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How to Stick to Your Fashion Intentions for 2018

The start of the year is always a good prompt to reflect on where you’re at in life and make plans to change things you’re not satisfied with. One area of our lives that may seem superficial to reflect on is the state of our wardrobes. And I don’t mean how organised they are and what they look like (although this is helpful so you can find things when you need them). I’m talking about having a wardrobe that serves the purposes of your life. Whether it’s having clothes for all occasions or creating a capsule wardrobe so you have less clothes or acquiring new brands that you love but may not be able to afford.

fashion intentions for 2018

Fashion Intentions – Some Ideas to Create Your Own

I think everyone should have a fashion intention they can focus on throughout the year.

Some examples are:

Only buy new clothes from Op Shops

No new clothes for the year

Create a collection of designer pieces

Buy investment pieces that will last more than a year

Create a capsule wardrobe

Declutter your wardrobe

Book a one-on-one session with a stylist to develop your style

Do courses or read blogs to discover or evolve your style

Only buy Australian made clothes

Only buy ethically made clothes

Not buying clothes over the price of $100

Set up a fashion splurge account 

Work on body confidence and wear bolder pieces that show off your figure

And etc

There are many more intentions you may be able to think of when it comes to your personal wardrobe and fashion choices.

Maybe you may know one or two you might like to focus on during the year.

So how can you make your fashion intention a success for 2018?

To make your fashion intention a success, you need to read the right blogs and interact with these fashionistas, so you can gleam inspiration and motivation to stay on course with your intentions. Here are some fashion blogs I recommend for some of the intentions I listed above.

Bloggers to Follow for Your Fashion Intentions for 2018

Styling You: Discovering your style and learning how to dress for you PLUS body confidence boosting posts

Hello 2018. I see you and I celebrate this awesome community of women. . . Every day, I witness women in this community lifting others up, with a comment, a helpful suggestion or a “like”. I see women sharing images of their outfits, safe in the knowledge they won’t be cut down for their choices. I see women get themselves into a swimsuit for the first time in many, many years. I see women not afraid to ask a style question because they know they will not be laughed at for asking for help. I see women who wouldn’t have known each other except for this community become friends. I see women blossom and grow as they feel they have found the support they need to unlock their style. . . How lucky am I? More on the blog … plus you could win one of 5 spots in my next online style program. . . Click @stylingyou and follow the link in my profile to read . . Photo: @thephotopitch | hair and makeup: @hairbeautyguru via @arccreative #everydaystyle #girlboss

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Pretty Chuffed: Fashion buys under $100

Styling Curvy: Curvy Style and Body Confidence Posts

Carly Findlay and Life on Wallace: Dress from your own wardrobe

Never Ever Pay Retail: Op Shop Style

Kirsten & Co: Local Brisbane Boutiques Style and Body Confidence

Iris May Style and Middle Aged Mama: Discovering your style beyond 40

A huge shoutout to the fabulous team @evalynparsonssalon for once again looking after my hair. Not sure how you magically turn my very dark roots (and greys) back to blonde in a heartbeat 😝I left the salon with a creamy multitonal blonde and a sharp textured bob, courtesy of the delightful Tahlia, which I adore. From the second I walked into the salon, I was greeted with a beautiful welcome, a glass of bubbles, plus a plate of cheese and biscuits – even though they were all rushed off their feet! #mykindaoffabulous ——— Just a heads-up, the salon are recruiting, so if you know of anyone either already living on the Sunshine Coast OR maybe someone looking to relocate/move from Melbs or Syd – that may be interested, get them to email their resume. 💋💋 ——— … … … … … #hair #evalynparsonshair #blonde #ambassador #everydaystyle

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Style and Shenanigans and Sonia Styling: Outfit ideas for all occasions

Whatever your goal is, bookmark these blogs and follow these bloggers on Instagram that align with your fashion intention.

If you want to own a certain designer piece, why not do a search on Facebook for groups that share their outfits from this brand or have a swap and buy group? I am a part of the Gorman Outfit of the Day group and love seeing everyone’s outfits. One of my intentions this year is to own 1 Gorman dress. I’ve got a few more intentions, but I might share them in another post.

Do you have fashion intentions for 2018? What fashion intentions have you made in the past?


What’s the Oldest Piece of Clothing in Your Wardrobe?

Can you tell me what’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you have pieces you’ve owned for years, but can’t part with? I still have my wedding dress and formal dress – which must be the oldest dresses I have in my wardrobe.

what's the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe

Can I admit, that lately I have been convicted of the effects of fast fashion.

And when I survey my wardrobe, I can see the effects of fast fashion because most of the items have been acquired in the last few years, post children.

I love fast fashion. I love its affordability (at times) and the fact I can get a new outfit to wear easily. But at what cost?

I shared my conviction with a business woman and she was quick to remind me that my feelings were warranted, but when I share outfits from local boutiques, I’m helping another business prosper, while also offering affordable clothing options that won’t break a family’s budget. If you read this blog, I gather you enjoy reading about fashion, or want to be inspired too.

But I also don’t want to fuel the need to constantly buy new things. Hence why I repeat a lot of my outfits on Instagram. I can’t afford to be buying new clothes all the time, and I’m sure you probably can’t either.

When I look at the clothes in my wardrobe, most items are a couple of years old. The main reason for my new purchases have been because my size and shape have changed after 3 kids. Pre-kids I was a size 12, post kids and 3 years later, I’m a border line 14-16. Most times a 16 because I like my clothes to be a bit roomy.

But when I look beyond my lifestyle changes, there are still pieces that I have worn, pre-children, that I love wearing time and time again. There are also a lot of new pieces that I hope to keep in my wardrobe until they start to look drab.

This dress from New Zealand is one of them. Despite it being 10 years old, and having worn it pre-kids, during pregnancy and post kids, it’s been a great dress to have in my wardrobe. The flowing fabric and belted waist means I can cinch the dress in to suit whatever size I am.

I want to have more dresses like this that I wear time and time again. Clothes that I love to wear which prevent me from heading to the shops to buy more. Every time I wear this dress, I’m reminded to think a bit more about how I ‘consume’ my clothes and how I want to get better at buying clothes that will work with me and stay in my wardrobe longer than a season.

The other thought that I’ve had about my clothes is creating memories in them. I can remember where I bought that dress in New Zealand and some of the places I’ve worn it and the comments I’ve received from wearing it. Strong memories with clothes can allow us to get reflective of the past and can give them sentimental value. This can prevent us from looking for more pieces to fill our wardrobe, because we learn to be grateful for what we have.

Right now, I don’t think I need any more new clothes. I think the gaps have been filled. Which is a crazy statement to make on a fashion blog when I do enjoy modelling new clothes. But it’s a good place to be.

Some of my oldest clothes, are classics that haven’t dated and I enjoy wearing them time and time again. My thought process has been one where I have begun to think more about my purchasing habits and ensure my wardrobe isn’t constantly churning through clothes. Take for example this skirt I wore on the weekend. I think the last time I wore it was last summer. Sometimes we can forget the amazing pieces we own already!

How old is the oldest clothing piece of clothing in your wardrobe? If you looked at your wardrobe, how new are the pieces? One year old, three years old? A couple of months old?

Boxing Day Sales Come Early

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is a sale on every week! Well not literally, but my favourite brands are always emailing me when they have 20% off store wide or when they have ‘Buy and Save’ events. I think we’re becoming accustomed to brands being on sale frequently… so with Boxing Day Sales coming up, I’m not really too excited because I’ve become used to it. Do you feel the same?

Having said that, and as expected, some stores have advertised their Boxing Day sales early.

I thought I’d share some of the stores that I shop from, and the sales they have on their dresses –which is usually what I’m drawn to when shopping on Boxing Day.

There is no point buying anything during the Boxing Day sales unless you need it or absolutely love it. The dresses I’m sharing with you that are on sale right now, are dresses I’ve got similar in my own wardrobe, that I wear on high rotation, or dresses I’ve had my eye on. All of them are under $100.

I’ve tried to find dresses that have all the sizes in stock so you won’t be disappointed if your size is not there.

Bohemian Traders – Navy Dreamer Dress $80

navy bohemian traders dress in navy

Millers Stripe Everyday Dress $20

miller stripe everyday dress

Katies Border Kaftan Print Dress $41.97

katies border kaftan dress

Adrift Chloe Dress in Blue Weave $64.99

adrift dress

Boden Confetti Calissa Dress $85

boden calissa dress

Of course, if shopping retail is not your thing, check out your op shops in the new year as many people tend to clear their wardrobes out during the Christmas and new year break.

Happy Shopping!

Will you be shopping the Boxing Day Sales?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

My Experience Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

I have a gorgeous friend who always looks trendy and has designer clothes in her wardrobe. She is not afraid to admit she has bought them from an op shop. A simple designer dress may set her back a couple of dollars, instead of $100’s (or possibly $1000’s) of dollars, brand new. She has been prompting me to come shopping with her and a few weeks ago I relented. I wanted to see for myself, whether op shopping for designer clothes was really what it was cracked up to be.

Me and Sam

Me and my gorgeous friend Sam.

Location Location Location

We headed to three op shops in New Farm and Newstead.

RSPCA op shop

When you head to an op shop, location is key. The New Farm op shops are her favourite. Often, many of the residents in that area will donate their barely worn, sometimes tags attached, designer clothes to their local op shops. If you’re particular about getting a certain brand, the inner city locations will offer more variety, than stores that are in the outer suburbs.

Saturday morning is best

My friend said Saturday morning is the best time to go, as most people clear out their wardrobes during the week, and the staff will stock the clothes first thing on a Saturday morning. It does get very busy though, as many experienced thrifters will be scouring the racks for new wares. We headed on a Tuesday morning, and I was still surprised by the amount of clothing brands that were stocked.

The most stocked sizes are 6, 8, 10 and 12

I noticed that there wasn’t much variety in the plus size range, or the clothes in those ranges were from local department stores (Kmart, Target etc). If you’re a size 10 or 12, the outfits are in aplenty. I’m between a size 14 to 16 and some of the clothes in the 14 range didn’t fit me. I walked away with no clothes for me, but my friend walked away with a few designer dresses, 2 pairs of pants and some Guess heels.

Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

Me in I’m not sure what it is I’m wearing but it was the only dress that fit me.

It wasn’t all a loss

I did buy three tops, and gave them a good wash and iron and listed them on eBay. I doubled my money by listing the tops for the price I paid for them, and waited for the bidding action to occur. It was a risky move because I could have not sold them, or only sold them for the price I bought for them. The brands that I find sell well online are Cue, Veronika Maine, Review, Alannah Hill and Country Road.

Will I go again?

Yes. I enjoyed looking through the racks, hoping to find gold. Even though I didn’t, I haven’t lost faith in the process. You can still head to a shopping centre and come home empty handed.

My size is the average size, so maybe this was why I couldn’t find much to fit me. Maybe next time I will score something amazing.

Have you ever gone Op Shopping for Designer Clothes? What’s been the best bargain you’ve found in an Op shop?

My Five Favourite Click Frenzy Deals

If you’re on a shopping ban, don’t look at this post. If you’re already here, and still want to know my picks of the sales, then keep reading. Today, most stores are offering a click frenzy sale where you can save anywhere from 20-50% off when shopping online. The sale is timed perfectly for Christmas shopping.

While it might be tempting to go all out and buy up to treat yourself (hey, I won’t judge if you do), these sales can make it more affordable to buy things you really need. Like linen. We need new bath mats and I’m loving the ones from Pillow Talk.

So rather than tempt you with all the sales that are happening today, I’m going to share my favourite 5. Things I use and wear which you can save on, if you purchase today.


If you love seeing my tassel earrings-, they are all from Adorne. I’ve spent anywhere between $29.95 to $39.95 for a pair of tassel earrings. Today only though, Adorne has 20% off all jewellery. That makes all the hooped tassel earrings reduced to $23.95.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is my go to linen place for cushions and home décor. The sale for pillow talk is as follows

– Receive $10 off when you spend over $100 – code: SEA10
– Receive $30 off when you spend over $200 – code SEA30
– Receive $75 off when you spend over $300 – code: SEA75


I’m loving some of the tropical print tops at Katies at the moment. For today, they are offering an extra 50% off selected pieces. Enter TAF50% at checkout. I think this monochrome cold shoulder top is gorgeous and a steal for $20.


Skin Boss

My face has been loving Skin Boss oils. I originally purchased the night oil as I was wary of putting a day oil on my oily face. I was sent the day oil to try, and I was surprised at how well the oil penetrated my skin and didn’t leave an oily residue. These oils are great all year round, but for today only, you can buy them for $35 each. I’m nearly out of my night oil, so I will definitely be purchasing today to make use of the sale.

Skin Boss Oils

Skin Boss Oils, $35 each

Jo Mercer

My favourite Frankie 4 shoes sold out, but I found a similar pair at Jo Mercer.

Jo Mercer Sandals

Jo Mercer Sandals, $145 before sale

I love wearing Jo Mercer shoes. And I can vouch for their quality. My beige boots are still going strong and I have black heels that look as good as the day I bought them. Jo Mercer is offering 25% off storewide.

These are favourite brands that are taking part in click frenzy. Will you be making use of the sales today? What’s on your to buy list?

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