• The Colour I Love to Wear Most

    The Colour I Love to Wear Most

    What colour do you love to wear the most? For me, it’s red. Thankfully it’s a colour that suits me. Whenever I’m looking for a new piece or want to add colour to a monochromatic outfit, I will add red. So when I was researching some outfit ideas for the recent corporate post I wrote, […] Read more…

  • boho maxi dress from summer to autumn

    This Boho Maxi Dress Will Take You Through from Summer to Autumn

    What a cool change today has been after the hot and muggy days we’ve had in the last week here in Brisbane. It’s reminded me how much I enjoy the temperatures between summer and winter and winter and summer. With the change in weather, I want to bring your attention to this gorgeous boho maxi […] Read more…


  • 7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag

    7 Hacks to Stock Your Toiletry Bag

    One of my organisational habits is ensuring my toiletry bag is stocked all year round.  I thought I’d share 7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag so it’s well organized for when you need to travel (and when you need to have a toiletry bag ready in case of an emergency). After I’ve come home […] Read more…

  • How I've Been Managing my Adult Acne Using Essential Oils

    How I’ve Been Managing my Adult Acne Using Essential Oils

    For the last couple of months I have been battling with adult acne. Without my BB cream on, you could describe me as having a ‘pizza face’. A couple of months ago it got so bad I had to do something about it. I had red pimples over my chin, on my forehead and occasionally […] Read more…


  • fashion intentions for 2018

    How to Stick to Your Fashion Intentions for 2018

    The start of the year is always a good prompt to reflect on where you’re at in life and make plans to change things you’re not satisfied with. One area of our lives that may seem superficial to reflect on is the state of our wardrobes. And I don’t mean how organised they are and […] Read more…

  • oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe

    What’s the Oldest Piece of Clothing in Your Wardrobe?

    Can you tell me what’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you have pieces you’ve owned for years, but can’t part with? I still have my wedding dress and formal dress – which must be the oldest dresses I have in my wardrobe. Can I admit, that lately I have been convicted […] Read more…


  • stylish round cushions for decorating

    Stylish Round Cushions – How to Decorate With Round Cushions

    I went through a phase of wanting round cushions in my home. I liked the different shape and I was drawn to the bohemian patterns that would often be embroidered or printed on the cover. I own two round cushions. The first one was purchase from Hard to Find and the second was purchased from […] Read more…

  • outdoor area leaf print cushions

    Add Spring to Your Interiors With Leaf Print Cushions

    Last spring, I updated our outdoor area with some leaf print cushions. I think I sourced them on ebay as they were the teal green, rather than the dark green. With the arrival of spring, leaf print cushions are infiltrating homeware stores. The print itself is also being used in fashion as well. The print […] Read more…