• Last Minute Christmas Outfit and Accessory Ideas Under $30

    Last Minute Christmas Outfit and Accessory Ideas Under $30

    Every Christmas I like to wear a new dress for Christmas Day. I’ve sometimes bought a few new dresses to wear to different Christmas occasions. But this year, I’ve only bought the one dress which I’ve had my eye on for a very long time and I’ve been finally able to get my size! It […] Read more…

  • SFH Designs makes wearing colour easier

    SFH Designs Makes Dressing in Colour Easy

    As my style has evolved after having children, I have embraced wearing colour. One of the easiest ways for me to do this is with my earrings. I have been loving the pom pom and tassel earrings that are so popular this season (yet again). I love bright colours and wearing the unexpected. My favourite […] Read more…


  • 7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag

    7 Hacks to Stock Your Toiletry Bag

    One of my organisational habits is ensuring my toiletry bag is stocked all year round.  I thought I’d share 7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag so it’s well organized for when you need to travel (and when you need to have a toiletry bag ready in case of an emergency). After I’ve come home […] Read more…

  • How I've Been Managing my Adult Acne Using Essential Oils

    How I’ve Been Managing my Adult Acne Using Essential Oils

    For the last couple of months I have been battling with adult acne. Without my BB cream on, you could describe me as having a ‘pizza face’. A couple of months ago it got so bad I had to do something about it. I had red pimples over my chin, on my forehead and occasionally […] Read more…


  • Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

    My Experience Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

    I have a gorgeous friend who always looks trendy and has designer clothes in her wardrobe. She is not afraid to admit she has bought them from an op shop. A simple designer dress may set her back a couple of dollars, instead of $100’s (or possibly $1000’s) of dollars, brand new. She has been […] Read more…

  • click frenzy deals

    My Five Favourite Click Frenzy Deals

    If you’re on a shopping ban, don’t look at this post. If you’re already here, and still want to know my picks of the sales, then keep reading. Today, most stores are offering a click frenzy sale where you can save anywhere from 20-50% off when shopping online. The sale is timed perfectly for Christmas […] Read more…


  • stylish round cushions for decorating

    Stylish Round Cushions – How to Decorate With Round Cushions

    I went through a phase of wanting round cushions in my home. I liked the different shape and I was drawn to the bohemian patterns that would often be embroidered or printed on the cover. I own two round cushions. The first one was purchase from Hard to Find and the second was purchased from […] Read more…

  • outdoor area leaf print cushions

    Add Spring to Your Interiors With Leaf Print Cushions

    Last spring, I updated our outdoor area with some leaf print cushions. I think I sourced them on ebay as they were the teal green, rather than the dark green. With the arrival of spring, leaf print cushions are infiltrating homeware stores. The print itself is also being used in fashion as well. The print […] Read more…