Floral Blouses for Autumn Winter 2017

Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter fashion is flooding into both online and in bricks and mortar stores. There are a lot of feminine shapes this winter in the form of ruffles and bell sleeves. Florals are also a key print for winter 2017, but they tend to be moodier florals as opposed to bright florals that we expect to see during Spring and Summer. Floral blouses are one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe for this Autumn and Winter 2017

Floral Prints for 2017

I’m a big fan of florals during all seasons, but I’m really liking the colours of the florals that are coming out in long sleeve off the shoulder tops and blouses. Many of the floral patterns are a busier, smaller print which can be overwhelming for some women to wear. But before you ditch this print, I encourage you to give it a go.

How to Wear Floral Blouses This Winter

Many of the winter florals for 2017 have darker hues and many of the blouses are being teamed up with distressed jeans or leather skirts which can toughen the look and make it a little more edgier.

wear floral blouses with leather skirt for winter 2017


wear floral blouses for winter 2017 with distressed jeans bohemian traders

I’ve found a few styles that range in budget. My favourite would have to be the Primrose print by Bohemian Traders. I’m really drawn to the mustard tones and I think this colour print is gorgeous and not at all mumsy. If the blouse is not your thing, choose a style of top that has a modern or trendy touch like bell or fluted sleeves or off the shoulder. I’ve included some suggestions below.

floral blouses for winter 2017

  1. Sunny Girl Floral Blouse $49.95
  2. Spicy Sugar Off The Shoulder Floral Top $49
  3. Dorothy Perkins Floral Print Shirt $69.95
  4. ASOS Influence Floral Blouse $22
  5. Bohemian Traders Evening Primrose Billow Blouse $149
  6. Portmans Fluted Midnight Floral Top $79.95

Layer Your Floral Blouse

For sheer blouses, I will wear a cami underneath. For extra warmth, a long sleeved t-shirt in a similar colour will ensure you are able to wear your blouse through winter.

Those fur and suede vests that you invested in last season (and the season before) will contrast beautifully with a floral print. When exploring how to wear new patterns, think about how you can add texture and layers to your outfit.

Florals. Are you a fan of floral blouses? Will you give florals a try this season?

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Seven Dresses on High Rotation in my Wardrobe

I have a lot of dresses. I didn’t realise how many dresses I had until a friend asked if she could borrow a dress to wear to a wedding. When she saw my collection she said ‘I want your wardrobe.’  Truth is, I love my wardrobe too, but there are a few styles that I always gravitate to when it comes to my weekly outfit selections.  In fact there are seven dresses on high rotation in my wardrobe that faithfully flatter and give me confidence when I haven’t had the usual excitement about what I wear.

seven dresses on high rotation in my wardrobe

This last week I haven’t really cared what I’ve put on. I usually enjoy creating new outfits from the clothes in my wardrobe, but this week, I didn’t have time nor the mind power to create something new.

A mix of exhaustion, dealing with sick kids, not being able to connect to the internet and trying to meet work deadlines took away my motivation to put any effort into my appearance.

We all have weeks and days like that. There is nothing wrong at all about not caring what you wear. Even stylists can get into a rut.

But the best thing about having a well-organised and stocked wardrobe is during those down times,  I can be confident that what I put on will flatter as I’ve made some good clothing purchases.

I’ve noticed this year I have reverted to some classic and favourite styles which has lead me to write this post, sharing the 7dress styles I’ve had on high rotation this summer.

I’ve included where you can get similar styles from if you think these pieces will add value to your wardrobe.

This year, my focus is not on acquiring more clothes, but wearing what I own more, hence the introduction of my hashtag #repeatedmystyle.

After an analysis of my Instagram account, here are seven dresses on high rotation in my wardrobe. Maybe you have some of these in your possession? Or you could see the benefit of having a particular style if you don’t own it… yet.

Seven Dresses on High Rotation in my Wardrobe

1. Off The Shoulder Dress

Forgot to share today’s outfit! We ran late for church this morning but glad to have outfits I can chuck on and know they look decent. 😂 wearing an @adriftclothing #ots dress with @thousandislandpaddington necklace and shoes from @styletread #gifted. Hope you’ve had a great Sunday. #everydaystyle #sharedmystyle #repeatedmystyle #thirtyplusstyle #thirtyplusdailystyle #thirtyplusstyleblogger by @styled_by_bec

2. Cold Shoulder Dress

Heading to church this morning in this cool dress by @surafina. Wearing @houseofharlow1960 necklace and @samanthawills ring. #everydaystyle #sharedmystyle #imprettychuffed #repeatedmystyle #casualchic #thirtyplusstyle #thirtyplusstyleblogger by @styled_by_bec

3. Maxi Dress

Today’s #everydaystyle I’m wearing my favourite maxi dress from @lazybonesaustralia with some beaded necklaces I bought from a market at Lennox Head. Shoes are from @airflexshoes last year. #thirtyplusstyle #casualstyle #maxidress #vintagestyle #summerfashion by @styled_by_bec

4. Striped Tee Dress

Today’s outfit is one you’ve seen before. I’m tired and so glad the weekend is here! Hope you’re all staying cool in this heat. #everydaystyle #repeatedmystyle #sharedmystyle #casualstyle #teedress #mumfashion #stripesforthewin by @styled_by_bec

5. Kaftan

Running late today for an epic day of church then connect group at our house and then a BBQ at Maggie’s Kindy. The year is definitely in full swing! Wearing a @vizcosa Kaftan #gifted to keep me cool, with @thousandislandpaddington necklace and @airflexshoes. #repeatedmystyle #everydaystyle #sharedmystyle #thirtyplusstyle #vizcosathelabel by @styled_by_bec

6. Shift Dress

We had a great family day today. I love having weekends together. Wearing a favourite dress today from @elmlifestyle with @seedheritage shoes. Earrings made by @alcowan. #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #repeatedmystyle #sharedmystyle #thirtyplusdailystyle #thirtyplusstyleblogger by @styled_by_bec

7. Chambray Dress

I forgot to share yesterday’s #everydaystyle photo because I had a sick Esther. I thought we’d got gastro back in the house again 🤦‍♀️but turns out it was just an ear infection. This photo was from last night after going to my first P&C meeting at school. Wearing a @blue.illusion chambray dress with @seedheritage shoes and a necklace I got given from a close friend for Valentine’s Day. #sharedmystyle #repeatedmystyle #thirtyplusstyle #thirtyplusdailystyle #thirtyplusstyleblogger by @styled_by_bec

What dresses are on high rotation in your wardrobe?

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Trend Alert: Bell Sleeves

If you’ve been escaping the heat and hanging out at your local shopping centre, you may have noticed a lot of stores are bringing out their Autumn and Winter styles for 2017.

One key trend that I made note of, which seemed to be in every store, was the bell sleeve.

Bell sleeve tops were a trend from the 1970’s and they’ve made a comeback this year.

Traditionally, bell sleeve tops would have a trumpet sleeve from between the elbow and wrist, down. But there are also modern takes on the trend with ruffled sleeves and fluted sleeves making an appearance. Some of the bell sleeves start from the elbow or right at the cuff.

The key to pulling off this look is to allow the top to be the feature of your outfit.

Wear it with skinny jeans, skirts, under a dress or layered under a jacket or knit.

This winter, we will definitely see a lot of jackets and jumpers with a 3/4 sleeve (or the sleeves rolled or pulled up) to reveal the bell sleeve of the top worn underneath.

It’s a feminine style of top, but it can be impractical when eating out. The sleeve can drag  because of its flare.

bell sleeve tops for winter 2017

  1. Sussan Spot Ruffle Sleeve Top $99.95
  2. Katies Elbow Bell Sleeve Top $29.95
  3. Katies Bell 3/4 Sleeve White Top $49.95
  4. Sussan Spot Fluted Sleeve Top $69.95
  5. Decjuba Marny Kimono Sleeve Top $59.95
  6. Living Doll Jenny Navy Bell Sleeved Open Shoulder Top $59.95

If you’re worried about dragging your sleeves, wear a ¾ style bell sleeve, or opt for a darker colour that won’t show stains.

Bell sleeve tops work well for a smart-casual look and they can look equally chic when worn corporately to work.

I will definitely be adding one of these to my wish list for Autumn/Winter 2017. I’ve already got one bell sleeve top which was a gift from my mum, but I do want to invest in a longer sleeved one.

bell sleeve top

Are you a fan of the bell sleeve? Is it something you would wear?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What to Wear When You Have Gastro

What to wear when you have gastro

Nothing. You wear absolutely nothing.


You will most likely be sitting on the toilet, holding a bucket as you explode from both ends.

The less layers on your body, the better.

You don’t care what you look like when you’re sick, but there are some key outfit tips to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions when heaving or pooing through the eye of a needle.

what to wear when you have gastro

1. Make sure there are no tassels, drapes, ribbons, accessories or attachments on your top or dress that can drape into the toilet bowl or bucket.

2. Overalls are probably a poor choice due to the time to unbuckle them off. As are pants with fiddly fastenings.

3. Loose fitting clothes are a must. Think a loose t-shirt dress or slouchy pants and a tee or singlet.

Was running late for school this morning so chucked on this tee dress from @kmartaus with @misskellymadeintasmania necklace and @seedheritage shoes. #everydaystyle #sharedmystyle #repeatedmystyle #casualchic #casualoutfit #teedress by @styled_by_bec

4. No tight nickers. Your tummy will have enough tightness to deal with.

5. Bra free, unless your boobs block the direction of your spew and need to be held in.

6. Cotton or bamboo are the best materials to wear to allow for body ventilation during the hot sweats.

It’s the second year in a row that I’ve caught gastro from my kids and it’s been nasty. Being sick sucks when you’re a mum.

Despite being vigilant with washing my hands, holding my breath when catching my daughter’s puke and cleaning like crazy, I still got it 2 days later.

I wore a t-shirt dress (as the ones from my Instagram feed) as I didn’t want to be stuck in my nightie all day. I also wanted to have some dignity when the home doctor arrived.

If I look pale and sick it’s because I have been sick and I’m still pale! Wearing my fave tee dress from @bohemian.traders with @katiesfashion necklace and @styletread shoes #gifted and @witcheryfashion sunnies. #everydaystyle #repeatedmystyle #sharedmystyle #casualoutfit #casualchic #teedress #thirtyplusdailystyle by @styled_by_bec

It’s always good to have an outfit ready for those days when you need something to wear because you’re sick. Pyjamas are always good, but I find they make me feel worse. I like wearing clothes that can be lounged in or slept in easily.

While I don’t wish it on anyone to be sick, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Get a slouchy t-shirt dress that can be worn on those days where you need something that looks presentable but allows your body to do what it needs to do to get rid of the infection.

Do you have clothes set aside for when you’re sick? Are you a fan of a t-shirt dress? What do you like to wear when you’re sick?

Five Fab Fashion Finds Under $50

Fab Fashion Finds Under $50

When I do research for fashion posts, I often come across clothing pieces that stop me in my tracks. It could be a sweet print, or an accessory I’ve had my eye on or a brand of clothing that rarely goes on sale. I look at the price and often can’t believe it’s under $50.

Fashion budgets are different for everyone, but to get something for under $50 that is quality, as opposed to quantity, can sometimes be rare.

Hence why I put this post together of five fab fashion finds under $50.

I don’t intend to buy new clothes unless I need to, but I do occasionally get sucked into a sale. Most of these items are on sale so if you have been needing to add some key pieces, these might be what you’re looking for. And if they’re not, you can screen admire them (like I have) and put them on your wish list… providing they don’t sell out before you get them.

Fashion Find 1 – Gorman Ventura Tee, Originally $99, now $47.20

Fab finds under $50 gorman tee

I bought my first Gorman tee at the boxing day sales and I am really happy with the quality and the quirky design. I love it’s versatility as a patterned tee. If you’re not as adventurous with the patterned tee look, this tee might suit your tastes. I could be worn with jeans/denim shorts, black pants/black shorts, brown pants/brown shorts, khaki…. I’m already imagining the outfits I could wear if I did get this tee…

Fashion Find 2 – Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot Ring White Howlite Originally $79, now $47.40

samantha wills ring

Whenever I wear my Samantha Wills ring, I always get comments. The rings are not cheap, so to see this one under $50 is a very sweet bargain.

Fashion Find 3 – Katies Navy Extended Sleeve Ruffle Top Originally $29.95 now $20.97

katies fab under $50

I love black and navy tops and this frill sleeve navy one from Katies caught my eye. It’s only $20.97. You could buy 2 and still have change from $50.

Fashion Find 4 – Freeze Gypsy Top $49.95

Freez Gypsy Top five under $50

How gorgeous is this off the shoulder top from Freez? I love the bell sleeves and how it can be worn on or off the shoulders. The sleeve length also makes it a great trans-seasonal buy.

Fashion Find 5 – Surafina Navy Flemington Dress Originally $89.95 now $49.95

surafina flemington dress $50 five under

Another trans-seasonal buy is this navy dress from Surafina. I have a black dress from Surafina that is on high rotation in my wardrobe. The clothes are well made and fit beautifully. This dress would be gorgeous for work or dressed smart-casually with canvas sneakers. Definitely a great dress for Autumn/Winter 2017.

So there are my five fab fashion finds under $50. If you had a spare $50 which would you buy?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this post, should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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