Interior Trend Alert: Pom Pom Cushions and Throws

Around a month ago, I had an article get sent to my inbox from Houzz saying pom poms were the new interior trend. I laughed at the article because I have had pom pom cushions for a few years.

My husband does not understand my love for cushions – especially cushions with pom poms. I happily showed him the article and told him I was setting the interior trends baby!

pom pom cushions

Just some of my pom pom cushions.

I’m not sure why I love pom poms on my cushions. Maybe it’s because they relate to my childhood from making pom poms out of wool and crafting with the felt ones.

I think pom poms add a fun twist to your décor and can add texture to a room.

I made my pom pom cushions using cheap Kmart cushion covers and pom pom fringing bought from Spotlight. If you can’t find pom pom cushions that suit your fancy, you can make your own quite easily.

The pom pom trend has been around for a while and even if some people are jumping on the bandwagon now, it’s definitely décor I love having in my home, whether in season or not.

Tips for Adding Pom Pom Cushions & Throws

1. Less is more when choosing your pom pom accessories. Choose a pom pom fringed cushion to mix in with other patterns and textures on your lounge or bed. It’s not necessary for all the cushions to be fringed with pom poms.

Lattice Cushion Teal and Velvet Linen Navy Bedspread

2. A pom pom throw in a neutral shade can work in interiors that are a bit more ‘adult’ or are classic in style.

pom pom throw

Marrakech Life Style via Etsy – link for purchase down below.

3. Make your own pom pom décor if you can’t find the colours you’re after.

Palace Court

4. Have fun styling your pom pom décor with your existing textiles.

Studio City

Here are some fun pom pom cushions and throws to consider add to your home.

pom pom cushions

  1. Ellis Pom Pom Throw in Navy $89.95
  2. Fantine Black Pom Pom Cushion $49.95
  3. Linen & Moore Pom Pom Cushions (Single Price) $68.00
  4. Script Pom Pom Cushion $29.95
  5. Cameo Pom Pom Cushion $74.95
  6. Colourful Pom Pom Cushion in Linen $52.00
  7. Marrakech Life Style King Pom Pom Throw $115.00
  8. Geometric Pom Pom Cushion $52.00

Are you a fan of pom poms on your cushions and throws? Is it a trend you could add to your home?

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this post. Should you choose to purchase an item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

  • I could go a pom-pom throw! And love that turquoise room. That wall paper!!!

  • I love the Marakesh pom pom throw though I think I’d donk myself in the face every time I pulled the blanket up in the night. It’d be nice for a sofa or something though. (In a brighter colour so I don’t spill stuff on it!)

  • oooh I love that rug in the office picture…and I am excited I am “on trend” for once in my life, with the pom-pom cushions I brought for our outdoor chairs.

  • Love pom-poms! Cotton On Kids have the cutest summer baskets with enormous pom-poms on the front. One nearly come home with me today.

  • I’ve noticed pom-poms turning up on fashion – from tops to handbags – but didn’t realise it was the next big thing in homewares too! As for your hubby not understanding pom poms on cushions, my hubster doesn’t understand my obsession with cushions full stop. I just bought some cool cushion covers on Ebay, it drives me mental how hard it is to get covers without inserts in the stores, I already have stacks of them already!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  • My hubby is the same with my cushion obsession. I would buy all the cushions if I could. 🙂

  • Oohh. I’ve seen those. I definitely want one!!

  • Yay Lisa. LOL. I think its something you like or don’t like. I don’t really follow trends. I find it hilarious though when one of my purchases aligns with a current trend. 🙂

  • Yes… a navy would be nice I think. Never thought about the pom poms hitting your face when pulling up the throw. I think I’d drape it on the end of the bed to stop that happening. 😉

  • I know!! 🙂