Interior Trend Alert: Pom Pom Cushions and Throws

Around a month ago, I had an article get sent to my inbox from Houzz saying pom poms were the new interior trend. I laughed at the article because I have had pom pom cushions for a few years.

My husband does not understand my love for cushions – especially cushions with pom poms. I happily showed him the article and told him I was setting the interior trends baby!

pom pom cushions

Just some of my pom pom cushions.

I’m not sure why I love pom poms on my cushions. Maybe it’s because they relate to my childhood from making pom poms out of wool and crafting with the felt ones.

I think pom poms add a fun twist to your décor and can add texture to a room.

I made my pom pom cushions using cheap Kmart cushion covers and pom pom fringing bought from Spotlight. If you can’t find pom pom cushions that suit your fancy, you can make your own quite easily.

The pom pom trend has been around for a while and even if some people are jumping on the bandwagon now, it’s definitely décor I love having in my home, whether in season or not.

Tips for Adding Pom Pom Cushions & Throws

1. Less is more when choosing your pom pom accessories. Choose a pom pom fringed cushion to mix in with other patterns and textures on your lounge or bed. It’s not necessary for all the cushions to be fringed with pom poms.

Lattice Cushion Teal and Velvet Linen Navy Bedspread

2. A pom pom throw in a neutral shade can work in interiors that are a bit more ‘adult’ or are classic in style.

pom pom throw

Marrakech Life Style via Etsy – link for purchase down below.

3. Make your own pom pom décor if you can’t find the colours you’re after.

Palace Court

4. Have fun styling your pom pom décor with your existing textiles.

Studio City

Here are some fun pom pom cushions and throws to consider add to your home.

pom pom cushions

  1. Ellis Pom Pom Throw in Navy $89.95
  2. Fantine Black Pom Pom Cushion $49.95
  3. Linen & Moore Pom Pom Cushions (Single Price) $68.00
  4. Script Pom Pom Cushion $29.95
  5. Cameo Pom Pom Cushion $74.95
  6. Colourful Pom Pom Cushion in Linen $52.00
  7. Marrakech Life Style King Pom Pom Throw $115.00
  8. Geometric Pom Pom Cushion $52.00

Are you a fan of pom poms on your cushions and throws? Is it a trend you could add to your home?

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The Beach Cover Up – Why They Are Worth The Investment

Whenever our family goes on a beach holiday, I always seem to over pack. The good thing is we arrive home and only need to wash half the clothes we packed, but the annoying thing is we travelled with extra clothes we just didn’t need!

I lived in my swimwear for most of the week when we went away. The only time I changed into clothes was in the middle of the day for rest time or out at night for dinner.

I mainly wore my favourite beach cover dress over my swimmers. And I’m so glad I scouted down this Tigerlily dress a few years ago.

I saw the dress in an Instagram photo shared by Retro Mummy while she was on holiday at Noosa.

I LOVED the dress.

So I looked online for it and my size had sold out everywhere.

So I looked for stockists of Tigerlily in Noosa and rang two of the stores who had the dress in my size, Large.

The dress was over $150 and when I got it, it clung to all my rolls. I was disappointed. But then found out I was pregnant with Phoebe.

So I kept the dress in my wardrobe, hanging up with it’s new tags until I wore it to our beach holiday last year. It was a little clingy still.

This year it fit perfectly since I’ve lost a few kilos. #winning

tigerlily beach dress

So there is proof that some regrettable purchases can in face redeem themselves over time.

When looking for a quality beach cover up dress, I look for a dress with sleeves and easy to chuck on and off.

beach cover up

I’ve sourced a few beach cover up dresses from online, varying in budget.

beach cover up

  1. Jets Classique Shirt Dress $99.95
  2. Calatheas Cotton Kaftan $69.00
  3. Adrift Kalypso Dress in Aztec Pink Stripe $99.95
  4. Eb & Ive Kaftan in Watermelon $35 (on sale)
  5. Tigerlily Vervou Dress $169.95
  6. Lula Soul Koda Dress in Navy $109.95
  7. White Carnelian Kaftan $69.95
  8. Freez Pocketed Dress in Mint $49.95

I’m making a note to myself for next year to only pack dresses because that’s pretty much what I lived in while away.

Are you a chronic over-packer when you go on holidays?

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8 Summer Sandals That Go With Everything – Well Nearly

When summer rolls around, I find that I gravitate towards a flat sandal to wear with my dresses and smart casual/ mummy uniform outfits. The sandal has to be easy to slip on and off and it has to be a little edgy or have some sort of detail that makes them special. Life is too short to wear boring sandals.

I’m also very fussy about the sole. If the sole is thin, I won’t buy the shoes. I find a thin sole is very hard on my feet and offers no support or comfort when walking.

I can’t always afford sandals that are specifically endorsed by podiatrists, but I also know that the cheap $20 sandals from retailers won’t offer the sole support that I require.

I’ve found Airflex offer a great range of sandals that are comfortable, affordable and have a supportive sole.

I was recently sent these Django and Juliette Black Pandy Sandals which I LOVE. It can be daunting choosing a shoe online because who knows what the fit will be like?

django and juliette sandals

8 summer sandals that go with everything

I’ve learned what styles suit my foot shape and I know that I’m a 41 or size 10 in most shoes sizes.

sandals for summer 2016

As soon as I put these black sandals on, my feet were in heaven. I know that I will be getting a lot of wear out of them this summer. They are the type of sandal that can be dressed up or down – and look equally good worn with a dress or jeans/pants.

django and juliette sandals

I don’t own a lot of shoes like some fashionistas as I tend to wear the same shoe/s over again if it’s versatile enough to go with what I’m wearing.

I’ve found 8 summer sandals that go with everything, sourced from Styletread.

I’ve got my eye on a few of these styles.

8 summer sandals that go with everything

1. Del Silver/White by Los Cabos $59.95

2. Pandy Blue/Grey Leather by Django & Juliette $169.95

3. Picture Black/Tan by I LOVE BILLY $99.95

4. Jimini Navy/Tan by Django & Juliette $149.95

5. Mia Black Pony by Sofia Cruz $169.95

6. Oneday Rose Gold Glitter by I LOVE BILLY $89.95

7. Prickles Tan Print Leather by Django & Juliette $189.95

8. Kasie Leopard/Black Leather by I LOVE BILLY $139.95

When looking for a versatile sandal, look at the colours you wear consistently during summer. Then choose your sandal accordingly. I own a black pair of sandals and tan sandals. I also own white Birkenstocks and definitely want to add a rose gold pair of sandals to my collection.

What do you look for when buying a sandal for summer? Do you tend to wear flats or something with a heel during the day?

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Django and Juliette Sandals. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What to Wear to a Conference You’re Presenting at

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the Plumbing and Gas Conference 2016.

As nerve-wrecking as speaking can be in front of an audience of many, it can also be hard to work out what exactly to wear when presenting on stage.

The dress code for the conference was business casual. Most conferences I’ve gone to have usually had a relaxed feel so a smart casual ensemble is usually suitable attire.

If it’s a business conference, a suit may be expected.

For my presentation, I decided to wear pants, a tee-shirt and dressed it up with a khaki blazer with the sleeves rolled up.

what to wear when presenting at a conference

I think if you’re up on the stage to present, you should have a little bit of your personality show through your outfit.

I love to wear stipes so my stripe pants were my ‘personality’ showing through.

I also wore heels that I could stand and walk in. I felt confident wearing heels and I’m not usually a heel wearer.

Some Tips on Working out an Outfit to Present At a Conference:

A blazer can make any pant outfit look smart. It gives authority to an outfit and you want to look like the influencer you are.

Smart casual conference outfit

From left to right, clockwise: Bird Keepers Everyday Blazer in Red $89.95, Navy Bird Keepers Pants $89.95, Betty Basics Manhattan Stretch Tee $27.95, Bellini Besha Tan Wedges $79.95

For corporate, you can go the plain jane black and white suit look or wear a structured dress and a blazer, with heels.

corporate conference outfit

From left to right, clockwise: Jacqui E Lily Fit and Flare Dress $149.95, Jacqui E Elton Zip Pocket Jacket $119.95, I Love Billy Connie Nude Heel $79.95

Some points to consider when choosing your outfit when presenting on stage:

  • Skirt and dress length – remember you are elevated and your audience will be looking up. Make sure your dress and skirt length isn’t too short so your audience can see more than you’d like.
  • Wear shoes you can walk in and stand in. Heels may not be ideal if you’re used to flats. Opt for a wedge heel instead if you require height.
  • Pants are a good option if you don’t want your legs on show.
  • Jewellery – remember there are stage lights and depending on how you move on the stage, your jewellery may refect the light into your audience’s eyes. Wear plain jewellery – nothing too glitzy that can reflect a beam.
  • Be comfortable. Don’t wear anything too tight, too loose or requires adjusting. For example an off the shoulder top may not be ideal if you constantly have to adjust the top to sit right.

Have you ever had to speak at a conference? What did you wear? What would you wear?

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Classy ‘Reach For The Stars’ Outfit Ideas for the Problogger Networking Party

In a little under 2 weeks time, Problogger Conference will be on and I CAN’T WAIT!

Every year, the Friday night networking party has a theme and this year it’s ‘Reach for the Stars’.

The theme can be interpreted any which way.

After looking at this thread on the Facebook PBevent page we may see some Star Wars characters and star costumes – taking the theme to the extreme.

If you are like me and want to keep your outfit classy and comfortable I’ve got some tips for you.

Before you grab that glue gun and go crazy with sequins to create a dazzling outfit, why not look in your wardrobe first?

My first thoughts when I read the theme was metallics, sequins and all shades of grey, navy and black.

If the budget is tight and you can’t afford to buy anything new, wear a little black dress and bling it up with some jewellery.

If you do have the funds and want to buy a dress in a block colour, why not consider off the shoulder or a cold shoulder style?

Wear heels that you can stand in all night. For me this may be a wedge or block heel style. If you can’t wear heels, flats are going to be your best bet. You will walk around talking to bloggers and from memory, there has been little seating at most of the venues, possibly to encourage bloggers to mingle.

The night will be a little cool on the coast so having a light jacket or a top/dress with sleeves will keep you comfortable as you network.

I’ve found some pieces that would work for the night if you truly have nothing to wear for the networking party.



From left to right: Forever New Gunmetal Dress $34.95, ASOS Bardot Metallic Stripe Off The Shoulder Top $29, Orientique Metallic Sequin Trim Dress $50



From left to right: Crossroads Sequin Top $15, Millers Sequin Bolero Jacket $40 , City Chic Sequin Wrap Dress $119.95

Star Jewellery

star jewellery

From left to right: Shooting Star Earrings $59, Bright Star Necklace $169, Star Thread Earrings $109

Want to know what I’m wearing? Follow me on Instagram to see what I wear.

Of course if you really want to get into the theme, you could hire a costume and dress us as a Hollywood star. If you do this, beware that I will find you and want to have a selfie taken with you!

Have you sorted out your outfit for the Problogger Networking Party? Got any other tips to share with other attendees?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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