It gets worse when our air-conditioner turns on Mid November. During pregnancy my skin tends to glow and can be a little too oily in my t zone for my liking. I used Garnier 3 in 1 cleanser during my pregnancy but once I […] Read more…


  • shopping with kids part II

    Shopping With Kids Part II

    I had a bit of a dilemma last week. The dilemma was I had nothing to wear to a function I had to go to last Friday night, even though I’d received the invitation a couple of months ago. I knew I needed a cocktail style dress for the event, but I placed it at […] Read more…

  • mums night out

    Mum’s Night Out

    I get excited when a girls night out is organized and I get to go out for dinner. On Saturday night, I got to meet up with some of the Prep mums from Esther’s school… who ironically, don’t have any kids in my daughter’s classroom. I have been friendly with one of the mums who […] Read more…


  • pockets of my home

    Pockets of my Home

    In the last month or so, I have spent quite a bit of time at home with the girls. Even when Esther was on school holidays, we spent a bit of time at home playing, watching movies and trying to enjoy each other’s company. After spending so much time at home since having kids, I’ve […] Read more…

  • 18 places to buy affordable art

    18 Places to Buy Affordable Art

    When I shared 40 ways to change the interior of your home, I had two questions about where to source affordable art. Ironically, Jacob and I have been looking at various online stores to find the perfect wall art for our dining room. We ended up getting our bright ‘Rosato’ painting from The Block Shop and […] Read more…