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My Experience Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

I have a gorgeous friend who always looks trendy and has designer clothes in her wardrobe. She is not afraid to admit she has bought them from an op shop. A simple designer dress may set her back a couple of dollars, instead of $100’s (or possibly $1000’s) of dollars, brand new. She has been prompting me to come shopping with her and a few weeks ago I relented. I wanted to see for myself, whether op shopping for designer clothes was really what it was cracked up to be.

Me and Sam

Me and my gorgeous friend Sam.

Location Location Location

We headed to three op shops in New Farm and Newstead.

RSPCA op shop

When you head to an op shop, location is key. The New Farm op shops are her favourite. Often, many of the residents in that area will donate their barely worn, sometimes tags attached, designer clothes to their local op shops. If you’re particular about getting a certain brand, the inner city locations will offer more variety, than stores that are in the outer suburbs.

Saturday morning is best

My friend said Saturday morning is the best time to go, as most people clear out their wardrobes during the week, and the staff will stock the clothes first thing on a Saturday morning. It does get very busy though, as many experienced thrifters will be scouring the racks for new wares. We headed on a Tuesday morning, and I was still surprised by the amount of clothing brands that were stocked.

The most stocked sizes are 6, 8, 10 and 12

I noticed that there wasn’t much variety in the plus size range, or the clothes in those ranges were from local department stores (Kmart, Target etc). If you’re a size 10 or 12, the outfits are in aplenty. I’m between a size 14 to 16 and some of the clothes in the 14 range didn’t fit me. I walked away with no clothes for me, but my friend walked away with a few designer dresses, 2 pairs of pants and some Guess heels.

Op Shopping for Designer Clothes

Me in I’m not sure what it is I’m wearing but it was the only dress that fit me.

It wasn’t all a loss

I did buy three tops, and gave them a good wash and iron and listed them on eBay. I doubled my money by listing the tops for the price I paid for them, and waited for the bidding action to occur. It was a risky move because I could have not sold them, or only sold them for the price I bought for them. The brands that I find sell well online are Cue, Veronika Maine, Review, Alannah Hill and Country Road.

Will I go again?

Yes. I enjoyed looking through the racks, hoping to find gold. Even though I didn’t, I haven’t lost faith in the process. You can still head to a shopping centre and come home empty handed.

My size is the average size, so maybe this was why I couldn’t find much to fit me. Maybe next time I will score something amazing.

Have you ever gone Op Shopping for Designer Clothes? What’s been the best bargain you’ve found in an Op shop?

My Five Favourite Click Frenzy Deals

If you’re on a shopping ban, don’t look at this post. If you’re already here, and still want to know my picks of the sales, then keep reading. Today, most stores are offering a click frenzy sale where you can save anywhere from 20-50% off when shopping online. The sale is timed perfectly for Christmas shopping.

While it might be tempting to go all out and buy up to treat yourself (hey, I won’t judge if you do), these sales can make it more affordable to buy things you really need. Like linen. We need new bath mats and I’m loving the ones from Pillow Talk.

So rather than tempt you with all the sales that are happening today, I’m going to share my favourite 5. Things I use and wear which you can save on, if you purchase today.


If you love seeing my tassel earrings-, they are all from Adorne. I’ve spent anywhere between $29.95 to $39.95 for a pair of tassel earrings. Today only though, Adorne has 20% off all jewellery. That makes all the hooped tassel earrings reduced to $23.95.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is my go to linen place for cushions and home décor. The sale for pillow talk is as follows

– Receive $10 off when you spend over $100 – code: SEA10
– Receive $30 off when you spend over $200 – code SEA30
– Receive $75 off when you spend over $300 – code: SEA75


I’m loving some of the tropical print tops at Katies at the moment. For today, they are offering an extra 50% off selected pieces. Enter TAF50% at checkout. I think this monochrome cold shoulder top is gorgeous and a steal for $20.


Skin Boss

My face has been loving Skin Boss oils. I originally purchased the night oil as I was wary of putting a day oil on my oily face. I was sent the day oil to try, and I was surprised at how well the oil penetrated my skin and didn’t leave an oily residue. These oils are great all year round, but for today only, you can buy them for $35 each. I’m nearly out of my night oil, so I will definitely be purchasing today to make use of the sale.

Skin Boss Oils

Skin Boss Oils, $35 each

Jo Mercer

My favourite Frankie 4 shoes sold out, but I found a similar pair at Jo Mercer.

Jo Mercer Sandals

Jo Mercer Sandals, $145 before sale

I love wearing Jo Mercer shoes. And I can vouch for their quality. My beige boots are still going strong and I have black heels that look as good as the day I bought them. Jo Mercer is offering 25% off storewide.

These are favourite brands that are taking part in click frenzy. Will you be making use of the sales today? What’s on your to buy list?

A Glimpse of Shopping With my Girls When They’re Older

On Saturday, I had to head to the shops to get some Christmas craft from the discount store and tomato sauce for our end of year/Christmas get-together BBQ we were hosting at our house that afternoon.

I told Esther she could come with me to help choose the craft. As we walked into our local shopping centre, we noticed a new Ally store had opened and had 20% off, storewide for its grand opening. I could see Esther wanted to look at the clothes and I was keen too because there were some cute prints in store.

I ushered us past though, and headed to the discount store to get our craft supplies.

But when we walked back, I told Esther to have a look around and see if there were any tops she liked.

Right now she’s in a size 8 to 10 in girls clothing. I know we are going to be entering the years where she will have her own ideas of what she likes and doesn’t like. I’ve already looked at some of the offerings in the size 8-16 range in department stores and not a lot of it appeals to me – or to her. So I’m open minded about going into stores that I think would suit a tween to get the right fit.

So we headed in and Esther wandered along the racks, as did I. I found a stripe tee and a printed top that could be worn as a peasant top or off the shoulder, for Esther. I found a striped tee for me.

We headed into the change rooms together and tried on our tops. And I noticed the big smile on Esther’s face as she was trying the tops on. In that moment, I got a glimpse of what it’s going to be like, shopping with my girls when they are a bit older. Both of the tops fit her and suited her. She commented on how well my top fit me.

We walked away with some new summer tops and big smiles on our faces at having bought clothes in the same store.

shopping with my girls stripe tee

Me, in my new tee

new striped tee

When we got into the car, Esther said, ‘Thank you mum. That was so cool we could shop in the same store together. I love you.’

Esther and bec

Gah. I had to put my sunglasses on to hide my wet eyes. I was thankful we could have that moment together and it made me excited for the future years with my girls.

While I love and cherish the ages they are now now, Saturday’s expedition showed me how much there is still to look forward to.

We got home and Esther proudly put on her tops to show her sisters and daddy.

It wasn’t until lunchtime I realised we forgot to get the tomato sauce!

How do you find shopping for clothes with your older kids? What stores do you go to get their clothes?

I Bought a Backpack and it Turned Out to be a Very Good Decision

Last school holidays, I took my girls to an all day kid’s event at church. I needed a bag to hold my lunch bag.

I can’t even remember what I took, but I had wished I had a backpack.

The last time I was in Kmart, I bought a cheap, synthetic backpack for $25. I knew I’d need it for Maggie’s Kindy Excursion next week. But in a last minute move, I packed the backpack for our recent trip away to Coffs Harbour. And it turned out to be a very good decision!

backpack from kmart

My bargain backpack from Kmart

I’ve always loved a cross the shoulder satchel, but a backpack is handy when you want to be hands free, and you wish to store the bulk of your stuff – and your kids stuff, on your back. A satchel doesn’t hold as much as a backpack.

I must admit, I’ve never been a fan of backpacks as they remind of my school days, but this stylish one from Kmart doesn’t scream school and now that I have it, it will be used for outings and excursions. Now that I’ve streamlined my handbag, it’s easy to chuck my keys, purse and iphone into the bag. How good is it to no longer have to carry a baby bag?

I bought a backpack

I thought I’d research some backpacks if you’re considering this type of bag for yourself. I usually purchase leather handbags, but because I only use a backpack for specific excursions, I bought synthetic.

5 Stylish Backpacks

1. Kmart Stripe Backpack $15

kmart stripe backpack

2. Urban Status Camel Backpack $60

urban status backpack

3. I Love Billy Pewter Backpack $79.95

I love Billy Pewter Backpack

4. Adrift Traveller’s Backpack in Stone $79.95

traveller's backpack in stone

5. Adorne Two Tone Fold Over Backpack $44.95

Adorne two tone backpack

Have you bought a backpack to use for a specific purpose? Does it remind you of your school days?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


If You Had $1000 to Spend on Yourself, What Would You Buy?

If you had $1000 to spend on yourself, what would you buy?

I was thinking recently about all the things I wanted, and some that I needed, and I calculated they’d all come to $1000.

I realised, it doesn’t take long to spend $1000 on yourself. Here’s a break up of my needs and wants list.

$200 for Frankie4 Shoes (cause my last pair of sandals broke and it’s time to start buying supportive shoes that last longer than 1 season)

$50 for a Dress (this is a want, not a need)

$250 for new make-up (a need as I had run out of everything. I only buy once a year at the Malouf Pharmacy sales)

$120 for an hour long facial ( a want. Haven’t had for years. But would like. Will wait till holidays to have one.)

$40 for a Pedicure ( a want. Recently had and only have one every couple of months.)

$100 to get hair done (a need. Hadn’t had my hair done since… July!)

$260 for a new leather handbag (A need. My only handbag broke. Had it for over 4.5 years)

$30 for new earrings (a want. Fell in love with the design as soon as I saw them.)

All this comes to $1050!! See how easy it is to spend $1000 on yourself? Any wonder people head to op shops to buy their clothes. It would be interesting to see what you could walk away with for $100. (On that note, look out for a future blogpost on this)

I don’t actively spend $1000 on myself in one sitting. I will spread the costs out over time and usually make a big once-per-year purchase that will last me for a while (ie handbag and shoes).

My new handbag will hopefully last me a few years. As will my new Frankie4 Shoes.

For most of us, having a spare $1000 to spend on ourselves is pretty rare. Bills and family needs usually come first. Or the $1000 may saved towards a holiday.

While it’s true, we don’t need more things. It’s still a need to replace things when they are broken and are no longer useful.

But after reading the Barefoot Investor, having play money is important so you’ve got the money to spend on things you want. And it stops you from feeling guilty about using your credit card to purchase. Because there is no need to use it.

Thankfully, I’ve been quite proactive in selling a lot of stuff from our garage on Facebook Marketplace. The money made has been put to good use. With most of it saved, some of it has been put towards new purchases I’ve made in the last few weeks which have included:

Frankie4 Maddie Black Spot Sandals $199.95

Frankie 4 Maddie Sandals

Unfortunately Sold Out

Lovisa Earrings $27.99

Lovisa Earrings

Tropical Print Maxi $50 and Airflex Florida Tan Shoes (I got mine for $64.99 on sale, in store)

Tropical Print Maxi Dress

What have you been saving to purchase this Spring? Got your eye on a dress or some Frankie4 shoes?

Disclosure: I bought my Wardrobe 22 dress with a discount. There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

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