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Easter Decorating in my Home

I’ve been a bit late getting my Easter decorating up around the house. I think it’s because of the school holidays. Does anyone else feel a bit weird having Easter at the end of the school holidays rather than the beginning?

With Cyclone Debbie rolling through and having school closed for two days before the end of term, the kids missed out on their Easter Hat Parade.

As a result it just doesn’t feel like Easter. Although once I’m at church tomorrow, it will.

My Easter decorating is very simple. I bought decorations last year and they have done us well for this year.

easter decorating coffee table

Many of the decorations were purchased from Woolworths, Target, Dusk and Kmart. I keep the egg decorations and candles in a box and the egg holders in the pantry.

On Wednesday, I got Esther to work by placing a dead tree branch in a vase which she decorated.

easter decorating for the dining table

easter decorating a tree

easter tree decorating

I added mini chocolate Easter eggs to the tea light holder. They didn’t stay for long because once Phoebe found them, well she couldn’t stop at one. Thankfully she shared with her sisters. I might have helped the eggs disappear too. Just one or two. 

easter decorating on buffet table

The girls and I made these bunny vases as a craft activity when we had a friend come over for the day. I used old pink chalk paint and spare jars. I glued twine around the tops of the jars and added a bunny face to each jar. When grouped together, they look gorgeous. The girls have one vase each in their room and Phoebe’s is sitting on the corner of the kitchen bench. These will definitely be put away for next year.

easter decorating bunny jar vases

Easter decorating doesn’t have to be too technical. A simple bunny figurine, a bowl of Easter eggs and a vase of flowers can add the right touch to a coffee table or dining table.

Many Easter decorations are on sale right now, so if you love the idea of Easter decorating, why not make use of the sales. Here are some pieces I found online.

easter decorating

  1. Aluminum Sitting Rabbit $59.95
  2. Rabbit Cushion $39.95
  3. Charlotte Bunny Tea light holder $7.00
  4. Connie and Coco Bunny Cup Tea light Holder $4.00
  5. Glitter Egg Candles, 6pk $6.00
  6. Feather Poly Egg Décor $12.95

Do you do any Easter decorating in your home?

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Interior Trend Alert: Chunky Knit Homewares 2017

This morning when I headed out for my early morning walk and jog, I noticed the change in the weather. It was cool and there was a slight breeze. The cooler weather had me wanting to walk back inside my home to snuggle up to a chunky knit throw. Chunky knit homewares are an interior trend for 2017. We’ve seen the trend in previous winter seasons, but this year, it is reappearing.

March tends to be the month where cooler nights and mornings become more frequent than the sauna like heat we’ve experienced during summer. It’s this change in weather which prompts me to change over my summer throws and cushions to the winter ones.

Interiors for 2017 are all about texture, and increasing it through the use of homewares and textiles.

Many homeware and textile stores have a variety of chunky knits in both throws and cushions, to add texture to your home.

A throw can be easily draped over a sofa or the end of a bed to create an inviting and warm look. A knitted cushion can be added to a sofa to mix with existing cushions to transform the space from a summer to winter.

If you’re wanting to add some chunky knits to your home, here are some I’ve found online.

chunky knit homewares to buy 2017

1. Chunky Tassel Throw from Morgan and Finch $69.95

2. Typo Mt Donkey Cushion $59.95

3. Salisbury Chunky Throw $129.95

4. Typo Mt Circus Knit Cushion $49.95

5. Gallery Savoy House Throw $129

6. Splice Navy Cushion $59.95

Tips for adding chunky knit homewares to your home

1. Choose either a chunky knit throw or cushion. If you want or have both, don’t layer them together. Put the cushion on a different chair and the throw on the sofa.

2. Neutrals tend to look best in chunky knits so think grey, white, beige – even navy.

3. Add a chunky knit throw to the end of your bed to add warmth to your room.

4. Don’t layer your chunky knit homewares with other overly textural pieces. Contrast or match with colour instead.

What do you think of chunky knit homewares? Are they something you’d add to your home for winter?

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Christmas Styling – Add Natural and Neutral Decor Accents

Whether you follow tradition or like to get in early on your Christmas decorating, now is the time to add some Christmas styling to your home.

Most typically, everyone starts with their tree. Well that’s what I do. From their I add little vignettes or Christmas décor pieces around my home so the Christmas cheer is spread out from the living room.

Some places you might add a bit of Christmas styling is a buffet, the coffee table, top of the TV cabinet or on the dining table.

The styling could be as simple as a Christmas centerpiece or a garland draped over a painting.

Chrismas garland over painting

Worst light, but this gives you an idea of how you can drape your garland

If you want to add some greenery, without going fake, why not put some sprigs of Rosemary in a vase or purchase (or make) a succulent wreath or centerpiece?

Christmas vignette in bathroom

Sprigs of Rosemary in a vignette in our bathroom

Winter Tablescape
Summerlees - A living piece of Australian History

I’ve often admired the stunning succulent arrangements by Fleurieu Gifts. Their pieces would make a stunning statement for Christmas Day. They could also make a beautiful gift for the hard to buy for.

succulent christmas centrepiece

This year, I’ve mixed my decorating and I’ve gone against the advice of DIY Decorator (who offers GREAT advice on interior styling). Her 12 Days of Christmas free ecourse gave tips on how to choose your theme and gave a list of what areas in the home to consider decorating. (it’s a must do if you feel overwhelmed at Christmas)

Unfortunately, I can’t stick to one theme. I like to have the best of all of them. So my Christmas styling is somewhat…eclectic.

If you’re a bit like me, or you have no idea what pieces could work in your home, I suggest starting with a neutral colour scheme and adding natural accents.

I’ve found some really awesome neutral Christmas styling pieces that may work in your home. The succulent wreath and various pieces would fit into any theme you’ve chosen.

neutral and natural christmas styling

1. Joy Love Peace Christmas Tree Wall Decal $34.95

2. Natural Linen Christmas Tree Cushion $35

3. Evelyn Round Jute Placemats $29.95

4. Fleurieu Gifts Timber Succulent Decorations $19.00

5. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Christmas Nest $49.95

6. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Wreath $46.95

7. Glasshouse Night Before Christmas Candle $44.95

8. Christmas Spot Table Runner $38.46

9. Christmas Pom Pom Garland $40.00

10. Fleurieu Gifts Succulent Centrepiece $49.95

Enjoy the process of decorating your home for Christmas. It only comes around once a year and it’s an excuse to change things up in your home. They do say change is as good as a holiday. Adding that garland or putting up a wreath may help you switch into that holiday feeling.

What’s your Christmas decorating style? Do you use the same Christmas decorations each year? Or do you like to have a different theme?

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Add Art to Your Kitchen Using Tea Towels

Continuing on with my series of items around the home that may need to be replaced as they’ve seen better days (door matts and oven mitts have been my two recent posts), I have started to look around my own home and create a mental list of items that need to be checked and replaced.

One thing I don’t need to replace because I went a little overboard purchasing last time, is the tea towel.

There are two places I hang tea towels in my kitchen. One over the cupboard handle under the sink and one draped over the oven handle.

While I could use a standard checked tea towel that I’ve bought from Woolies (which are usually my back-ups), I also use these spots as ways to display a little bit of art or colour to my kitchen. Unlike my oven mitts, tea towels are usually on display all the time in the kitchen and should be replaced (washed) every couple of days. Occassionaly I will do the sniff test to see if it’s time to be chucked into the wash.

When you purchase your new tea towels, do wash them before you use them. They will wear better and absorb moisture when you use them to dry pots and pans.

Tea towels can be used to wrap small Christmas gifts. A simple gift of a patterned plate, wrapped in a tea towel with a ribbon is an expensive, but practical gift.

Most modern kitchens may not have handles to drape a tea towel over. You could lay the tea towel folded on the kitchen bench with some fruit underneath or drape it over the edge of the sink so it hangs just over the top of the cupboards underneath. Here are some ways tea towels have brought colour and pattern to these kitchens.

Repurposing a salvaged sink
Lavender Cottage - Kitchen
Simple Living Kitchen
Victorian Railway Carriage


Here are some fun designs I found online.

stylish tea towels

1. ZigZag Tea Towel $29.95

2. Mod Neon Tea Towel $10 (on sale)

3. Chevron Tea Towel $10.50

4. Anna Gare Vintage Rose Tea Towel Set of 2 $13.95

5. Ogilvies Designs Organic Forest Tea Towel in Bluebelle $9.95

6. Zanzibar Tea Towel in Aqua $10 (on sale)

7. Ogilvies Designs Bodega Tea Towel Set $29.95

8. Anna Gare Vintage Rose Tea Towel Set of 2 $13.95

Are you prone to using basic tea towels in your house? Ever thought how a tea towel could add colour to your kitchen?

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Stylish Oven Mitts

I’m a creature of habit.

Once I get into a habit of doing a particular chore one way, I will stick with that way forever.

I’m not sure what that means about my personality. What I do know is at least the chores get done how I want them when I’m in charge.

One of those chores – or habits – is removing a hot tray or casserole dish from the oven. I must wear oven mitts while doing said activity.

I can’t use a tea towel, or a fabric trivet.

I must use a glove where my whole hand is encased in quilted fabric so I don’t burn my hands.

I once used the tea towel trick but the towel was wet and I burnt my hand, while dropping said tray of biscuits that disintegrated into a pile of crumbs on the floor.

I cried in pain and frustration.

So whenever something needs to be removed from the oven, I will use an oven mitt or two.

oven mitts in the kitchen

My oven mitts get very good use and over time, they do start to get a burnt on the ends. When the quilting starts to wear off, I know it’s time to invest in a new pair of oven mitts.

I know that oven mitts aren’t really on display in the kitchen. I hide mine away in the tea towel drawer.

But when they are out, it’s always when guests are over and I don’t want them to look daggy, and having some bright mitts can add a bit of personality to your kitchen.

If they’re really trendy, you could display them so they are always within reach.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, check the state of your oven mitts. If they are a little worse for wear, invest in some new ones. Keep in mind you will need to buy 2 mitts for each hand. The connected oven mitts are also good to have on hand and will protect your wrists.

Oven mitts also make a great Christmas gift for a baker. They are definitely one of those items that could be replaced before Christmas too.

stylish oven mitts

1. Gingham Set of 4 Oven Gloves $20

2. Ogilvies Designs Vintage Rose Oven Glove $14.95

3. Alcazar Double Oven Mitt $24.95

4. Ogilvies Designs Poppy Fields Olive Green Mitt $12.95

5. Azure Double Oven Mitt $24.95

6. Plume and Perch Oven Holder $16.95

7. Scanpan Striped Double Oven Mitt $19.95

8. Ogilvies Designs Beach Stripe Glove $11.95

What state are your oven mitts in? Ever thought about sharing your personality through your oven mitts?

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