Best Hydrating Mists For Summer

Before I left for my week’s holiday with the family, I bought a new toiletry bag. I was a bit over my old one and wanted something that could be hung up and could fold really well.

I found what I was after at Big W and brought it home, only to find that once I put all my products in, it no longer folded down.

This may be motivation for me to minimize my beauty products!

Anyway, when I packed my toiletry bag for our holiday, I forgot one of my much loved and needed beauty products: my hydrating mist.

At present I use Trilogy’s Hydrating Mist Toner because it’s affordable at $27.95 and I find it does what it says and keeps my skin hydrated.

My skin tends to be more on they dehydrated side these days. Despite being a huge water drinker, living in air conditioning often zaps my skin from moisture. As does swimming in a chlorine pool. So I knew I needed to buy a new hydrating mist asap.

I ended up choosing the Replenish Mist from the Perfect Potion. And it did as it said and kept my skin well hydrated. I loved the scent too.

trilogy hydrating mist

I can’t live without a hydrating mist and I find summer is a crucial time to have a mist on hand to spray when living in air-conditioning or being outside or just generally for skin health.

I’ve use four different hydrating mists and the only reason I stick with Trilogy is because of cost and it’s stocked at my local pharmacy, so it’s easy to purchase.

The Lavender Hydrating Mist from Jurlique is BEAUTIFUL. The scent and how it felt on my skin… I didn’t want the bottle to go empty.

Aesop also have a fabulous mist, but I found I would go through a bottle quite quickly. I still rate it up there for hydrating mists.

hydrating mists for summer

1. Aesop Immediate Moisture Aerosol $25.00

2. The Perfect Potion Replenish Fine Tuning Solution $34.95

3. Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist $49.00

6. Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner $27.95

It’s great to have a hydrating mist on hand when at work for a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.

It’s also good to spray on after having a shower when the steam has opened your pores for moisture.

It’s definitely a beauty product I can’t live without.

Do you have a beauty product you can’t live without? Got a hydrating mist you swear by?

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  • I love a hydrating and mist and hadn’t seen some of these brands – so thank you!I love the packaging of Aesop!

  • I’ve never useda hydrating mist, to be honest I never saw the point as I was worried it would ruin my make up! Haha. Maybe I should give one a go. I can’t live without my lip gloss, nothing worse than dry lips! #TeamIBOT

  • I can remeber using Evan mist as a teen, but honestly haven’t used one since. Will have to look into these.

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Like Nicole, I used Evian mist when i was a teen and LOVED it. I am not sure it did much for me but I felt pretty cool using it.

  • I will have to get some hydrating mists again this Summer. I really like the sound of the Jurlique one.

  • Gosh, I’ve never really used a hydrating mist. Maybe I should!

  • I can’t wear makeup (or even moisturiser) as I get too sweaty but am conscious that I dehydrate when I sweat so much. I’d really love a towelette / wipe type thing that wipes the grimy sweat off while moisturising my skin!

  • I’ve used the perfect potion one for ages. Definitely never get on a plane without it.

  • Eek, I’ve never used a hydrating mist before! That probably explains why my skin is so dry.

  • I never used to use one either until I did and now I won’t not use one. 🙂

  • Oh YES! Definitely needed on the plane. I love it’s scent too. 🙂

  • Hmm.. I have no idea if something like that is around. I might have to see what I can find. 🙂

  • You would love it. x

  • The Jurlique one is GORGEOUS. Totally worth the money. x

  • Haha. These mists definitely keep the skin moisturized. 🙂

  • You will love it. I reckon they’re awesome for a pick me up during the day. And the scents are just BEAUTIFUL. x

  • I though the same too, but the mist just sits and seeps through the make up if that makes sense. It’s not a drenching. xx

  • I love AESOP too. The bottles are gorgeous.