Three Ways to Wear a Tube Skirt

The tube skirt is a great little basic to have in your wardrobe. In this post I’m going to show you three ways to wear a tube skirt.

three ways to wear a tube skirt

I go through my wardrobe every couple of months to organize and cull any items I no longer wear. One item that I have felt has been missing from my wardrobe is a skirt. I don’t wear too many skirts. I tend to wear more dresses than a skirt and top ensemble. But a plain, basic skirt can offer a number of outfit options with the existing tops I own in my wardrobe.

The first time I visited the Wardrobe 22 store, I really liked this khaki tube skirt. The rouching camouflaged my tummy and hips and even though it was clingy, it didn’t show my knicker line. I also liked that it could work with my body shape – if I lost or put on a few kgs.

I left it at the store to think about.

A week later I went back to the store and bought it. I had thought of ways I could wear the skirt and I’m going to share three of those outfits with you now.

Outfit 1 – Everyday Smart Casual Look

A skirt like this can be assumed as a ‘going out’ skirt. But I think it can work really when worn casually with a striped tee. For an everyday, running after kids look, I’ve teamed my tube skirt with a stripe tee. Long sleeve or short sleeve works well, depending on the weather.

smart casual tube skirt

Navy or red are great colour choices that go well with khaki. Add some white canvas sneakers and you’ve got an outfit you can do the school drop-off or pick-up in that looks a bit sporty, but quite trendy.

three ways to wear a tube skirt casual

three ways to wear a tube skirt smart casual

Outfit 2 – Smart and Sassy Night Look

This skirt can be dressed up with a simple black top and a pendant necklace. The heels elevate the look so you look ready to go out. I’ve teamed my tube skirt with a Rockmans lace and bell sleeve blouse and a House of Harlow necklace.

tube skirt

Outfit 3 – Corporate Look

I’ve been caught out on a few occasions when I’ve needed to wear a corporate outfit and all my clothes are… well not quite corporate. Add a shirt and blazer to the skirt and you’ve instantly got a corporate outfit. A black blazer would work just as well with the skirt, or a blue blazer as I’ve worn in the picture below.

corporate look tube skirt

tube skirt corporate look

As you can see the tube skirt is a versatile piece for any woman’s wardrobe. It’s $55 from Wardrobe 22 and you can order the skirt in black and an orange floral which I love just as much as the khaki.

Do you own a tube skirt? Do you prefer to wear skirts or pants?