Can’t Get Enough of Adrift Dresses For Summer 2016

I’ve recently had a cull of my dresses from my wardrobe. There were many dresses that I was during pregnancy and post birth that I had been holding on to wear this summer. But after trying them on, I found they were too big or were quite worn and had seen better days.

My wish list has included new dresses. Dresses that I can wear for smart-casual occasions or even church. Dresses are my go-to outfit of choice for summer. I also have a number of functions coming up that require a dress.

On Friday night I was looking forward to heading to the city to catch up with Jenny from Styling Curvy. Jenny is an initiator. Despite living in Adelaide, when she’s in QLD she organizes a catch up. And going to UP on Constance was a little fancy for this stay-at-home mum. Although lately I feel like I’ve attended many functions, without kids. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities and invitations sent my way.

Anyway, I didn’t know what to wear on Friday night. But I had seen a dress that Jenny had shared on Instagram that I really wanted to wear.

So on Friday morning I headed to Adrift’s new store at Woolloongabba. Even though the dress wasn’t on the racks, it was in the online store area so Kristy was able to get my size in.

I put the dress on and knew it was for me.

I also tried two other dresses and they found their way at the checkout.

It was a successful dress shopping experience with my two-year old and three-year old in tow.

I’m well kitted for dresses this summer. I won’t say no if any are sent my way though…

I will share the other dresses at a later date.

But I have to say I am LOVING off the shoulder dresses.

What I love about this black Bell dress is that it can be dressed up or down and I was able to do this by wearing the dress out on Friday night and on Saturday morning when I headed to Brisbane Fashion Weekend.

Adrift Black Belle Dress

Dressed up to drinks on Friday Night

It comes with a belt so it can be cinched in at the waist, below the bust or on the hip. Or you could wear it without the belt which I did and wear it as a choker necklace.

Adrift Black Belle Dress

Dressed down for Brisbane Fashion Weekend.

The Bell dress comes in black, blue print, chambray and mint. Unfortunately the black and chambray is sold out in the L/XL but I reckon the S/M will fit a size 8 to 12 as it is quite roomy.

Adrift Belle Dresses

It’s a purchase that I’m happy with and I don’t mind paying full price when I ended up purchasing the last one for my size.

Are there any instagramers/bloggers that influence your shopping habits? Have you tried an OTS dress yet?

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There’s Something in The Air at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre – Shopping With Kids Part Three

On Wednesday morning I felt good.

I had gotten up early to finally do a big walk with my neighbor. She had mentioned a couple of months ago that there is a running group in my suburb that meets three times a week. I was keen to get involved cause Christmas is coming and I don’t want to take my spring rolls with me.

Except I had no active wear. My old Nike runners were two sizes too small thanks to pregnancy and I now have feet as big as Ian Thorpe. (not really – but I am between a size 10 and 11 now)

While on holidays, I headed to Rebel Sport and bought tights to suck my belly in, a pink work out top to match my new pink running shoes. I was set.

The walk felt good, as did talking to my neighbour, who ironically was wearing an identical outfit to me. #twinning

She told me about a sale on a SEED Heritage for white canvas shoes which I had been meaning to purchase as another flat shoe to walk to school in.

I decided to head to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to try on the shoes.

Well what a trip.

It mirrored my last trip to Indooroopilly when my girls fought and I left the shopping centre in tears because I couldn’t find a cocktail dress to wear to the Migas awards night.

This shopping trip faired in a similar fashion, except I was able to get the shoes – but not without some attention.

The first tantrum was from Miss Phoebe who put on a show because she didn’t get to press the button to the lift. The two women in the lift were literally shocked by her reaction. So was I. To diffuse the situation, I told Phoebe she could press the lit button, but instead she pressed the phone/call for help one.

I don’t take my Lord’s name in vain but I did mutter So Help Me God at that moment.

We headed straight to SEED Heritage and I couldn’t find the shoes. The girls got out of the pram and started opening all the umbrellas. I was looking for size 41 shoes and chasing my girls, who were chasing each other with open umbrellas. With bare feet, I was grabbing the umbrellas and placing them back into the holders.

I think the staff at SEED Heritage felt sorry for me.

But they were so good and didn’t show their annoyance.

We had only been in the store for ten minutes while I was trying on the shoes and diffusing the umbrella fiasco when Maggie announced loudly, (and holding her crotch as if she was about to explode) that she needed to go to the toilet RIGHT NOW.

unhappy toddler

This photo was not taken on the day, but this is what Phoebe looked like while we shopped on Wednesday morning.

So a staff member took the shoes from me and put them behind the counter, and I swiftly chucked both kids in the pram and ran to the toilet, hoping to avoid an accident. All was sweet. We made it in time.

We all headed back to the store so I could try on a top and buy the shoes.

The staff offered to watch my girls and the pram while I went to the change room. The store had a bucket of toys for kids to play with which, can I say, every store should have to help distract kids so mums can shop.

I don’t think they expected the screaming match that ensued over a wooden lipstick toy though. I cringed as I whipped my top off in the change room. I could hear Phoebe’s screams from the other side of the shop.

I came out and there were tears. Phoebe was not happy and Maggie had turned into mother authoritarian. #threenager

I bought the shoes and the top and was going to call it a day.

But I remembered I hadn’t had breakfast. We had a quick bite to eat and I then decided to head to Review to look at a fascinator. My girls were handed stickers and there were more cries from Phoebe because Maggie decided to put stickers on her and the pram.

indooroopilly shopping centre

fascinator in Review

Trying on a fascinator in Review

While in Peter Alexander, Maggie decided the window display needed rearranging by pulling the mannequin’s boxers down and playing with the puffed balls of cotton that were meant to possibly be clouds.

When I finally got into the car and I vowed I would not go to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre again until my kids are teenagers.

At least I got the shoes. And a top. And part of one person’s Christmas present.

The trip wasn’t a huge failure.

But I was definitely in need of prayer and a good drink to calm me down.

Do your kids fight in Shopping Centres? Got any tips on how to handle a two year old and three year old? Does anyone want a two year and three year old for Christmas? (Kidding, of course)

Best Hydrating Mists For Summer

Before I left for my week’s holiday with the family, I bought a new toiletry bag. I was a bit over my old one and wanted something that could be hung up and could fold really well.

I found what I was after at Big W and brought it home, only to find that once I put all my products in, it no longer folded down.

This may be motivation for me to minimize my beauty products!

Anyway, when I packed my toiletry bag for our holiday, I forgot one of my much loved and needed beauty products: my hydrating mist.

At present I use Trilogy’s Hydrating Mist Toner because it’s affordable at $27.95 and I find it does what it says and keeps my skin hydrated.

My skin tends to be more on they dehydrated side these days. Despite being a huge water drinker, living in air conditioning often zaps my skin from moisture. As does swimming in a chlorine pool. So I knew I needed to buy a new hydrating mist asap.

I ended up choosing the Replenish Mist from the Perfect Potion. And it did as it said and kept my skin well hydrated. I loved the scent too.

trilogy hydrating mist

I can’t live without a hydrating mist and I find summer is a crucial time to have a mist on hand to spray when living in air-conditioning or being outside or just generally for skin health.

I’ve use four different hydrating mists and the only reason I stick with Trilogy is because of cost and it’s stocked at my local pharmacy, so it’s easy to purchase.

The Lavender Hydrating Mist from Jurlique is BEAUTIFUL. The scent and how it felt on my skin… I didn’t want the bottle to go empty.

Aesop also have a fabulous mist, but I found I would go through a bottle quite quickly. I still rate it up there for hydrating mists.

hydrating mists for summer

1. Aesop Immediate Moisture Aerosol $25.00

2. The Perfect Potion Replenish Fine Tuning Solution $34.95

3. Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist $49.00

6. Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner $27.95

It’s great to have a hydrating mist on hand when at work for a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.

It’s also good to spray on after having a shower when the steam has opened your pores for moisture.

It’s definitely a beauty product I can’t live without.

Do you have a beauty product you can’t live without? Got a hydrating mist you swear by?

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Five Fashion Pieces on my Wish List

Just like any woman with a budget, there are times when I see something I love but can’t buy it because money has been divided up to pay for other things. Like the mortgage. And bills. AND FOOD.

But just because I can’t afford to buy them right now, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to afford them later.

So I put them on my wish list.

Do you have a fashion and accessory wish list? It’s a list that you have when you see something you love but either can’t afford to buy it right now, or it would make the perfect gift for Christmas… so you leave it and hope that it doesn’t sell out before you get it.

Janet from Middle Aged Mama used to write a wish list of clothes she wanted (not sure if she still does it) and I always found it fascinating to see the fashion desires of someone else on display.

Today, I thought I’d share with you five fashion pieces on my wish list.

It’s no surprise that most of what I’m sharing with you today is bright and colourful… isn’t that what summer fashion is all about? I just wish I had a tree in the backyard that grew a lot of money so I could buy these things. I know it would help the economy… surely!

five fashion pieces on my wish list

Five Fashion Pieces on my Wish List

1. This dress from Birdsnest immediately caught my eye because of the colours. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the Globetrotter by Ruby Yaya Durban Sayonara Dress and will set you back $149.95.

Globetrotter for Ruby Yaya*LYBAWdU&subid=&offerid=349636.1&type=10&tmpid=13964&

2. I love a stripe tee and this Emerald Stripe Contrast Tee from Bohemian Traders would look so good with my to-be-acquired white jeans, and of course in my wardrobe. Will set me back $79.


3. I need new white jeans and these 7/8 Jeggings from Katies will be perfect. Katies have a 50% pop up sale if you want to have a look…


4. Pom Poms are everywhere at the moment and I’m loving them on accessories. Just like these gorgeous Pom Pom Woven Earrings from Stylefast. They only cost $30 and I know I’d get a lot of wear out of them. They also match the Globetrotter dress above….

pom pom earrings

5. How cute are these Pom Pom sandals from Wittner (149.95). These can only be pre-ordered, but will be available early November. Do I pre-order?

pom pom sandal

What’s on your list? Have any of these items made it onto yours?

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Budget Friendly Cold Shoulder Top for Summer

I was doing a spot of shopping at Kmart when I walked past Millers and saw a black cold shoulder tee on the mannequin.

I love this style of top and wore a long sleeved version in winter, which I purchased from Katies.

I headed into the store, found my size in the black and it was love at first wear when I put it on in the dressing room. I knew this cold shoulder top was going to be mine for a grand sum of $20.

cold shoulder summer top

I ummed and ahhed about purchasing the red top, because red is my favourite colour. But I decided to leave it.

I went up a size and I’m wearing a size 16 because it does cling, and I don’t like my tops to cling to my tummy.

budget friendly cold shoulder top

As I walked out of the store, I then saw the style came in stripes. So I decided to grab that top too because again, it will get great wear during summer with denim shorts and white pants.

You can’t go wrong for a cold shoulder top at $20. If you love the style like I do, you could buy all the colours in the range.

cold shoulder top

From Left to Right, Clockwise: Black, Red, Striped, Aqua, Navy, Coral

I know they won’t be around for long though because any type of shoulder revealing top is IN this season and $20 is a bargain price.

So tell me, are you a fan of cold shoulder tops? Ever seen something on a mannequin and realized you had to buy it?

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