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Getting Ready for Summer 2018 – A Mental List of Things I Need

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It’s usually about this time of year I start to look forward to wearing my summer clothes again. The weather starts to get warmer and I’m usually sick of layering and yearn for the days of chucking a dress on and being done with my outfit.

It was only as I walked past a pharmacy I thought about all the things I need to get to get ready for summer. Not sure why I had that thought when I walked past, but possibly because I remembered I needed to get another pump pack of sunscreen as we are currently using our spray one which will soon run out. So I thought I’d share a mental checklist of things I need to get so we’re ready for summer. Maybe this list might help you since it seems the warmer temperatures have arrived in a little earlier than expected.

My mental check list of things I need to get to be ready for summer 2018

1. Sunscreen.

We go through a lot of sunscreen in our house. With four bodies to lather before we head to school/kindy/daycare, our pump pack sunscreen from Sunsense is nearly out. I usually buy a pump pack for at home and a spray or smaller bottle to keep in the beach bag. It’s always a good idea to look at the use-by-date on your sunscreen and research brands so you know the product you’re getting will protect you from the sun.

sunsense sunscreen ready for summer 2017

2. Thongs/Flip Flops

I have worn my red Havianas since pre-kids – so I’m guessing they may be a decade old. Since having my kids, my feet are a size and a half bigger. I’ve persevered with my current Havianna’s because I generally only wear them when we got to the beach or on holidays. But every time I wear them, I make a mental note of replacing them. I will be replacing them this summer. The Iconic has some great styles in, ready for summer.

Haviannas green tea summer ready

3. Sun Hat

One of my kids put a hole in my sun hat which is frustrating! But it’s what happens when kids get inquisitive – especially with straw. I’m thinking about getting a wide brim hat for maximum protection. Harper’s Bazaar have a fabulous selection of wide brim hats to consider. (I might put together a post myself on this)

wide brim hat for summer to get summer ready 2017

4. Net Bag

I want a net bag for all the beach toys like buckets and spades and frisbies and balls that my girls love to play with at the beach. It always feels like we are carrying a myriad of things to the beach for our family, but what I love about this net bag is it expands to carry all the buckets and spades and the net allows the sand to fall through. We seem to take the beach with us in our current plastic bag. I’m not the only that sees the benefit of one of these bags for the family. Elle says it’s the ‘fashion industry’s latest obsession.’

net bag from elle
So far, that’s my checklist of needs for summer for myself. Now I need to do the rest of the family. I’m sure my list will grow before summer does officially arrived. But at least I will be prepared when it’s time to hit the beach.

Are you ready for Summer 2018? What season is your favourite?

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It’s All About the Stars: Star Print Fashion

If there is one way to add fun to your outfit, it’s wearing a print or a piece that features a childlike shape.

In my travels at the shops and online, I’ve come across a lot of stars.

I’ve seen stars on tees, stars on earrings or hoops shaped as stars and last week I saw boots with stars on them.

The star print is fun, yet hip. It’s just another way to add some interest to your wardrobe, without relying on accessories and layers.

The pieces can also be worn at Christmas (if they’re trans-seasonal).

Here are some fashion pieces I’ve found online featuring stars.

star summer pieces

Cartel and Willow Chester Tee $69.30 (on sale)

Scotch & Soda Loose Fit Tee $37.48

Gordon Smith Star Skirt $99.95

Star knits

Threadz Star Knit $54.95

Spicy Sugar Star Knit $29 (on sale)

Love Your Wardrobe Star Print Top $99.95

star accessoriesSilver Star Hoop Earrings $10.95

Styletread Jacqueline Misty Grey Leather Boots $289.95

Adorne Starbright Fringe Earrings $34.95

Are you a fan of the star print? Any pieces take your fancy?

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Lady in Red: What I Wore to The Theatre in Winter

On Saturday night, I headed to the theatre with my school mum friends to see The Bodyguard.

I’d never seen the movie, but I’ve always been a fan of Whitney Houston and know all the songs from the soundtrack. (The show is fantastic!)

I’d decided when I paid for my ticket I would dress up for the night.

I had a $20 Birthday voucher from Witchery that needed to be used up before the end of July, so I headed to my local store and loved this red dress.

witchery red dress what to wear to the theatre in winter

Witchery Pleated Shift Dress on sale $49.95 (only size 8 left online)

Red has always looked good on me and when I put the dress on, I knew it would be the perfect dress for my night out.

What to wear to the theatre in winter Witchery Red dress

Wearing a Size 14

It had been reduced to $49.95, so with my voucher, the dress only cost me $29.95!

I’m wearing the size 14 and it is a roomy fit. It skims over every bump. No need for spanx or tummy sucking in underwear!

I’ve been to the theatre a few times in the last year or so. I’ve always gone in winter, so I’ve opted for a long sleeve dress. I also bring a jacket in case the air conditioning drops the temperature. But the last few times I’ve been, I’ve felt hot with a jacket on. A long sleeve or ¾ sleeve dress is the perfect outfit for heading to the theatre.

witchery red dress

Wearing a black, leather, waterfall jacket

Here are four dresses I would have considered purchasing, if I hadn’t found my bargain buy from Witchery.

what to wear to the theatre in winterFrom top left going clockwise:

Wite Grandiflora Dress in Black $99.95

Little Party Dress Jasmine Black Floral Dress $74.95

Sass Amalia Dobby Flutter Maxi Dress $129.00

Leona Edmiston Audrey Leopard Print Dress $50 (on sale)

If you love my Witchery dress, it’ still available online red (size 8 only) but there may be other sizes in store.

What do you usually wear to the theatre? What was the last show you saw?

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Three Trends for Spring 2017

We’ve still got another month of winter left before it’s Spring, and yet I’m telling you three trends that I see happening for next season. A bit of online research and some bricks and mortar visits have confirmed three trends for Spring 2017 that you may want to keep a look out for if you want to inject some key season trends to your wardrobe for when the winter heats up.

We’ve seen these trends before, so there is nothing groundbreaking about them. In fact, you may find you have a few of these pieces in your wardrobe already. Even if I already do own some of these trends, I will never say never to another purchase in the near future. There will be plenty of new spring and summer stock flooding through the stores in August, which makes it a good month to buy winter knits and jackets that tend to go on sale to make way for the new stock.

Three Trends for Spring 2017

Three Spring Trends 2017


So the first trend I have been seeing EVERYWHERE is spots! A spot over here and a spot over there. There seems to be spot tees, dresses and knits everywhere! My spot collection is now on par with my stripe collection! I think I maybe a little obsessed with this pattern. But it’s a fun print and can be worn now with a jacket.


This is such a classic print, yet this season it will be seen quite a bit in stores and online. In fact, it’s quite a popular print online. The classic black, navy and red gingham patterns will be popular. It’s the perfect print to wear with a simple basic like shorts or a tube skirt.


Embroidery will be gracing jeans, denim jackets and shirts this season. Definitely not something we haven’t seen before, but still a fun trend to add to your wardrobe for a little interesting detail. Not sure on the longevity of this one, but I think an embroidered denim jacket would suit nicely with a miracle dress for a trans-seasonal outfit.

When it comes to seasonal trends, I opt to buy and wear what I love, as opposed to what is supposedly in. But these three trends stood out to me both online and instore. And thank goodness spots is one of them. I have invested quite heavily in this pattern over the last few months.

Have you bought any new clothes recently? Which three spring 2017 trends are you excited about? Got any of these in your wardrobe already?

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How I Found my Stay-at-Home Mum Style

Our wardrobes are always evolving to meet the needs of our current season. Currently, my wardrobe is kitted out specifically with stay-at-home mum style pieces that can be mixed together to create multiple outfits.


I also have outfits for going out, work meetings and the odd cocktail party and black tie event so I don’t go racing to the shops for a new outfit.


Over the last few years, there have been some key buying purchases that have prevented me spending a load of money on clothes. I can’t afford to be buying new clothes all the time, so I’ve had to decipher what clothes will work for my current situation and ensure my new purchases align with my wearing habits.


I knew there were styles of clothes that I wanted to steer clear from as my daily outfits.


Active wear would only be worn when I was active.


Pyjamas would only be worn for sleep and night time.


If a clothing piece had to be constantly adjusted, it would be discarded (sold or donated. Clothes that don’t sit right are annoying to adjust.


My stay-at-home mum style has evolved to include black and white, colour, basics, patterns and comfort. I don’t mind following a trend oreven starting one, and I’m also not afraid to try something new. But I always come down to how I feel in that piece and how easy it is to chuck it on in the morning.


I thought I’d share some of the key pieces that play a part in my Stay-at-home mum style:


1.       Jeans are my best friend. I have multiple pairs of jeans. I mainly choose skinny styles and I do like a few rips at the knees. If I have multiple pairs of jeans, I make sure they are somehow different to each other.

stay at home mum style spot tee


2.       Patterned tops add interest. I love my stripe and spot tops. They can be accessorized or left as is. I’m seeing spots everywhere at the moment. Patterned tops can be worn with anything. I tend to gravitate towards neutral bottoms like denim, black, khaki or white.

spot top stay at home mum style


3.       Miracle dresses save my indecisive butt. On those days I need to wear something dressy, but I’m not sure what, my Miracle dress saves the day.

miracle dress and a scarf


4.       Tube skirts offer a trans-seasonal and trans-attire clothing option. I’ve been purchasing tees that work with my khaki and black tube skirts, ready for when summer hits.

tube skirt stay at home mum style


5.       Cardigans. Easy to take on and off. I have a few cardigans in different thicknesses and lengths that get rotated during autumn, winter and spring.

cardigan stay at home mum style


6.       Leather jacket. It’s my go to jacket choice when heading out. It just adds a trendy vibe to whatever outfit I wear.

black leather jacket stay at hom mum style


7.       Canvas shoes. I wear canvas shoes from Seed Heritage daily. They have no laces and can be slipped on and off.

canvas shoes stay at home mum style


8.       Taupe Ankle Boots. I’ve worn these for a couple of years now and I find that go with most of my going out outfits. I will be sad when they need to be replaced.

cat collar tee with rust cardigan

9.       Scarves. I buy a few new scarves each Autumn. But these are my go-to accessories for winter.

pom pom scarf and spot jumper stay at home mum style


10.   Statement earrings. These are my go-to accessories for summer. Studs work best for when you have babies and young toddlers. My girls are now at an age where they might touch, but will never pull.


shop my stay at home mum style

  1. Missguided Pom Pom Cable Knit Scarf $10.95
  2. Decjuba Spot Foil Tee $30
  3. Boho Bird Travels With Me Leather Jacket $339.00
  4. Marnie Natural Suede Ankle Boots $89.98
  5. Label of Love Grey Drape Dress $59
  6. Katies Red Cardigan $29.98

These pieces make up my current stay-at-home mum style. I think it’s great to have a fun accessory or pattern you’re drawn to or are known to wear. For me, that fun feature is pom poms. I love them on my scarves, on my earrings and on my handbag. I was even given a pom pom keyring for my  birthday because my friend thought of me when she saw it. J


Have fun developing your stay-at-home mum style. Grab inspiration from mum bloggers like Jasmine from Pretty Chuffed, Bron with Real Mum Style, Sarah from Stay Stylish Mum or even myself.


Develop a style that works for you and makes you feel comfortable, yet stylish everyday. On the days I’m not feeling so fashion forward, I have these outfits to fall back on.


Do you have a stay-at-home mum style? What clothes do you tend to wear when you’re home with your kids?

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