Going OTT for OTS – Spring Fashion Trend Alert: Off The Shoulder

I knew that off the shoulder (OTS) tops and dresses were going to be a big season trend for summer back in Mid July when stores started to bring in their new season offerings.

I had received two vouchers from Witchery for my Birthday back in July. One for being part of their loyalty program (where you get gifted $20 for your Birthday month) and $40 from my husband as part of my ‘package’ of gifts.

When I headed to the Indooroopilly store, and saw an off the shoulder black and white top, I disregarded it because I thought the hem looked too short. I’m very particular about how much of my belly and crotch area I show in my outfits (and my #everydaystyle photos) because it’s still a problem area for me since having my babies. I have a pouch that likes to overhang, and when stuffed into jeans it likes to pout out – if you understand what I mean?!

So tops have to be long at the front on me. And if the top ISN’T long enough at the front, I will layer it over a singlet that adds that extra coverage.

This is hard to do with an OTS top – but here is a suggestion. Wear a spaghetti strap singlet to turn your OTS top into a cold shoulder style top – it gives you extra wear out of your shorter OTS pieces.

Anyway, the shop assistant told me to try the top on because it was much longer than it looked hanging up.

And of course she was right and I loved it and bought it.

off the shoulder top witchery

Wearing Witchery Off The Shoulder Top (Now Sold Out)

I’m glad OTS tops and dresses are a returning trend for this Spring/Summer 2016 because it means I can get more wear out of the pieces I bought last season.

red ots top

blue ots top

If you don’t have any OTS action in your wardrobe, here are a few styles available online.

Off the shulder tops 2016

  1. Dotti Gigi OTS Top in Khaki $39.95
  2. Dotti Gigi OTS Top in Stripe $39.95
  3. Ping Hem Long Sleeve Top $59.95
  4. Jacqui E Watermelon Trixie Blouse $79.95
  5. Atmos & Here Black Off The Shoulder Top $29.95
  6. Bohemian Traders Marrakech Frida Top $149.95
  7. River Island Off The Shoulder Lace Top $54.00

Tips Wearing OTS Tops

• Find a comfortable strapless bra in a beige/tan colour which can be worn under white/sheer OTS tops and dresses.
• Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your shoulders when out and about.
• To elongate the length of the hem and get more wear out of your OTS tops, wear over a singlet to turn it into a cold shoulder style top. This can offer more support if you’re busty or don’t like to have your shoulders out too much.

Have you got any OTS tops in your wardrobe from last season?

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The Importance of a Beauty Ritual When You’re a Busy Mum

This post has been written in collaboration with Jurlique

When I was pregnant with Phoebe during Christmas 2013, my mum-in-law from South Australia sent me a stunning Jurlique cleansing pack for Christmas. She also sent a Jurlique baby products pack for my bub-to-be, Phoebe.

Since becoming 30, I have been more adamant about using products on my skin that I love.

The products I love are ones that smell fabulous (I’m old school and love rose and lavender) as they lift up my mood – and who doesn’t want to smell like flowers?! The products must also do what they say by moisturizing my skin and keeping it hydrated and looking youthful.

I remember using my Jurlique products and my skin not only felt amazing, it smelt pretty good too. I didn’t want the bottles to run out. But sadly they did.

So I did what any desperate mother did and used some of the baby products on myself too.

Since that encounter with Jurlique, it’s been one of my go-to-brands for skincare. It’s farm is also located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

One thing I wish I could afford to do more for my skin is get consistent facials. But time and money prevent me from doing so.

Jurlique recognise this need for women and have created their own facial you can do at home called the Jurlique Ritual.

Sigourney Cantelo from Beauticate shares what the Jurlique Ritual entails. The video is quite calming to watch and I can almost feel myself relax as I watch her explain what each product does. You almost feel like you’re getting the calming effects of a facial – but without anyone touching your face!

I’ve noticed now that I’m in my thirties, my skin needs a bit more than just a moisturizer to stay hydrated. I very much have a cleansing, misting and moisturizing ritual, but I know I can go one better and add a serum and eye cream to ensure my skin is getting the best hydration.

And that’s what this video from Jurlique is all about. It’s about finding your own ritual that works for you. We can’t always spend half an hour on our faces each day when we’re busy mums, but we can take time out each week to give ourselves a facial.

Do you have a beauty ritual you live by? What has to be in a beauty product before you purchase it?

This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Spring 2016 Colour Alert: Khaki and Moss

Last week while I was at the shops with my two younger girls, I noticed the new season colours for Spring 2016. I feel like we are revisiting autumn because the hues for this season are very much the colours we would see at that time of year. Think navy, khaki and moss, rust and terracotta, mustard and burnt orange. These are the trending colours for Spring in both fashion and homewares.

I love wearing these colours so I’m actually a little excited by this season’s offerings. But before I go off to buy some pieces to update my wardrobe, I always do an edit of my scarves and accessories to ensure I can pull off a few outfits before buying new pieces.

I haven’t always been big fan of khaki. I would wear it to work (as a plumber) and it does remind me of the army. But it’s definitely a colour that I’ve enjoyed wearing.

This season Khaki and Moss are the trending green colours. I recently bought a khaki tee and blazer which I know will get a lot of wear this season.

To add a feminine touch to khaki, wear it with a floral scarf. This is how I styled my khaki tee from Sussan. I opted to go with the XL because it’s a clingy material and I like my tees to be a bit more oversized than fit like a sausage skin.

bec in khaki tee

Khaki and moss look great with white, navy, black, hot pink, burnt orange, mustard, red and purple.

I tend to wear my khaki pieces with denim, white and black pants.

Here are a mix of offerings in all shades of khaki and moss for this season. Number 2 is definitely khaki, it just looks different in the light.

khaki and moss spring 2016 colour alert1. Katies 3/4 Sleeve Bubble Top $34.95

2. Belle Bird Bamboo Curve Sleeve Top $69.95

3. Sass Kyla Khaki Blouse $59.00

4. Bohemian Traders Khaki Tee Dress $129.00

5. Sussan Moss V-neck Tee $29.95

6. Wish Khaki Blazer $149.95

7. Millers Khaki Lace Front Tee $24.95

Do you own any khaki in your wardrobe?

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The Karate Kick That Saved Me From My Fashion Faux Pas

A couple of weeks ago (or it could have been a month ago?!) Jenny from Styling Curvy messaged me to say she would be up on the Gold Coast and would love to catch up with me and other bloggers early August. I said of course and couldn’t wait for the details.

The date was set and the venue was chosen and I admittedly thought it would be too hard to organize a babysitter to look after the girls so I could go. It was also the day before my eldest daughter’s birthday party. But the fear of missing out prompted me to organize my mum–in-law to visit and the babysitting dilemma was sorted.

Last Thursday night I messaged Jasmine from Pretty Chuffed to see if we could travel down together. Details were organized and Jasmine offered to pick me up on her way down to Burleigh Heads.

Friday morning arrived and I was late getting ready. As a result I was late getting Esther to school. I had to be home in time for Jasmine to pick me up as I didn’t want her to be waiting for me when I got home.

Before I left to take Esther to school, I had just chucked my Frankie 4 silver shoes on which did NOT go with my outfit. I also had to fix my makeup and put a brush through my hair. I went to open our bedroom door so I could put on my boots and makeup and the handle wouldn’t turn because it was LOCKED. One of the girls had pushed in the lock from the other side.

I panicked because the door is a difficult one to unlock and I had needed my dad’s help last time to unscrew the door knob from door.

I was frustrated and upset that I would possibly have to miss the meet up. Jasmine arrived to pick me up and I apologized profusely and told her to go on her way because I wasn’t ready and I didn’t have matching SHOES! #fashiondilemna

I got out my multi-grips and cursed and cried as I tried with all my might to undo the door knob.

In the mean time Phoebe came up to me and told me ‘I did it. I did it Mummy’. Which was cute to hear but so frustrating as well.

I tried to calm down (didn’t work) and rang my dad to find out where he was to see if he could come help me. I was determined to get down to the GC.

Dad was 20 minutes away, so I tried undoing the lock again. And I got it. But the bolt was still keeping the door closed.

Not one to give up, I karate kicked the door, and the door flew open. YES!

I told dad not to come and raced into the ensuite to fix my makeup and put on my boots.

I told Siri I had no time for GPS stuff ups as I was already late getting to the catch up.

I arrived and I was relieved to not only have found a park but to have made it so I had enough time to catch up with everyone who rocked up.

canteen kitchen

canteen kitchen

carin from Calm to Conniption

Karin from Calm to Conniption

Robyna and Bec

Robyna from Mummy and the Minx


Jasmine from Pretty Chuffed and Kirsten from Kirsten and Co

canteen kitchen

My brunch

Shannon from Forty Up, Karin from Calm to Conniption, Robyna from Mummy and the Minx, Kirsten from Kirsten and Co and Mudface AKA Kate from Loveface Lives and Jasmine and Audrey from Pretty Chuffed were at the catch-up. I’m glad I made the effort to come down.

australian fashion bloggers

Fashion Bloggers

I always try to make an effort to catch up with bloggers because we rarely get to see each other in person. Thankfully our blogs and interactions on social media makes the distance and time between meetings seem shorter.

The ultimate #everydaystyle backdrop was located (by me) for an outfit photo. Thank you to Kirsten for taking my shot.

everydaystyle photo

Thank you to Jenny from Styling Curvy for organizing the catch up, Shannon for the gift (and Jenny) and Kate for booking the café.

Bring on the next catch up. Hopefully there will be no dramas on my end next time I head down to the Gold Coast.

Have you ever been locked out of your bedroom? Missed an event because of your kids?

I’m linking up with Kylie Purtell for IBOT.



Accessory Alert: Marble Fashion Jewellery

A couple of weeks ago I headed into Katies to buy a pair of the new smart jeans that Nikki from Styling You had recommended.

I had done another wardrobe edit and was in desperate need of some more jeans. I don’t like to invest in expensive jeans until I’m at the size I’d like to be. These Katies ones were a bargain at $35 because they went on sale the week after Nikki shared about them online.

Anyway, of course while I was in Katies, I browsed to see if there were any other items of interest to me and this necklace stood out.

marble fashion jewellery

I love accessories that are different and I do get drawn to unusual shapes. I loved the way this necklace incorporates marble and brass together. It reminded me of some of the interior trends I’ve written on various blogs about the home.

Of course I had to have it and each time I wear it, I get complimented on it.

marble jewellery


marble jewellery

The necklace may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it because it’s edgy (literally too) and it’s different to what I’ve seen around.

Marble is a versatile pattern that works well in accessories. It adds the right amount of interest to a classic outfit.

I’ve found some fabulous marble fashion jewellery if you’d like to add this to your accessory collection.





What do you think of marble accessories? Yay or Nay – or should marble be kept for home interiors instead?

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