Hi, I’m Bec Senyard and I’m so glad you’re here.

Styled by Bec is a blog written for women who want to look their best everyday in whatever season of life they find themselves in.

I have experienced working as a career girl, then a plumber (where the fashion options were limited, but the income gave me a taste for designer clothes), to being pregnant (3 times) a breastfeeding mother (3 times) and now a full-time mum who works from home. It’s safe to say my wardrobe has experienced many changes over the last 12-13 years.

My weight has fluctuated like the stock market, and so has my style as I bounce from one trend to another.

I love all things fashion, beauty and style. I love to share my new discoveries and show how they can work for you if you are seeking to live a life of style as well.

But this blog won’t be just about outward appearances. I hope to share posts that go deeper and offer inspiration to live a life where what is on the outside can match what’s on the inside. I believe confidence and a smile are a woman’s best friend, and these qualities can’t be bought.

I hope you join with me as I share on this blog. It’s unusual that a plumber would also write a fashion blog and be a qualified stylist, but I’ve always believed a girl can be practical and stylish.