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Add Spring to Your Interiors With Leaf Print Cushions

Last spring, I updated our outdoor area with some leaf print cushions. I think I sourced them on ebay as they were the teal green, rather than the dark green.

leaf print cushions

With the arrival of spring, leaf print cushions are infiltrating homeware stores. The print itself is also being used in fashion as well. The print was popular this time last year and its still making its debut this season.  I just love how this pattern brings the outdoors in, and Spring is the perfect time to invest in a leaf print cushion or two.

If you are thinking of adding some leaf print cushions to your interiors – or outeriors, think about placing the cushions with black and white or a neutral back ground. The contrast can look fresh and inviting.

Add different patterns to create a pattern clash. The rule of thumb when creating a pattern clash is to have a common colour in each of the cushions.

For my outdoor area, I’ve gone a complete pattern clash, incorporating black and white stripes and a bohemian style print and of course chevron. This was what our outdoor area looked like this time last year.

outdoor area leaf print cushions

And this is what it looks like now.

outdoor area 2017

There has been a bit of fading.

It’s important when choosing outdoor cushions, they are UV protected. This helps them retain their colours when exposed to the outdoors.

Here are some of my favourite leaf print cushions online.

Watercolour Banana Leaf Cushion Set of 2 for $60.00

Banana leaf print cushion

Ailani Square Cushion $39.95

pillow talk medias cushion

Haven Banana Leaf Outdoor Cushion $79.95

paradise print cushion

Panama Print Cushion $29.95

panama print cushion

I Love Linen Monsterra Cushion Cover $34.95

i love linen cushion print

Akamu Square Cushion $39.95


leaf print cushion

Are you a fan of the leaf print cushions?

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Six Easy Scarf Storage Ideas

I own around 30 scarves and every year I add at least 2 scarves to my collection. Scarves are one of my favourite items to purchase when it comes to winter. But having all these scarves means I’ve had to find ways to store them all. Scarf storage is a necessity. I purchased a scarf hanger from IKEA a couple of years ago and this is how I generally hang my scarves. It’s the best $7.99 I’ve spent. It keeps my scarves organised and I can take a glance at what I own and choose the one I want to wear on any given day.

easy scarf storage idea

Scarf storage is important because you want to protect your scarves and if they’re not in view, you won’t readily wear them. If you don’t have an IKEA near you, or you’d like to display your scarves a little differently, here are some DIY ways I found online.

six easy scarf storage ideas

DIY Clothes Pin Scarf Holder

I love this DIY scarf storage idea from Sally Ann. She shows you how easy it is to create her peg scarf holder. A great way to store scarves if you only own a few.

scarf holder by sally ann

scarf holder by sally ann

Wooden Display Ladder

scarf organiser ladder

Joanna Gaines knows a thing or two about style and organization when it comes to home interiors. She shares how to make this DIY Display ladder for throws, but it can be used for hanging scarves as well.

PVC Pipe Drawer Organiser

Cut some 100mm diameter pieces of PVC pipe and use these to create sections in your drawer to organize your scarf collection. This idea is from Better Homes and Gardens.

PVC pipe scarf storage organiser

Trouser Hanger

If you don’t have too many scarves to hang or display, simply use trouser hangers to drape your scarves. The hanger can then hang in your wardrobe or off a door hook. This idea is from I Heart Organizing.

hanger for scarves

Shower Ring Hanger

This is a clever way to hang a number of scarves on the one coat hanger. Use shower curtain rings on a hanger and drape your scarves through each ring. Sarah shows you how easy this can be done on her blog.

showe ring scarf storage idea

The way you store your scarves will depend on the room you have and if you like to have your scarves displayed or put away from view.

I hang my scarves behind a door, so when people look into our room, they can’t see them, but when I’m in my room getting ready, I can see them and easily grab one when I head out the door.

easy scarf storage behind door

I knot my scarves through the loops to make them look neat, but usually, I thread them through and let them hang down. I’m not very efficient at re-knotting them on the hanger after I’ve worn them. If this type of disorganization does your head in, it may pay to hang your scarves in your wardrobe or create a section in your drawer using PVC pipe so each scarf has their own designated spot.

6 easy scarf storage ideas

Here are some great organisers to consider if you’re looking for ways to hang or display your scarves.

scarf storage ideas online1. Ernesto Wall Hanger $189.95

2. Wall Mounted Hanger $129.95

3. Ikea Trouser Hanger $4.99

4. Expandable Ladder $119.00

5. Etsy Handmade Wooden Ladder $45.00

6. 130 Piece Velvet Hanger set with scarf clips $149.00

7. 10 Shelf Shoe Hanging Organiser $69.95

8. Ikea Scarf Hanger $7.99

If you don’t own many scarves, a simple trouser hanger may be all you need.

But if you’re like me and know you are going to buy more scarves, you need to consider whether your storage product can expand with your scarf buying addiction. I’ve got a few spare spaces on my scarf rack and a few trouser hangers to help if I run out of space.

How do you store your scarves? Do you own a lot of scarves like me?

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Wanting to add to your scarf collection? Why not check out this post on How to wear a Pom Pom Scarf.

the best pom pom scarf on the internet

Modern Essentials for a Family Friendly Living Room

This post has been written in collaboration with Temple and Webster

Our living room is the hub of our house. It’s the room that gets the most traffic as it’s where we congregate to watch TV, play, do craft on the coffee table and generally hang out together.  A family friendly living room is easy to achieve with a few simple décor and furniture pieces that allow the family to sit and relax, while enjoying each other’s company.

family friendly living room


In our family room, we have two sofas. One 2.5 seater sofa and another 3 seater sofa. We also added two occasional chairs so that guests could have somewhere to sit.

The 2.5 seater couch is the most popular with my girls as it allows them to lie down, facing the TV. We often have fights over who gets to sit on that sofa. To allow everyone a turn on that sofa, I have plenty of cushions, which are used for sitting on the floor with. These are great for when we sit around the coffee table too.

Coffee Table

Our coffee table is looking a bit worse for wear, but we have had it for over 12 years. It’s been great for craft, playing board games and a flat surface to put a platter of food for the kids to grab from. Our coffee table has a shelf underneath which is great for storage, which is essential for a family friendly living room.


I have enough blankets and throws for every person in the house. The way I keep them stored is rolled in a basket. We all love snuggling under a blanket in winter, and even in summer when we’ve got the air con on and want to have a nap.

blankets and throws for family friendly living room


Cushions are an essential for me for a family friendly living room, but some families opt to not have cushions as they often end up on the floor OR are used for pillow fights. I have two large, European size cushions for each sofa for back support on the couches. Other cushions are stacked in the corner of our living room, ready for retrieval to sit or create a cushion bed on the floor.

TV Cabinet

Our TV is hung on the wall, which we did for safety reasons. Originally, our TV sat on our TV unit, but my second daughter was notorious for climbing it and I had fears of the TV falling on top of her. We got a bracket on the wall to suit our TV and our electrician was able to hide our cables behind the wall. The TV cabinet is still useful for housing the DVD player, Apple TV and all the DVD’s we own. .

Floor Lamp

To save electricity, we use an energy efficient lamp, which gives enough light for when the kids watch a little TV while I prepare dinner at night. Teaching kids how to be energy efficient is important because it can have a direct correlation with your power bill. Our lamp is easy for the kids to turn off and on and they know to turn the lamp on, rather than all the lights in our living room space.


We have hardwood floors, so a rug is essential for our family friendly living room. It makes for a  nice surface to kneel or sit on when around the coffee table. It also helps zone the space in our open plan home.

Our house is open plan living and it works well for our family. It allows everyone to be part of whatever action is happening in the living room. There is enough space for each family member to find a place to relax and it means the key zones in our home are within reach.

What modern essentials do you have in your family friendly living room? Do your kids like to bring toys in the living room? How do you store them?

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Easter Decorating in my Home

I’ve been a bit late getting my Easter decorating up around the house. I think it’s because of the school holidays. Does anyone else feel a bit weird having Easter at the end of the school holidays rather than the beginning?

With Cyclone Debbie rolling through and having school closed for two days before the end of term, the kids missed out on their Easter Hat Parade.

As a result it just doesn’t feel like Easter. Although once I’m at church tomorrow, it will.

My Easter decorating is very simple. I bought decorations last year and they have done us well for this year.

easter decorating coffee table

Many of the decorations were purchased from Woolworths, Target, Dusk and Kmart. I keep the egg decorations and candles in a box and the egg holders in the pantry.

On Wednesday, I got Esther to work by placing a dead tree branch in a vase which she decorated.

easter decorating for the dining table

easter decorating a tree

easter tree decorating

I added mini chocolate Easter eggs to the tea light holder. They didn’t stay for long because once Phoebe found them, well she couldn’t stop at one. Thankfully she shared with her sisters. I might have helped the eggs disappear too. Just one or two. 

easter decorating on buffet table

The girls and I made these bunny vases as a craft activity when we had a friend come over for the day. I used old pink chalk paint and spare jars. I glued twine around the tops of the jars and added a bunny face to each jar. When grouped together, they look gorgeous. The girls have one vase each in their room and Phoebe’s is sitting on the corner of the kitchen bench. These will definitely be put away for next year.

easter decorating bunny jar vases

Easter decorating doesn’t have to be too technical. A simple bunny figurine, a bowl of Easter eggs and a vase of flowers can add the right touch to a coffee table or dining table.

Many Easter decorations are on sale right now, so if you love the idea of Easter decorating, why not make use of the sales. Here are some pieces I found online.

easter decorating

  1. Aluminum Sitting Rabbit $59.95
  2. Rabbit Cushion $39.95
  3. Charlotte Bunny Tea light holder $7.00
  4. Connie and Coco Bunny Cup Tea light Holder $4.00
  5. Glitter Egg Candles, 6pk $6.00
  6. Feather Poly Egg Décor $12.95

Do you do any Easter decorating in your home?

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Interior Trend Alert: Chunky Knit Homewares 2017

This morning when I headed out for my early morning walk and jog, I noticed the change in the weather. It was cool and there was a slight breeze. The cooler weather had me wanting to walk back inside my home to snuggle up to a chunky knit throw. Chunky knit homewares are an interior trend for 2017. We’ve seen the trend in previous winter seasons, but this year, it is reappearing.

March tends to be the month where cooler nights and mornings become more frequent than the sauna like heat we’ve experienced during summer. It’s this change in weather which prompts me to change over my summer throws and cushions to the winter ones.

Interiors for 2017 are all about texture, and increasing it through the use of homewares and textiles.

Many homeware and textile stores have a variety of chunky knits in both throws and cushions, to add texture to your home.

A throw can be easily draped over a sofa or the end of a bed to create an inviting and warm look. A knitted cushion can be added to a sofa to mix with existing cushions to transform the space from a summer to winter.

If you’re wanting to add some chunky knits to your home, here are some I’ve found online.

chunky knit homewares to buy 2017

1. Chunky Tassel Throw from Morgan and Finch $69.95

2. Typo Mt Donkey Cushion $59.95

3. Salisbury Chunky Throw $129.95

4. Typo Mt Circus Knit Cushion $49.95

5. Gallery Savoy House Throw $129

6. Splice Navy Cushion $59.95

Tips for adding chunky knit homewares to your home

1. Choose either a chunky knit throw or cushion. If you want or have both, don’t layer them together. Put the cushion on a different chair and the throw on the sofa.

2. Neutrals tend to look best in chunky knits so think grey, white, beige – even navy.

3. Add a chunky knit throw to the end of your bed to add warmth to your room.

4. Don’t layer your chunky knit homewares with other overly textural pieces. Contrast or match with colour instead.

What do you think of chunky knit homewares? Are they something you’d add to your home for winter?

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