2017 Accessory Alert: Statement Earrings

2017 Accessory Alert: Statement Earrings

You may have noticed I have a new obsession.

My new obsession are statement earrings.

I’m loving the tassels, the big hoops, the pom poms – anything that is big and bold in earrings, I’m right into it.

big bold statement earrings

I blame my obsession on Brisbane Fashion Weekend.

I came across some amazingly beautiful earrings and I had to have them.

What I love about earrings is it doesn’t matter if you put weight on – or lose it – they will always fit.

bold statement earrings 2017

They can also add colour and interest to a basic outfit.

While I was researching fashion trends and predictions for 2017, big earrings are going to be big this year. From shoulder grazing tassels to bright and bulky jewels, there will be a bold earring to suit everyone.

Over the Christmas and New Years, I invested in a few pairs of earrings that I wear on rotation.

I had to buy this marble jewellery hanger from Target to hold my beauties and display them in my bedroom.

earrings hanger

I sometimes base my outfit on what earrings I will wear that day.

If I had to choose a favourite, my pom pom tassel earrings from SFH Designs would be it. I get comments everywhere I go when I wear them.

SFH designs flower pom earrings

So where do you go to buy big bold statement earrings?

Here are some styles I picked online. My favourite local stores would include SFH Designs, Empayah Jewellery, Thousand Island Dressing and Ruby Lily.

big bold statement earrings 2017

1. Zadie Orange Silky Tassel Earring Empayah Jewellery $15, 2. Aphrodite Earrings Ruby & Lilli  $24.95, 3. Pink Flamingo Flower Pom Earrings SFH Designs $39, 4. Aztec Pink Tassel Earrings Thousand Island Dressing $14, 5. *Billini Oval Earrings in Aqua and Fuschia Adrift $44.95, 6. Envy Green Flower Pom Earrings SFH Designs $39

Most boutique stores will have a selection on display like Adrift and Stylefast in Brisbane (both have online stores)

Tips for Wearing & Storing Bold Earrings

  1. If you’re wearing a busy earring – like the pom pom ones above, wear them with a block colour. Vice Versa for block coloured earrings (like the tassels) wear them with a contrasting block colour Or a busy print.
  2. If you buy a pair of earrings and the tassel is too long, don’t be afraid to cut the tassel to your desired length. I got this time from Sarah from SFH Designs.
  3. Hang your earrings on a coat hanger, cookbook stand, around the rim of a glass/vase or on a jewellery stand like the one I got from Target. It avoids the tassels from knotting and kinking.
  4. If choosing a tassel style earring, opt for brighter or lighter coloured against dark hair and darker for lighter hair. No one can tell if I’m wearing brown or black tassel earrings because they blend into my hair. Always choose a colour that will stand out against your hair.

Do you like to wear earrings and are you tempted to invest in some bold earrings to wear this year?

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Are All Your Clothes Your Favourite Clothes?

favourite clothes repeated my style

Are all your clothes your favourite clothes?

Like most Australians over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I binged on Netflix.

One of the shows I can’t stop thinking about is the documentary called Minimalism: A documentary about the important things.

I watched it a second time with Jacob and it sprang us into action in to living a life with less stuff.

The first areas we started decluttering were our bedside tables. Our top drawers always get stashed with old birthday cards, letters, unused condoms (Jacob’s side) and for me, spare bra straps and a notebooks for journaling that I have good intentions of doing but never do.

I don’t consider myself a hoarder, however I do like to keep things that bring back memories and shamefully, the next two drawers of my bedside contained underwear I hadn’t worn since my honeymoon. None of it fit me and I had kept it in the hope that one day I’d fit back into again. The thing is I can no longer wear undies that sit too low because they rub against my c-section scar and they offer no support to my spare tyre as a result of having 3 children.

It felt good to toss each bra and matching nicker set onto the floor. It was a big pile.

All the underwear that is currently in my drawers are my favourite because they fit me and they contain my bits with a bit of shape.

I still have to go through my wardrobe, but I’m keen to go through each piece I own and really ask myself if it’s a favourite piece of clothing.

The reason I’m keen to keep my favourite pieces of clothing is because Joshua Fields Millburn, one half of The Minimalists, shared how his wardrobe has hardly any clothes but the clothes he owns are his favourite and he wears them all the time.

favourite style

Elm Dress worn with different shoes.

I know my wardrobe is brimming with clothes. Some are on trend, some I like and some I love wearing time and time again.

But I’ve sometimes found myself as a result of taking part in #everdaystyle wanting to share a new outfit with my community and this often involves buying something new. Occasionally I’m gifted pieces, but most times, I buy my own clothes. And it can be expensive.

repeatedmystyle favourite clothes

Rockmans OTS styled two ways

I’ve shared ways on how to afford new clothes. Many times I will sell clothes to pay for newer items. But I’ve also enjoyed wearing classic styles that don’t outdate and can be easily intermixed with other items in my wardrobe.

This year I am going to start challenging myself to wear the same clothes and patterns in different ways. I think I do this fairly well already, but I reckon I could be a little better.

To set the challenge and keep myself accountable, like all the best fashion bloggers, I’m going to make my own hashtag #repeatedmystyle. Feel free to tag me and use the hashtag when you wear the same outfit differently by changing the accessories or changing how it’s worn – or shock horror wearing the same outfit again because you love to wear it.

favourite clothes

Crossroads OTS dress styled two ways.

If you’re keen like me to start clearing out your wardrobe, leaving it with pieces that are your favourite clothes, here are some ways to go about it. It could be a monthly process rather than an instant declutter session.

How to decide on your favourite clothes:

1. Work through Nikki’s Unlock Your Style book. This book helps you define your style and it gives you tips on the essentials that you need in your wardrobe so you can show off those showpony pieces.

2. Go through your basics like your black and white singlets, tees and those pieces that are foundational to your outfits and make sure they fit and flatter. If you don’t like the way the feel or look on you, find basic pieces that you do like to wear.

3. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not your favourite. Donate, toss or sell

4. If you haven’t worn it for 12 months, it’s not your favourite. Donate, toss or sell.

5. If you take part in #everydaystyle or #sharedmystyle or any other fashion hashtag on Instagram, analyse the clothing pieces you turn to time and time again and keep those. If you don’t share your outfits, take a note of the clothes you constantly put in the wash.

6. Take part in sharing your outfits on Instagram as it helps you define your style and do tip number 5.

Is your wardrobe full of your favourite clothes? Have you watched the Minimalism documentary?

Wear What Money Can’t Buy

Wear What Money Can’t Buy

Are you sorted for what you’ll be wearing Christmas Day? If not, head here. Today is the last day to order a dress to get it shipped in time for tomorrow if you want to wear it Christmas Day.

The delivery of my dress has been delayed by Australia Post. It was supposed to be delivered today, but now it’s going to be delivered tomorrow. First world problems!

I’m sure I will be able to rustle up an outfit if it doesn’t arrive on time.

But I’m hoping it will.

Since taking my photo everyday after Phoebe was born, I have become a lot more confident in my style, knowing what I do and don’t like. It makes my internet purchases easier.

I’ve noticed a change in my body shape since those post-birth days, and this year particularly, I’ve noticed I’ve lost weight and my shape is starting to come back. I have a waist and hips and I can see a more defined chin.

wear a smile it's free

Yet despite learning more about my body shape and style through the #everydaystyle challenge, I know that the clothes I put on only make half of my look shine. There is one thing I wear that money can’t buy that gives each of my outfits sparkle. It’s something you have at your disposal as well.


wear what money can't buy

When I smile, it not only lifts how I feel, but it just makes my outfit a look a whole lot better. No matter how ordinary the outfit is, a smile is the winning accessory.

winning smile accessory

A smile adds confidence to an outfit and I much prefer to see a photo of someone looking happy, than someone trying to look like they’re off the set of the Bold and the Beautiful. Give me real rather than posed any day.

smile with jacob

When Jacob makes me laugh before he takes my picture, you can see the joy in my eyes. Those photos are the ones that get the most likes on Instagram – no matter what time they are posted online.

Laughter adds sparkle and it’s contagious.

They say a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear and best of all it’s FREE.

Having a well curated wardrobe is something everyone can eventually achieve, but adding a smile to your outfit? It’s something you can do every day.

And what better time to practice wearing a smile, than on Christmas Day?

christmas smile

On that note, this will be my last post before Christmas. Thank you for reading and commenting and clicking on links I recommend to make a purchase. It has helped my family this year and I look forward to sharing more styling posts in the New Year. May you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year. This year has been a mixed bag for me, but I’m ever hopeful that even better days are still ahead for all of us.

Merry Christmas. xx

Last Minute Christmas Day Dress Ideas

Every year I will often share a ‘What to Wear for Christmas Day’ style post. I love reading these posts by other bloggers. I have often bought my Christmas Day dress because another blogger has done the research for me.

There have been a few What to Wear on Christmas Day style posts.

Kirsten and Co – 7 Red Dresses to Wear this Christmas and beyond

Styling You – 3 Party Outfits to take you through the holiday season and beyond

Styling Curvy – My Stylish Christmas Day Tradition

Every year I generally buy a new dress to wear to church on Christmas Eve and a floaty number for Christmas day.

This year, I have a new dress being delivered by mail for Christmas Day and I’m thinking I may wear a kaftan or the dress I wore to Melbourne Cup for Christmas Eve.

Not everyone can afford to buy a new dress for Christmas day when there are so many expenses like presents and groceries and bills which sadly don’t take a Christmas break.

But just because you can’t wear something new, doesn’t mean you can’t wear something special. Wear a dress you usually wear for special occasions, or add new accessories to an old faithful dress.

However, if it is tradition for you to buy a new dress for Christmas day, here would be my picks.







Do you buy a new dress for Christmas Day? What are you wearing this Christmas?

Why not check out my post on what to sleep in on Christmas Eve?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase and item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What Are You Sleeping In On Christmas Eve?

What are you sleeping in on Christmas Eve?

Whenever I see Christmas gift guides and stocking stuffer ideas for the kids, there is always a new pair of summer pyjamas as part of the collection.

We kit the kids out with new pyjamas and possibly also our partner (my hubby is getting some new boxers after his last pair became too holey!), but sometimes we forget ourselves.

Depending on what climate you sleep in during Summer, whether it’s air conditioned comfort or a sauna, will determine what you wear to go to bed in at night.

A couple of months ago when buying said sleepwear present for my husband, I walked past this gorgeous nightie from Peter Alexander. I was in desperate need of new nighties so didn’t mind paying full price for it because I loved it. Sadly it’s sold out online.

And I still love sleeping in it. I feel like a princess when I head to bed and it’s slightly dressy enough that I don’t have to worry about any visitors at night who might catch me in my pj’s. For some this nightie might be too risqué, but for me, I find it nice and lovely to sleep in.

christmas nightie

who are you sleeping in on christmas eve

So with all this sleeping attire business in mind, I’ve found some lovely sleepwear you could indulge yourself with this Christmas. It could be a gift you give to yourself for Christmas Eve!

peter alexander stripe nightie

Peter Alexander Stripe Nightie $89.95 (take 20% off today only)

midnight chemise

Susan Midnight Chemise $55.96 (on sale)

If nighties and chemises aren’t your thing, here are some pant sets.


Deshabille Tropics Sleep Pant $79.95 and Jockey Black Lace Cami $39.95 (not the one pictured as it’s sold out)

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander Floral Shortie PJ Set $89.95 (plus 20% off today only)

When do you buy yourself sleepwear? Where do you go to buy your sleepwear?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


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