What to Pack for a Two Week USA Trip

Packing for an overseas trip can be a challenge. You have to think about the weather for where you’re going, the amount of outfits needed for your trip, the size of your suitcase (and weight restrictions by the airline) and what shoes and accessories you’re going to need. When I went to Colour a week or so ago, I caught up with Andrea who is going away for a two week USA trip with her husband and she asked me to do a post on what she should pack. So here it is.

two week travel wardrobe to the USA

What to pack for a Two Week USA Trip

Andrea is heading to Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, Cincinnati and Washington DC – all in a space of 2 weeks.

After looking at the weather, there will be a range of temperatures from warm weather in LA to rain and cooler temperatures in Washington. Andrea will need to pack for all seasons. And this can be a daunting task, but not so if you learn the art of packing and layering.

Nikki from Styling You created and AMAZING ebook on how to pack for travel. She includes the short weekend aways to a beach location to the overseas trips. For $12.99, this book is truly a wonderful manual to have if you find yourself completely overwhelmed when packing to go away.

My key tips before I show you the items I recommend packing are:

1. Check the weather for where you are headed. Look at the 14 day weather forecasts so you can pack accordingly.
2. Pack clothes that can be layered.
3. Choose a colour base. I’ve chosen black and white for Andrea. Accessories can be used to add colour.
4. Consider good walking shoes. Two to three pairs of shoes are maximum to fit into your luggage.
5. If you plan to go somewhere fancy at night, consider dressing up a plain dress with a scarf.
6. Leave some space in the luggage for shopping.
7. There may no washing facilities available or too little time to wait for hotel dry cleaning, so pack in a way for items to be worn twice.
8. Make sure your outerwear is waterproof for wet weather. Same goes for shoes.

Clothing Suggestions for Two Week USA Trip


tees for travel to the usa

  1. Jag Galaxy Tee in Navy $49.95
  2. Sussan Black V-neck Tee $29.95
  3. Bohemian Traders Scoop Neck Stripe Tee $59.95

Long Sleeve Tops

long sleeve tops

  1. Sussan long sleeve black tee $29.95
  2. Bohemian Traders Denim Shirt $149.00
  3. Bohemian Traders long sleeve striped tee $89.00


pants for a usa trip

  1. Crossroads Straight leg jeans $33.71 (on sale)
  2. Decjuba Luxe Stripe Drop Crotch pants $69.95
  3. Katies Ankle Grazer knee pants $49.95
  4. Sussan Viscose Leggings $29.95
  5. Bohemian Traders Black Slouch Pant $139


dresses for a us trip

  1. Metalicus Black Rib Panel Tee Dress $139.94
  2. Cordelia Street Long Sleeve Dress $79.95



  1. Little Lies Hooded Cardi $59.95
  2. Sass Charley Cosy Jumper $59.00
  3. The Iconic Fur Hooded Jacket $249.95


accessories for travel

  1. Sussan Spot Splice Scarf $39.95
  2. Metalicus Scarf Aragon Scarf $59.95
  3. Ruby Olive Mod Squad Big Bang Necklace (reversible) $59.00


shoes for travel

  1. Django and Juliette Fali Black Leather Embossed Boots $179.95
  2. Django and Juliette Pandy Tan Sandals $169.95
  3. Portmans Lace Up Sneaker $69.95

Outfit Ideas

This capsule wardrobe is designed to be mixed, matched and layered. These are just some of the possible outfit compilations to suit all seasons of the trip.

On the Plane

You will need two plane outfits – one for the trip over and another for the trip back. You could just wear the same outfit twice. But I like to change it up a little. If you are prone to spilling food on yourself on the plane, wear darker colours and consider a scarf to cover over any stains.

outfit for the plane

Warm Weather Outfits

Packing neutral basics like tees and pants mean you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits. I’ve added some sandals in case the weather turns really hot. If sandals are not your thing, a closed in sneaker will work if you’re planning to do a lot of walking.

Warm weather outfit options

Cool Weather Outfit Options

As explained above, these pieces can be layered to create a number of warm outfits. Layer t-shirts over long sleeve tees, cardigans over long sleeved tops and a coat over all if the weather turns quite cool. A scarf or necklace can add interest or tie the whole outfit together.

winter outfit 1 for the usa

winter outfit 2 for the usa

winter outfit 3 for the usa

winter outfit 4 for the usa

winter outfit 5 usa

winter outfit 6 for usa

winter outfit 8 usa

The items in this capsule wardrobe are designed to give you ideas of what you can pack and how you can create outfits accordingly. Only buy clothes you need to fill in the gaps. Don’t go and buy a whole new travel wardrobe. You need to keep some spending money for the trip!

what to pack for a two week usa trip

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  • Katie Shozi

    Love the idea of picking a colour base when packing for a trip, I’ll try that next time.