Feel Confident in Swimwear With Sirens

I’ve admitted on the blog before that I really don’t like swimwear shopping. I don’t think a lot of women do enjoy shopping for swimwear.

Like underwear, you have to find the right fit and shape for your body. It can also be super time consuming to find a flattering costume.

When Sirens asked me if I would like to review their Try 5 at Home service again, I said yes. I had had such a great experience the year before. And I did need another swimsuit. Not because the one I got last year needed replacing, but simply because it’s always good to have a spare suit for when one suit is too damp to put on from previous use.

sirens box

After reading this post by Jenny from Styling Curvy, I decided to boldly order some bikinis, tankinis and suits that were different in shape from the ones I tried last year. I even went down a size as my shape has changed this year after losing a little bit of weight.

My swimwear came beautifully presented in a box.

Sirens Swimwear

I tried each suit on and NONE of them suited me.

What to do, what to do? The point of doing the review was having at least ONE swimsuit suit me to keep.

I emailed Emma from Sirens with my dilemma and she told me to send everything back and when she received my returns, she would call me and go through the styles online which she thought would suit my shape.

Sirens encourage women to call them if they need help choosing a swimsuit online. They know the fit and what shapes their swimwear suits.

Emma promptly called me when she received my parcel and we went through the swimsuits online, working out which ones would suit me better.

Sirens swimsuits

When the second box arrived, I loved my new choices. It was a tie between a tankini and the Greta Ruffle Cocktail Black & White Spot, one-shouldered swimsuit.  I decided to go with the polka dot suit because I can’t get enough of spots and I felt it suited me the best.

Sirens Greta

Sirens Greta

sirens greta

For $199, you too can try 5 swimsuits in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like any of the suits, you can get a full refund, or talk to the staff on the phone to organise delivery of different suits that might suit you. All shipping costs are included.

sirens swimwear


The last time I wrote about Sirens, I had one friend say she’d never pay $199 for a swimsuit. I understand everyone has different budgets. But what I’ve learned over the years with swimwear is you really do get what you pay for. Some cheaper suits don’t make it past one summer. My first Sirens suits looks as new as the day I got it and it hasn’t lost it’s shape.

I also think it’s important to support a local Australian business when we can.

With that said, I love the prints that Sirens offers. I’m not a fan of showing off my legs in swimwear, but I’m prepared to bare my pale, wobbly legs with Sirens.

Special Promotion just for Styled by Bec readers: Sirens have offered Styled by Bec readers a special discount to Try 5 at Home for $149 instead of $199. Just use this code styledbybec149 to get your discount. The code is only valid until 21st December 2016.

With summer holidays approaching, now is the time to get swimwear ready.

Do you find it hard to find swimwear that suits your shape? Where do you usually buy your swimsuits from?

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Try 5 At Home Box of swimwear. I got to keep the Greta One-shouldered Swim suit. All opinions are my own. This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Christmas Styling – Add Natural and Neutral Decor Accents

Whether you follow tradition or like to get in early on your Christmas decorating, now is the time to add some Christmas styling to your home.

Most typically, everyone starts with their tree. Well that’s what I do. From their I add little vignettes or Christmas décor pieces around my home so the Christmas cheer is spread out from the living room.

Some places you might add a bit of Christmas styling is a buffet, the coffee table, top of the TV cabinet or on the dining table.

The styling could be as simple as a Christmas centerpiece or a garland draped over a painting.

Chrismas garland over painting

Worst light, but this gives you an idea of how you can drape your garland

If you want to add some greenery, without going fake, why not put some sprigs of Rosemary in a vase or purchase (or make) a succulent wreath or centerpiece?

Christmas vignette in bathroom

Sprigs of Rosemary in a vignette in our bathroom

Winter Tablescape
Summerlees - A living piece of Australian History

I’ve often admired the stunning succulent arrangements by Fleurieu Gifts. Their pieces would make a stunning statement for Christmas Day. They could also make a beautiful gift for the hard to buy for.

succulent christmas centrepiece

This year, I’ve mixed my decorating and I’ve gone against the advice of DIY Decorator (who offers GREAT advice on interior styling). Her 12 Days of Christmas free ecourse gave tips on how to choose your theme and gave a list of what areas in the home to consider decorating. (it’s a must do if you feel overwhelmed at Christmas)

Unfortunately, I can’t stick to one theme. I like to have the best of all of them. So my Christmas styling is somewhat…eclectic.

If you’re a bit like me, or you have no idea what pieces could work in your home, I suggest starting with a neutral colour scheme and adding natural accents.

I’ve found some really awesome neutral Christmas styling pieces that may work in your home. The succulent wreath and various pieces would fit into any theme you’ve chosen.

neutral and natural christmas styling

1. Joy Love Peace Christmas Tree Wall Decal $34.95

2. Natural Linen Christmas Tree Cushion $35

3. Evelyn Round Jute Placemats $29.95

4. Fleurieu Gifts Timber Succulent Decorations $19.00

5. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Christmas Nest $49.95

6. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Wreath $46.95

7. Glasshouse Night Before Christmas Candle $44.95

8. Christmas Spot Table Runner $38.46

9. Christmas Pom Pom Garland $40.00

10. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Centrepiece $49.95

Enjoy the process of decorating your home for Christmas. It only comes around once a year and it’s an excuse to change things up in your home. They do say change is as good as a holiday. Adding that garland or putting up a wreath may help you switch into that holiday feeling.

What’s your Christmas decorating style? Do you use the same Christmas decorations each year? Or do you like to have a different theme?

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Make You Own Pom Pom Sandals

I’m loving all the pom pom details on bags, clothes and jewellery at the moment.

I was adamant about getting some pom pom sandals, but when I wrote this post and Robyna from Mummy and the Minx commented on being tempted to make her own pom pom sandals, I thought… I should do that!

I headed to Spotlight to get some pom pom trimming and craft glue suitable for leather and fabric.

I also went to Spendless Shoes and bought a pair of brown sandals.

In all, the cost of making the shoes came to around $35 and just a bit of time to put them together.

This little project would make a great school holiday project for a teen. Or just for yourself if you love pom poms like I do.

DIY pom pom sandals pin


Pom Pom Trim (I was going to add red trim, but decided against it after

Craft Glue


Sandals of your choice

pom pom sandals diy


Measure the pom pom trim against the front face panel of the sandal.

DIY pom pom sandals

Cut to suit and glue down the first length.

DIY pom pom sandals

DIY pom pom sandals

Leave to dry for a couple of hours.(Add pegs for a firm hold)

DIY pom pom sandals

Add a second trim on top and leave to dry.

DIY pom pom sandals

Then wear your sandals with pride.

DIY pom pom sandals

DIY pom pom sandals

make your own pom pom sandals

DIY pom pom sandals

Have you ever made your own fashion accessories? Are you a fan of pom poms this season?

I’m linking with Kylie Purtell for IBOT.

Add Art to Your Kitchen Using Tea Towels

Continuing on with my series of items around the home that may need to be replaced as they’ve seen better days (door matts and oven mitts have been my two recent posts), I have started to look around my own home and create a mental list of items that need to be checked and replaced.

One thing I don’t need to replace because I went a little overboard purchasing last time, is the tea towel.

There are two places I hang tea towels in my kitchen. One over the cupboard handle under the sink and one draped over the oven handle.

While I could use a standard checked tea towel that I’ve bought from Woolies (which are usually my back-ups), I also use these spots as ways to display a little bit of art or colour to my kitchen. Unlike my oven mitts, tea towels are usually on display all the time in the kitchen and should be replaced (washed) every couple of days. Occassionaly I will do the sniff test to see if it’s time to be chucked into the wash.

When you purchase your new tea towels, do wash them before you use them. They will wear better and absorb moisture when you use them to dry pots and pans.

Tea towels can be used to wrap small Christmas gifts. A simple gift of a patterned plate, wrapped in a tea towel with a ribbon is an expensive, but practical gift.

Most modern kitchens may not have handles to drape a tea towel over. You could lay the tea towel folded on the kitchen bench with some fruit underneath or drape it over the edge of the sink so it hangs just over the top of the cupboards underneath. Here are some ways tea towels have brought colour and pattern to these kitchens.

Repurposing a salvaged sink
Lavender Cottage - Kitchen
Simple Living Kitchen
Victorian Railway Carriage


Here are some fun designs I found online.

stylish tea towels

1. ZigZag Tea Towel $29.95

2. Mod Neon Tea Towel $10 (on sale)

3. Chevron Tea Towel $10.50

4. Anna Gare Vintage Rose Tea Towel Set of 2 $13.95

5. Ogilvies Designs Organic Forest Tea Towel in Bluebelle $9.95

6. Zanzibar Tea Towel in Aqua $10 (on sale)

7. Ogilvies Designs Bodega Tea Towel Set $29.95

8. Anna Gare Vintage Rose Tea Towel Set of 2 $13.95

Are you prone to using basic tea towels in your house? Ever thought how a tea towel could add colour to your kitchen?

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Wide Brim Hats For Summer 2016

I’m not really a hat person.

I’m definitely not a fan of hat hair or the matted-hair-sweaty look that often comes with wearing a hat.

But after my dad got skin cancers cut out the top of his head and having a family history of skin cancer, hats are a must wear when outside in the sun.

I have a fedora which adds style to all my outfits and gives a good amount of coverage, but I have been wanting to find a wide brim hat to give more shade and protection.

I found a hat at SEED Heritage that I loved but the price wasn’t within my budget.

It wasn’t until I walked by the hat range in Kmart that I saw this geometric wide brim hat for $12 and I knew it was just what I was after.

wide brim hat summer 2016


wide brim kmart hat


wide brim hat

I really don’t like  too much flop in my hats as they don’t have much hold because the brim tends to flop over my face making it hard to see. I like the brims of my hats to have a bit of stiffness so they don’t flop. And if they do flop, they need to be bent so they don’t flop at eye level.

A wide brim hat is definitely a must have accessory all year round.

Here are some I found online, ranging in price from $12 to $75.

wide brim hats for summer 2016

1. Personalised Custom Hat from Etsy $75

2. Holiday Trinidad Hat in black $59.95

3. Kooringal Wide Brim Bianca hat $59.95

4. Portmans Open Weave Hat $39.95

5. SFH Designs Made in Madagascar Hat $39.00

6. Dotti Frayed Wide Brim Hat $19.95

7. Kooringal Wide Brim Natural Hat $29.95

8. Kmart Wide Brim Hat $12.00

Do you like to wear hats? What’s your favourite style of hat to wear during summer?

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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