Autumn Wish List and Purchases

It’s been too long between posts here, but life has been a little busy of late and I lost my fashion mojo for a bit because I’ve been avoiding the shops for new clothes because

1. I have a lot of clothes already.

2. I’ve been slowly losing weight and I don’t want to add clothes that no longer fit.

3. Our budget has been tight as a fish’s butt hole – so no money for spending on clothes.

Last weekend, mum and I headed to Sydney for Colour Women’s conference. I was super proud for not overpacking and fitting all I needed in a carry on case. My mum asked me if I had packed enough. I had packed enough JUST.

The weather was quite dreary in Sydney and the humidity was AWFUL. My freshly styled hair curled as soon as we landed in Sydney. So much for making a grand appearance to Colour. I was a bit of a wavy, hot mess when I arrived to the first session.

Before mum and I got on the plane, we did a bit of shopping at the airport. Mum bought me these gorgeous rose gold sneakers from Witchery.

New shoes. At the airport. Waiting for our flight to Sydney. @witcheryfashion #colour2017 #theseshoesweremadeforwalking #onsale #hadtohave by @theplumbette

Of course she had to have the same ones so we twinned a lot at conference. I was glad to have them because my other footwear attire weren’t completely rain proof.

All good trips away involve a bit of shopping. It was my mum’s idea to head to the Birkenhead Point Factory Outlets which were just a short taxi drive from where we were staying at Darling Harbour.

Oroton caught our eye and we walked away with two handbags and two purses for the cost of one handbag.

I’ve been needing a new purse because my current black one is daggy. It’s also stretched from all my loyalty cards, which I no longer carry on me because most times, the checkout can look me up on their computer. Except Sussan. For some reason Sussan can only get your details from the store you signed up at. Anyway, mum and I both got the same Oroton purse in gold. (You can purchase the same here in silver)

new oroton wallet

I had been meaning to get another handbag – a smaller satchel for when I no longer need to cart baby changing stuff. I saw this orange satchel and loved it. (You can bay the same satchel in red, here)  It was the second last one in the store.

orange oroton satchel

When mum and I stopped for some lunch, a lady asked me where I got my current orange bag from. I told her they were no longer in business, but showed her my new Oroton purchase and I may have encouraged her to get it because orange is not a popular colour for handbags and when you see one, you need to get it if it’s what you’re after. I knew there was only one left, so I think she may have gone back to get it. (You’re welcome Oroton)

bec with oroton orange satchel bag

The last purchase made was this scarf. I tend to buy scarves when I’m drawn to a particular pattern. I was drawn to this one and only paid $25 for it.

bec with new scarf

Since scarves have become a must have accessory, I’ve noticed some stores have jacked up their scarf prices. I’m happy to pay up to $30 for a scarf, but any more, I tend to wait for it to go on sale or let it go.

So those were my 4 purchases from my trip away.

A lot of stores are bringing out their Autumn Winter ranges. Here are some styles that are on my wishlist.



Have you bought anything lately? What’s the maximum you’ll pay for a scarf? What’s on your Autumn Wish List?

Disclosure: All items (except the scarf) were bought for me from my mum. They are early Birthday presents. 😉 There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.