7 Hacks to Stock Your Toiletry Bag

One of my organisational habits is ensuring my toiletry bag is stocked all year round.  I thought I’d share 7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag so it’s well organized for when you need to travel (and when you need to have a toiletry bag ready in case of an emergency).

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After I’ve come home from a trip away, I check the contents of the products, to see if there are any that need to be replaced or filled up. I got in the habit of having a well equipped toiletry bag after having Esther. You never know when you will have a trip away and require a stocked toiletry bag.

Having mine organised, means I have one less bag to pack when we go away. I always check it before I head away to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, but generally, it’s well stocked.

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You can get away with NOT having a toiletry bag or having a minimally stocked toiletry bag, as most hotels provide toiletries. But they don’t provide the cleanser, toner and face moisturiser and various other personal products. I also much prefer to use my favourite brands, that the stock standard offered from a hotel too.

I thought I’d share how I keep my toiletry bag stocked all year round, with some free hacks that you may not have thought of.

7 Hacks to Stock Your Toiletry Bag

1. Visit your dentist regularly to get free samples of toothpaste.

Our local dentist always has free mini samples of Colgate or Oral B toothpaste, that are free for customers to take after their visit. I stockpile these and use them in our toiletry bag to save packing a big tube of toothpaste.

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2. Take up special promotions with your skin care range.

I use Trilogy products for my skin and every now and then (usually at Mother’s Day and Christmas), they will have a promotion where you buy two full priced products and receive a mini set of products free. I pack these freebies in my toiletry bag. It ensures I have a cleanser, moisturiser and mist packed, from my favourite brand. If I’ve run out of cleanser (which I did when I headed to Coffs Harbour), I will use Sukin. The bottles are the right travel size and are cost effective.

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3. Gratefully receive freebies from travelling relatives.

My parents travel regularly and they will have a stockpile of shampoos and conditioners that they receive on their flight and from their hotel. I’m always given a few after they have travelled. Once the samples have been used up, your local grocery or department store will have miniature bottles of toiletry products for around $3 a bottle.

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4. Ask for Samples and Save Them!

Ask for perfume samples when you purchase a bottle of your favourite perfume. Whenever I purchase a new bottle of perfume which is less than once a year, I keep the mini samples and pack them in my toiletry bag to take away with me.

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5. I always keep my makeup and toiletries separate.

I keep my makeup and toiletries in separate bags. The reason for this is I can leave my toiletry bag in the bathroom, while someone uses the shower, and take my make up bag into the hotel room where I can use a mirror to apply my makeup. I also keep my everyday makeup in this bag, so if I ever needed it, Jacob could grab it for me, and not have to sort through my products to find what I need.

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6. Purchase The Body Shop Gift Sets.

I recently had to add a shower gel and body moisturiser to my toiletry bag as I had run out. I went to The Body Shop, as I love their shower gels and the scent can often be a memory of my holiday away. I really wanted the British Rose shower gel, but it only came in a large bottle. The sales assistant told me if I wanted the smaller products, to buy a gift set instead. This worked out to be great value as I got the shower gel, body butter and loafer for $15 ( you can buy here). They were perfectly sized for my toiletry bag too.

the body shop toiletry set

7. What goes in the toiletry bag, stays in the toiletry bag.

I once forgot a brush and it was a big deal with my thick hair. I now keep a brush in my toiletry bag so I’m never without one. Same with razors, hair ties and panty liners. Whatever gets placed in the toiletry bag, stays in the bag, so I’m not without it when I travel.

I used to fill bottles with shampoo and conditioner, but found whatever bottles I bought, they  would leak after a while. So now I recycle the bottles and buy them new or replace them with samples when needed. I usually only replace them once a year, depending on how much travel we do.

Choosing a Toiletry Bag

Over the years I have used many different toiletry bags. I’ve used ones with handles, zip up cases and sectioned bags.

My current toiletry bag is a roll-up one that has segmented sections and a hook so it can hang. It’s been one of my favourite toiletry bags thus far. To choose the right bag for you, consider how many products you travel with and what type of accommodation you stay in.

7 hacks to stock your toiletry bag

If you stay in a hotel, any of these toiletry bag suggestions would work. If you go camping, I’d want a toiletry bag with a hook. I also like sectioned bags. I keep one section for products I use in the shower that get ‘wet’, and another section for the dry products – products used out of the shower.

Here are some toiletry bags I found online.

stylish and organised toiletry bags1. Louenhide Raindrops Toiletry Bag $49.95

2. Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag $27.13

3. Floral Zipper Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag $14.91

4. Annabel Trends Birds of Paradise Roll Toiletry Bag $35.95

5. Wicked Sista Bahamas Hold All Toiletry Bag $39.95

6. Billy Australian Native Toiletry Bag $25.00

7. Baby Emma Toiletry Bag in Pink Champ $44.95

Do you have any toiletry bag hacks to share? What style of toiletry bag works for you?

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