10 Places to Buy a Stylish Leather Handbag

Around a month ago, I asked my Facebook followers to share with me where they purchase their leather handbags from. My favourite Orange Sterling and Hyde bag broke (I got 4.5 years of everyday use, including trips interstate) and I was in need for a new everyday handbag.

I won’t go back to synthetic materials when it comes to handbags because, from my personal experience, they don’t last the distance, when used everyday.

I’m not a girl that changes her handbag often, so investing in leather, I know I will get good wear out of the bag and it won’t start to fray in 6 months time.

But choosing the right bag can be a difficult decision. I do like colour and pattern. When I was researching online, I really wanted something a little different and I wanted it to be a little smaller than my previous bag.

I fell in love with a Mimco bag, but it sold out online and in stores, so decided to ask for some leather handbag brand recommendations. Here is what was suggested, and hence, here is my list of 10 Places to Buy a Stylish Leather Handbag. I waded through each of them to find my perfect handbag.


This brand was suggested by my cousin, who currently lives in New Zealand. It’s a New Zealand brand, but I just LOVE the colours and designs offered by this brand. I find a lot of leather handbags are generally made in black or tan. I like a bit of colour for something different.

Nikki Williams

A good friend shared this gem of a brand with me and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the prices were out of my budget. But still, some gorgeous designs and definitely one to keep in mind if you’re after something a little different.


I was introduced to 3 Annies via Fat Mum Slim a few years ago. It’s the ultimate camera handbag, but can also work as an everyday handbag. I loved the red bow bag.


Oroton has always been one of my go to stores for leather handbags. I recently got an orange leather satchel from the outlets in Sydney. I always wait for the sales or visit the outlet when purchasing one of these bags.


To be honest, I’ve always walked past Fossil stores. I’ve always seen the bags and atmosphere in the store as masculine. But if you head to the website, there are some fab leather handbag offerings and my aversion is completely miscalculated. Loving the colourful handbags offered here.

Wanderers Travel Co

Wow. This brand was suggested twice on Facebook. I did love the Santorini in Tan, but it still wasn’t quite what I was after. Definitely a brand to keep in mind if you’re after an everyday bag.

Status Anxiety

Another brand that offers standard black and tan leather handbags. I did like a deep blue handbag, but none of the styles really floated my boat. But if you’re after a bag that is simple in design and doesn’t have extra hardware, then this would be the place to go.

Country Road

Again, classic designs, with tan and black offerings. The selection is limited, but still somewhere to consider.


Mimco is a brand that I’ve always wanted to own, but often haven’t had the dollars to buy a bag full price. However, there are the standard Mimco bag designs that continue to be popular and I do love when they offer different designs like this one below.

Kate Spade

Love the quirky designs and colours of Kate Spade bags, but usually they are way out of my price range. Or they offer bags that aren’t practical for everyday use. I like a shoulder bag, but many of the Kate Spade range are cute clutches, totes or arm held handbags which I don’t find easy to use when I’ve got kids. But one day I will get a Kate Spade handbag. I will wait til I go to the US to get one though.

So what did I get in the end?

Would you believe, the handbag I fell in love with at Mimco, was on eBay. Despite looking at all the bags online, I couldn’t find one that I liked better than this one. And it was well within my budget of under $300 (including postage).

mimco handbag

My Mimco Handbag

I’ve had my new bag for a few weeks now and I love it.

If you do fall in love with a handbag but can’t afford to purchase it at the retail price (lets be honest, leather is a big investment), check out eBay and Facebook Groups or the Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is selling their bag. So many women buy handbags and then change their mind after their purchase. It’s these situations where you can grab a good deal and get the handbag you really want.

Where do you go to get your leather handbags? What is your favourite online leather handbag store?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

  • Paula Johnson

    I really like the Red Bow 3 Annies bag… I’m thinking it would make a gorgeous Christmas Present!

  • I’m the opposite Bec – I’ve found it’s the leather bags that don’t go the distance! I got a leather bag for my birthday a few years back and it looked terrible after just 6 monhts. I was seriously not impressed. I love your Mimco bag. I’m currently using a nude bag with a shoulder strap from Kmart which the kids got me last year for Mother’s Day. I’ve just started noticing the strap is cracking and looking a bit weathered otherwise I would happily keep using it … but I can see it’s time I started shopping for a new one.