This Boho Top Will Cover Your Spring Rolls

If you’re after some summer clothes that will camouflage a muffin top, you will love this boho top from Wardrobe 22.

Since discovering the store, I have ummed and ahhed over getting this top. It has a free-size flow and was always flattering, but I like my patterns and it was always put back on the rack to make room for other much needed purchases.

Well this top become much needed after putting on a few kg’s.

Over winter I have been growing a muffin top. It’s only been gradual, and its simply because I haven’t been as active this year after getting two bouts of gastro and having to drive to kindy and school pick up as they are 10 minutes from each other. Unfortunately, after the gastro, I never got back into my routine and then I got more work and I had less child-free hours and I initiated a new child-free Tuesday treat habit which has probably helped sustain my muffin top. It only takes a few extra kg’s to create the perfect edge over the jeans.

I’m not worried because this boho drape top hides my winter indulgences.

It comes in red, black, musk and khaki.

Red is the colour of the season, and it’s my favourite colour. So it was the winning colour choice for me.

I teamed my red boho top with white pants from Katies. The top can be easily paired with shorts or a tube skirt. I will wear mine again with jeans and a stripe skirt.

wardrobe 22 boho top red

The style is generous, but not bustling. I’m a size 14-16. If you’re smaller, you could cinch in the waist with a belt.

When I was choosing my earrings to wear with this top, I thought it would make a great top to wear on Christmas Day. It’s festive and will hide your food belly.

If you’re after some tops that will work with you as your body shape fluctuates, this is the perfect top to get and it’s a great price at $45. I just wish I had bought the navy with white polka dot one which Karen had last season.

Are you a fan of the free-size clothes? Like this boho top? Have you baked a muffin top, like me, over winter?

Disclosure: This top was gifted to me for editorial purposes. All opinions are my own.