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5 Ways to Create a Last-Minute Workwear Wardrobe on a Budget

If you’ve noticed there has been a long time between posts, it’s because I recently got a job and I’m two weeks into a seven week full-time stint of training. When I found out I got the job, I was told business wear was required. Upon surveying my wardrobe, I could see I had a few pieces that could be worn to work and would fit the business wear attire but I also knew I’d have to make a few extra purchases to get through.

The only problem was I was limited by my budget. It’s often a common predicament to be told you’ve got a job, to then making sure you have the appropriate clothes for work. A lot of my work clothes pre-kids were donated or sold and cotton drill shirts weren’t going to suffice for this work environment.

Thankfully, I used a few of these tips to create some work appropriate outfits.

If you’ve recently got a job, and have a limited budget, here are my tips on how to create a last-minute workwear wardrobe on a budget.

5 Ways to create a last-minute work wear wardrobe on a budget

1. Shop your wardrobe first

The first place to check for work appropriate clothes is in your wardrobe. Look for black pants, shirts and dresses that have sleeves and look smart. Most work places have a casual approach to workwear. It’s not all suits and stilettos. The dresses from Little Party Dress got the tick of approval. I also had stripe pants, a blazer and shift dress from Veronika Maine that I could use as part of my work wear wardrobe.

2. Head to Op shops

A week before I started my new job, I headed out with some friends to check out some local op shops. I was able to buy two dresses for under $10. One dress from Katies that still had it’s tags attached for $8 and one green Peter Morrissey dress for $5. Op shops are a great place to look for quality work wear. I was pretty happy with my purchases.

3. Shop at local boutiques during the sales

I was able to nab this gorgeous dress from Instyle Boutique for half price during a recent sale. For $35, I could not complain about the price or the amazing fit. Local boutiques like Wardrobe 22 and Stylefast will have clothes that are suited for work, under $70.

Remember when I headed out to an interview a few weeks ago? Well I got the job! 🎉🎉🎉 And I started 7 weeks of full time training today. Had to wear corporate wear so I wore this dress that I recently bought from @instyleboutiques for $35 and the navy heels were bought a few years ago for @pbevent. Tassel earrings are from @lovisajewellery. Hope you had a great Monday. My brain has been a little overloaded! #everydaystyle #sharedmystyle #repeatedmystyle #thirtyplusstyle #thirtyplusdailystyle #thirtyplusstyleblogger #30plusstyle #fashionobsessed #fashionblogger #fashioninspo #fblogger #styleinspo #styleblogger #sahmstyling #sahmstyle #whatiwore #wiw #brisbaneblogger #brisbanestylist #instafashion #mumstyle #musthave #mumfashion #ootd #personalstylist #realmumstyle #corporatestyle

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4. Shop at department stores

A few of my colleagues have worn clothes that have caught my eye. One friend admitted her gorgeous blouse (which looked like it had come from Seed Heritage) was on the reduced rack for $3 at Kmart. While ‘fast fashion’ can be looked down upon ethically, if you are in desperate need of work clothes, check out what is on offer at department stores. They will suit your budget and sometimes their reduced items may help you create a workwear wardrobe for little cost.

5. Go to a clothes swap

Another great way to build a work wardrobe is by going to a clothes swap. You could organise your own event, or check locally on Facebook Marketplace for any clothes swap events in your area. Essentially, you bring clothes that you no longer wear and can choose to pick up clothes others have brought in to swap. There is no guarantee your size will be available and this can be a bit hit and miss, but you never know until you try it and see.

I receive my first pay next week, so you just never know what I may be adding to cart to build my workwear wardrobe.

Tell me, have you ever had to create a workwear wardrobe on a budget with a short turn around? How did you go about it?

Six Trending Autumn Winter Fashion Colours for 2018

If you want to get a heads up on the trending Autumn Winter Fashion Colours for 2018, you need to read this post. I’ve been quite the researcher as I’ve checked both in stores, online and via fashion shows what colours we will see debuting next season.

While it may be hard to think about cable knit sweaters, cardis and long sleeve tops when it’s hot outside (and humid in QLD), these are the colours we are going to see in these pieces.  I’ve sourced items that are readily available now, if you are wanting to add some colour to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Usually the cooler change has us drawn to wearing darker, moodier colours like black, navy, charcoal, grey and even burgundy. But this Autumn/Winter, we will see some bright colours added to the mix and many of these will intermix well with the existing darker neutrals you may already own.

While a colour may be on trend during the season, there is no point in investing in it if it doesn’t appeal to you or doesn’t suit you. Personally, I would like to give all of them a go, and I know I already own around three of the six trending colours and I hope to invest in three more once winter is here.

Here are the colours you will be seeing next season (which starts next week!)

Six Trending Autumn Winter Fashion Colours for 2018 in Australia by Styled by Bec


A favourite of mine, we are going to be seeing red this winter. It dresses well with black and white, navy and grey. A simple white tee, red cardigan and blue jean outfit is a classic that will never get old.

Shades of Orange

Bright orange and burnt orange hues will also be popular this season. I love this Papaya top from Bohemian Traders. This colour mixes with most neutrals and looks exceptional with navy.


A personal favourite of mine is Lavender. There isn’t much in stores right now, but we will see this colour more over the coming months.

Forest Green and Khaki

Forest Green is another favourite of mine from these colour trends for this season. All shades of green from moss, khaki to the deep and bright shades of forest green will be popular this season.

Duck Blue and Baby Blue

I loved this Duck Blue Blouse from Birdsnest the moment I saw it. All shades of baby blue and duck egg blue will be trending this winter. It’s a gorgeous shade of blue that pairs well with navy, black, white and blush.

Bright Shades of Yellow and Mustard

Mustard was popular last winter and this season, we will see more golden yellows in knits and blouses. It’s not a colour a lot of people can wear, I have to be careful with some shades of yellow as they can wash me out. Yellows look great with blue, navy and black.

Rather than go overboard and invest in pieces from each colour, choose one or two that you can add to your winter wardrobe. Consider how much cost per wear you will get out of the colour too. I’m a big believer in wearing colours that you will wear for a few years.

I have a red cardigan that I wear every Autumn/Winter that I bought many years ago from Witchery. So there will be no need for me to invest in this colour this season. But Duck Blue, Lavender and Papaya – I’m definitely looking at investing in these this winter.

What do you think of the trending Autumn Winter Fashion Colours for 2018? Which colours do you like the most?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What to Wear on TV – How to Choose the Right Outfit When Being Filmed for Television

I love when I fluke something without even realising. Last week, when I was asked to film a segment for Channel Nine News, I decided to wear my bright watermelon dress. The reason for the choice was because I like wearing it and it makes me feel confident.

Little did I know that I fluked the outfit stakes when it came to wearing appropriate attire for television.

Alison Ariotti, Channel Nine News Journalist, immediately commented on how good my dress was for television.

What to Wear on TV – How to Choose the Right Outfit When Being Filmed for Television

Alison Ariotti, Phoebe and myself last Wednesday morning

And this comment, gave me the idea to write a post about what to wear on TV. Alison was very kind enough to send me some pointers so that if you ever have to be on TV, you know what outfits will work best.

What to Wear on TV

The best thing to wear on TV are bright colours. Alison’s boss mentioned my dress and earrings were great for the segment. (Dress was from Little Party Dress and Earrings were from Thousand Island Dressing). The bright, bold print was perfect for the camera and when I watched the piece back, I could see how well the dress looked on TV.

pictures of Styled by Bec on TV

Thank you Lauren Roney for these pics.

If you want to wear print, you can, but it shouldn’t be very distracting.

Bright print dresses perfect for TV

Bright Print Dresses Perfect for TV, from left to right: Little Party Dress Mandy Pink Stripe Wrap Dress $59.95, Wardrobe 22 Red Miracle Dress $45.00 (best for front on filming), Little Party Dress Megan Flamingo Print Dress $59.95

If you’re the talent or the one being interviewed for TV, you can go bolder with your print than presenters. Usually presenters will wear a block colour to avoid too much distraction.

What NOT to wear on TV

Anything that ‘strobes’ or causes flashes of light is a no no. This is usually more common for men when they wear shirts or ties with fine stripes. It can be an unknown whether a print will strobe on camera or not.

Random sequins can do this. Do remember that the cameraman will have lighting on the talent. So consider how this lighting will jump off your outfit.

Don’t wear shoe string straps or off the shoulder tops or dresses. When being interviewed, Alison says it’s important to remember only your top half will be filmed. So consider having your shoulders covered… or the you might look like you’re filming in the nude. Wear a patterned or bold coloured top with covered shoulders, as opposed to a fancy skirt that won’t get seen on TV.

Another consideration when choosing the right attire is remembering a microphone will need to be worn, so a high neck might not work.

When it comes to makeup, matte is best. Avoid eyeshadow that’s too glittery or shimmery.

The best tip Alison offered was to ensure you wear something you feel good in and that will make you feel confident. When you feel confident in your outfit, this confidence will translate into the segment.

Wearing Megan dress in Watermelon Print from Little Party Dress

Take a photo yourself in your outfit and see if it looks good on camera (this is why taking part in #everydaystyle on Instagram can help because you can scroll through your outfits and see which ones look best). If you’re happy with how it looks on camera, you will most likely be happy how it looks on TV.

Thank you Alison for these fab tips.

Now tell me, have you ever been on television before? What did you wear? Do you have a few outfits to call on if you find yourself being asked to be on TV?

The Colour I Love to Wear Most

What colour do you love to wear the most? For me, it’s red. Thankfully it’s a colour that suits me. Whenever I’m looking for a new piece or want to add colour to a monochromatic outfit, I will add red.

So when I was researching some outfit ideas for the recent corporate post I wrote, I came across this dress from City Chic that had been reduced to $50. I ignored the pulse to buy the dress instantly.

But as the time went (24 hours), I knew I had to make a decision to purchase it because it would be gone if I didn’t make a decision soon.

To help me make my decision, I headed to my local City Chic store to try on a dress in the same shape, but in a different colour. It confirmed two things:

What size I needed to buy and that I needed to buy that dress. So I went online and added dress to cart.

wearing red city chic dress

I wore it yesterday and the compliments flowed from my girls, who said I looked like a teacher, to the mums at school drop off, with one yelling from across the car park ‘cute dress Bec’.

My mum loved the dress on me, and I got comments from the ladies at the optometrist, who were surprised to learn it was a dress, not a top and skirt.

The fab thing about this dress is it has POCKETS and CAPPED sleeves, which is a style that can be so hard to come by these days.

I’m wearing the XS.

If you love the dress, you can get one here. Only Small and Medium are left.

Now, let’s see what my dad thinks of this one. 😉

Ever withheld buying a dress that you loved at first site? Clearly I’m doing well with my shop from my wardrobe intention for 2018. What colour do you love to wear most?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


This Boho Maxi Dress Will Take You Through from Summer to Autumn

What a cool change today has been after the hot and muggy days we’ve had in the last week here in Brisbane. It’s reminded me how much I enjoy the temperatures between summer and winter and winter and summer. With the change in weather, I want to bring your attention to this gorgeous boho maxi dress. It’s a new dress that is literally hot off the press. So hot off the press, I was the first person to know about it.

boho maxi dress from summer to autumn

I’m loving a maxi dress with sleeves. I have two in my wardrobe that I love. And I now have three. I could not resist the print of this dress. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

Boho Aubrey Maxi Dress

Wearing Boho Aubrey Maxi Dress in a Large (I’m a size 16) $65

And mine it is, and yours it can be too if you love it as much as I do.

The Boho Aubrey Dress from Wardrobe 22 is STUNNING. It’s the perfect dress to wear during summer and during the in between seasons when the weather starts to cool. I will be teaming this dress with a denim jacket when it becomes cooler, because the denim contrasts lovely with the pink and navy print of the dress.

boho maxi dress for summer and autumn

I find this style of maxi dress very flattering on me. I’m quite curvy and like a dress that skims over the curves and camouflages the hip dips that are a natural part of our bodies as women.

I have the Boho Pippa Maxi, which I love to wear too.

Another great thing about these dresses is they can be worn during maternity. They have buttons at the bust and the empire line is perfect to skim over bumps. Just putting that out there if anyone is looking for a dress that allows for easy breastfeeding in the future. Not likely me AT ALL (been there, done that). But having been in the situation of looking for clothes that weren’t labelled maternity, and could be worn beyond – well this dress would tick all those boxes.

I’m debuting this dress this afternoon with a catch up with some local bloggers whom I always seem to say ‘Let’s catch up’ and the only times we ever do, is usually during a blogging event. I want to change that.

Another dress that has been released for sale on the Wardrobe 22 site is this Boho Parker Dress. This is a cute print with a zip front and tie string waist. It also has pockets, which for many of you is important.

Boho parker Dress

Boho Parker Dress, $60

If you are interested in purchasing the Boho Aubrey Dress from Wardrobe 22, you can get 10% off this dress only by entering BEC10% in the checkout. A discount will be added to the order so you will pay $7 less than the original price (on the Boho Aubrey Dress only). And if you see something else online that you like to purchase, all purchases over $75 get free postage. Happy Days!

bec in aubrey maxi dress

I honestly didn’t think I needed any more clothes until I met the Boho Aubrey dress.

On a side note, next Thursday night 8th February from 6:30pm, I will be in the Wardrobe 22 store, available to help you make some style selections or even just have a chat. Check out the Wardrobe 22 Instagram for more details.

Do you love a boho maxi dress with sleeves? Are you happy the weather has turned cooler in Brisbane? What’s the weather like where you are?

Disclosure: This dress was gifted to me for editorial purposes. You can read my disclosure policy for more clarification. All opinions are my own.

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