What to Wear on TV – How to Choose the Right Outfit When Being Filmed for Television

I love when I fluke something without even realising. Last week, when I was asked to film a segment for Channel Nine News, I decided to wear my bright watermelon dress. The reason for the choice was because I like wearing it and it makes me feel confident.

Little did I know that I fluked the outfit stakes when it came to wearing appropriate attire for television.

Alison Ariotti, Channel Nine News Journalist, immediately commented on how good my dress was for television.

What to Wear on TV – How to Choose the Right Outfit When Being Filmed for Television

Alison Ariotti, Phoebe and myself last Wednesday morning

And this comment, gave me the idea to write a post about what to wear on TV. Alison was very kind enough to send me some pointers so that if you ever have to be on TV, you know what outfits will work best.

What to Wear on TV

The best thing to wear on TV are bright colours. Alison’s boss mentioned my dress and earrings were great for the segment. (Dress was from Little Party Dress and Earrings were from Thousand Island Dressing). The bright, bold print was perfect for the camera and when I watched the piece back, I could see how well the dress looked on TV.

pictures of Styled by Bec on TV

Thank you Lauren Roney for these pics.

If you want to wear print, you can, but it shouldn’t be very distracting.

Bright print dresses perfect for TV

Bright Print Dresses Perfect for TV, from left to right: Little Party Dress Mandy Pink Stripe Wrap Dress $59.95, Wardrobe 22 Red Miracle Dress $45.00 (best for front on filming), Little Party Dress Megan Flamingo Print Dress $59.95

If you’re the talent or the one being interviewed for TV, you can go bolder with your print than presenters. Usually presenters will wear a block colour to avoid too much distraction.

What NOT to wear on TV

Anything that ‘strobes’ or causes flashes of light is a no no. This is usually more common for men when they wear shirts or ties with fine stripes. It can be an unknown whether a print will strobe on camera or not.

Random sequins can do this. Do remember that the cameraman will have lighting on the talent. So consider how this lighting will jump off your outfit.

Don’t wear shoe string straps or off the shoulder tops or dresses. When being interviewed, Alison says it’s important to remember only your top half will be filmed. So consider having your shoulders covered… or the you might look like you’re filming in the nude. Wear a patterned or bold coloured top with covered shoulders, as opposed to a fancy skirt that won’t get seen on TV.

Another consideration when choosing the right attire is remembering a microphone will need to be worn, so a high neck might not work.

When it comes to makeup, matte is best. Avoid eyeshadow that’s too glittery or shimmery.

The best tip Alison offered was to ensure you wear something you feel good in and that will make you feel confident. When you feel confident in your outfit, this confidence will translate into the segment.

Wearing Megan dress in Watermelon Print from Little Party Dress

Take a photo yourself in your outfit and see if it looks good on camera (this is why taking part in #everydaystyle on Instagram can help because you can scroll through your outfits and see which ones look best). If you’re happy with how it looks on camera, you will most likely be happy how it looks on TV.

Thank you Alison for these fab tips.

Now tell me, have you ever been on television before? What did you wear? Do you have a few outfits to call on if you find yourself being asked to be on TV?