Four Patterns You Need in Your Wardrobe

As I’ve been going through my wardrobe and working out what pieces I love and what pieces I don’t, I’m starting to see which patterns feature highly in my wardrobe.

A patterned top can look great on it’s own with a pair of jeans. It can be easily layered with a block colour or with another patterned accessory, providing there is a common colour in both the patterned top and accessory.

I thought I’d share four patterns that feature highly in my wardrobe, in what way and why I think you should have them in yours.

1. Stripes. I have striped long sleeve and short sleeve tees. I even have tunics and dresses with stripes. Vertical and horizontal stripes are featured in my wardrobe. I recently purchased a black and white stripe long sleeve top from Witchery for my Birthday. Stripes are versatile. You can layer them with textures like fur vests, sleeveless duster vests or a leather jacket. I’ve never found a stripe I don’t like. My favourites are black and white, white and black, red and white and navy and white.

stripe top

2. Polka dots. I love a spotty print and polka dots are a lot of fun to wear. Again they can be a great base for your textured pieces. And when worn on their own they can make the most simplest outfit look chic and cute. I love a monochromatic polka dot pattern and I think it’s the most versatile for most people.

polka dot top

3. Leopard Print. I have a leopard print shirt, leopard print scarf and even leopard print shoes. Not everyone loves leopard print, so find an animal print you can handle. Snake print or tiger stripes are another print you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

leopard print tee

4. Plaid or Checked. This print goes in and out of fashion, but I still wear it because I like it and I feel warmer in it during winter. My plaid tops are usually shirts layered over a t-shirt or I wear a plaid dress. I also have plaid scarves which work well with a plain block top or striped top. Having a plaid scarf is a great accessory to have during winter. It can work well with a variety of colours and tops.

plaid dress

Here are a few pieces I have found online if you’re wanting to add these patterns to your wardrobe.

patterned tops 2016

  1. ASOS JDY Plaid Check Shirt $26.00
  2. Cordelia St Spots Top $69.95
  3. Bohemian Traders Striped Long Sleeve Tee $79.95
  4. Boom Shankar Red Stripe Moni Top $59.00
  5. Dotti Mini Spot Bow Blouse $49.95
  6. Katies 3/4 sleeve Check Shirt Dress $59.95
  7. ASOS Leopard Print Blazer $79.00
  8. Empress Eleven Black Better Top $49.95

What pattern do you tend to wear a lot of? Any patterns you’d like to wear more?

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Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

Last weekend, I headed to Garden City to meet up with some friends for breakfast. I had a little cash to burn to buy some new knits for my Birthday. With the end of financial year sales on, and no kids with me, it was the perfect time to do some shopping.

I headed to Katies because I knew there were a few pieces I missed out on buying when I headed to the Katies night with Nikki. Alas, most of the items had sold out, but I still found a stripe tunic dress which could be layered for Spring.

Lately, I’ve been yearning to get back to basics and classics. Stripes, polka dots, black and white and my favourite leopard print always grab my attention.

As I was paying for my tunic dress, I noticed the girl behind the counter had a black cold shoulder top on. I thought surely that’s not Katies! It’s too trendy.

Curious to know where her top was from, I asked her and she told me that they were a really popular top and it was definitely from Katies. I turned around to see if I could get the top in black but there was only a small left. The other colours were lighter –which don’t usually suit my skin tone. But then my friend pulled out the dark grey one.

I headed back to the change rooms and tried the top on. I was a little unsure so I sent a message to a friend and modelled the top for the friend I was with who told me she liked it.

katies cold shoulder top

I was a little concerned about being cold on the shoulders since winter decided to arrive a week or so ago. But when I’ve worn it, I haven’t felt cold or naked – which is a good thing!

I think this cold shoulder knit top is perfect for Brisbane winters and in early spring when the temperatures are a little cool but don’t require a jumper or heavy jacket.

I paid $17 for my top last week, but now they are down to $9.95, so if you love the top like I do, head there now and buy one. I’m wearing an XL in mine.

cold shoulder top winter

If the cold shoulder detail is too cool for where you live, you can layer it over another long sleeved coloured top.

I’m off to buy the black one now!

When was the last time you got a bargain? Ever been surprised by a shop stocking something you didn’t expect?

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Shopping With Kids Part II

I had a bit of a dilemma last week. The dilemma was I had nothing to wear to a function I had to go to last Friday night, even though I’d received the invitation a couple of months ago.

I knew I needed a cocktail style dress for the event, but I placed it at the back of my mind until said event suddenly became a week away.

My wardrobe is usually kitted for all seasons and events, but since having kids and putting weight on and losing it this year, my clothes have either been ill fitting or I’m still a little too round in the middle to fit into some things which I am not ready to part with.

Last Thursday was the only day I had available to try and find a dress for a gala I was attending the next night.

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!!

After dropping Esther to school, I told Maggie and Phoebe we were going to the shops to get mummy a dress.

Maggie said she wanted to go home so I bribed her, telling her that when mummy found her dress, she would take her and her sister to the playground. It was met with a ‘yay’.

All was well with the drive to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

I got the kids in the pram, walked into Myer and they fought. Phoebe kicked the back of Maggie’s seat. Maggie cried. I roused on Phoebe. She did it again. So I swapped the girls into different seats and Maggie decided to payback her sister by kicking the seat Phoebe was now sitting in.

I gritted my teeth and perused the sales racks.
I finally found THE dress. It was my size and it was stunning! The sale price made it even better.

So I took THE dress to the change rooms.

I sat my girls on the bench seat and gave them snacks, warning them if they moved, there would be no visit to the playground.

I whipped my clothes off and chucked the dress on… only to discover the zip wouldn’t go all the way up.

shopping with kids part II

The Dress. Looks better in real life.

No wonder it’s on sale I mused as I took a quick selfie, and wished my shoulders weren’t so broad.

After getting dressed, the girls were off the bench, with one pushing the pram and the other tentatively peeking outside the waiting area to make a run for it.
I chucked both girls in the pram, with the harnesses on and they started to protest.

I went into Sheike and tried on two dresses while the girls cried because they were strapped into the pram.

The carrying on kept on while I walked from one end of the shopping centre to the other.

I went into a kids shop to buy some more winter clothes and Maggie had a major meltdown when I refused to buy her a ballerina dress.

The crying was so bad from both girls, the shop assistant took one look at my face and down to my red faced, snotty nosed girls and said “I feel for you”.
I felt for me too because I just wanted to join in with the crying. Not only did I not have a dress to wear for the gala night, but I had kids who couldn’t play nicely with each other.

We left the shop and I told the girls we were going home.

No morning tea. No playground… and still no dress.

I got the girls into the car, chucked the pram in the boot and sat at the driving wheel thinking why did life have to be so freaking hard?

The only option left was to re-look in my wardrobe and try on some dresses that might fit for the night.

This number I bought for a wedding I was asked to sing at proved to be the winner. It was a dress I wore pre Phoebe and Maggie.

shopping with kids part II

The dress (From Cue) I wore to the Migas Gala Awards Night

Not only did the zip go up, I had the perfect necklace to uplift the dress.

Maybe those tantrums from my girls were meant to be.

As I was getting ready, Esther looked at me and said, ‘You don’t look like my mummy.’

And Jacob said, ‘I’m so glad you’re my wife.’

Ironic how we can be feeling low one moment and on top of the world the next.

So the moral of this tale is don’t leave it to the last minute to find an outfit for a special function and if you do need to go shopping, go without the kids!

Ever surprised yourself by fitting into something you never thought you would? Gone shopping with kids lately? Tell me where you shop for a cocktail dress?

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Knitted Out For Winter 2016

In the last week or so winter has decided to arrive. After the wet and windy weather we experienced over the weekend, I’ve been reaching for my knitted vests and thick knit cardigans.

knitted out for winter

I find jumpers can be a little to hot for me during a mild winter so I opt for vests that can be layered over long sleeve shirts and dresses.

I’ve got a few vests and capes that are going to be on rotation in my wardrobe this winter. I find they add a lot of interest to a simple outfit of a long sleeved tee and jeans. Which is pretty much my mummy uniform during winter anyway.

knitted vests for 2016

  1. Eb & Ive Navy Vest with Leather Belt $79.95
  2. Katies Cable Knit Vest $69.95
  3. Rockmans Sleeveless Fur Trim Cardigan $59.99
  4. Feather and Noise Megan Cardi $59.99

If you live further down south, the vest won’t really give you the warmth you need. If you do opt to wear one, you will no doubt need to layer with a warm jacket.

If you’re still after the knit look, a cable knit turtleneck jumper is the perfect knit to wear this season. There is no need to wear a scarf as the turtleneck keeps your neck warm for you.

Turtlenecks have been seen in the past as a daggy style of knit, but don’t be fooled by old thinking.  So long as it’s in a neutral colour and it incorporates a cable knit pattern, your turtleneck will look on trend.

The styles to go for if you find you feel too full around the face is the cowl turtleneck – which drapes downward. The cowl draws the eye down so it doesn’t feel like your neck is swamped with fabric.

When choosing your cable knit, the colours that work well with jeans are navy, grey, ivory, cream, mustard and white.

I’ve found a selection of cable knit turtleneck jumpers online for under $100.

cable knit turtleneck jumpers

  1. Dotti Longline Nena Roll Neck Jumper $69.95
  2. Millers Chunky Roll Neck Jumper Ivory $35.00
  3. Millers Chunky Roll Neck Jumper Navy $35.00
  4. Rockmans Long Sleeve Chevron Stitch Cowl Neck Jumper $59.99
  5. Sass Samantha Snow Knit $79.95
  6. Portmans Olivia Roll Neck Knit $89.95
  7. The Iconic Guilty of the Crime Knit $79.98

A complete winter wardrobe requires at least 1 type of vest and 1-3 knit jumpers that can be worn on rotation.

I need to add another jumper to my wardrobe after doing a stocktake of what I already own. I’m just scared that the weather will change to milder temperatures and I won’t get to wear it as much as I’d like.

What are your go-to pieces during winter? Are you a fan of the cable knit sweater or vest?

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Mum’s Night Out

I get excited when a girls night out is organized and I get to go out for dinner.

On Saturday night, I got to meet up with some of the Prep mums from Esther’s school… who ironically, don’t have any kids in my daughter’s classroom.

I have been friendly with one of the mums who walks from school and literally lives around the corner from our house. Her son is in a different Prep class, but it’s been lovely to chat and smile to mums, recognising faces and names when doing drop offs and pick-ups. I was added to a Facebook post where the mums were organizing a mum’s night out and suddenly the date was picked and the table was booked at our local Vietnamese restaurant.

Even though there was only going to be a small group of us and it was going to be a casual night out for dinner, I was eager to get a little dressed up.

I put a treatment in my hair, washed it out and dried and straightened it close to salon perfection.

makeup and hair tools

I put on makeup and realized I am in DESPERATE need for new makeup. Why is it Ionly notice these things when I actually need them?

I downgraded my bag from the weekender Mary Poppins bag to a smaller handbag, discarding all the kids’ stuff. Kept the baby wipes because I just never know when I’ll need those.

downgrading handbags

I decided against wearing jeans because that is pretty much my mummy day uniform. I put on a black dress and dressed it up with a vest and boots with heels.

mums night out

As I was organizing my handbag, I had the usual sad face from Esther, who doesn’t like me going out at night. It means I can’t sing to her when she’s in bed.

esther in tears

Once the crocodile tears were on I knew it was my time to walk out that door.

out the door to mums night out

It was a great night.

I was overdressed.

But I didn’t care because I was out for dinner and talking to mums who know exactly what it’s like to raise young kids.

No topic was untouched. From gastro to sensitivity issues with kids to sharing birth stories and miraculous conceptions (my Phoebe). We laughed and laughed and pretty much talked the whole time.

It was good. So good.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

When was the last time you went out for dinner with new friends? Or even old girlfriends? Do you ever overdress… just because?

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