Six Easy Scarf Storage Ideas

I own around 30 scarves and every year I add at least 2 scarves to my collection. Scarves are one of my favourite items to purchase when it comes to winter. But having all these scarves means I’ve had to find ways to store them all. Scarf storage is a necessity. I purchased a scarf hanger from IKEA a couple of years ago and this is how I generally hang my scarves. It’s the best $7.99 I’ve spent. It keeps my scarves organised and I can take a glance at what I own and choose the one I want to wear on any given day.

easy scarf storage idea

Scarf storage is important because you want to protect your scarves and if they’re not in view, you won’t readily wear them. If you don’t have an IKEA near you, or you’d like to display your scarves a little differently, here are some DIY ways I found online.

six easy scarf storage ideas

DIY Clothes Pin Scarf Holder

I love this DIY scarf storage idea from Sally Ann. She shows you how easy it is to create her peg scarf holder. A great way to store scarves if you only own a few.

scarf holder by sally ann

scarf holder by sally ann

Wooden Display Ladder

scarf organiser ladder

Joanna Gaines knows a thing or two about style and organization when it comes to home interiors. She shares how to make this DIY Display ladder for throws, but it can be used for hanging scarves as well.

PVC Pipe Drawer Organiser

Cut some 100mm diameter pieces of PVC pipe and use these to create sections in your drawer to organize your scarf collection. This idea is from Better Homes and Gardens.

PVC pipe scarf storage organiser

Trouser Hanger

If you don’t have too many scarves to hang or display, simply use trouser hangers to drape your scarves. The hanger can then hang in your wardrobe or off a door hook. This idea is from I Heart Organizing.

hanger for scarves

Shower Ring Hanger

This is a clever way to hang a number of scarves on the one coat hanger. Use shower curtain rings on a hanger and drape your scarves through each ring. Sarah shows you how easy this can be done on her blog.

showe ring scarf storage idea

The way you store your scarves will depend on the room you have and if you like to have your scarves displayed or put away from view.

I hang my scarves behind a door, so when people look into our room, they can’t see them, but when I’m in my room getting ready, I can see them and easily grab one when I head out the door.

easy scarf storage behind door

I knot my scarves through the loops to make them look neat, but usually, I thread them through and let them hang down. I’m not very efficient at re-knotting them on the hanger after I’ve worn them. If this type of disorganization does your head in, it may pay to hang your scarves in your wardrobe or create a section in your drawer using PVC pipe so each scarf has their own designated spot.

6 easy scarf storage ideas

Here are some great organisers to consider if you’re looking for ways to hang or display your scarves.

scarf storage ideas online1. Ernesto Wall Hanger $189.95

2. Wall Mounted Hanger $129.95

3. Ikea Trouser Hanger $4.99

4. Expandable Ladder $119.00

5. Etsy Handmade Wooden Ladder $45.00

6. 130 Piece Velvet Hanger set with scarf clips $149.00

7. 10 Shelf Shoe Hanging Organiser $69.95

8. Ikea Scarf Hanger $7.99

If you don’t own many scarves, a simple trouser hanger may be all you need.

But if you’re like me and know you are going to buy more scarves, you need to consider whether your storage product can expand with your scarf buying addiction. I’ve got a few spare spaces on my scarf rack and a few trouser hangers to help if I run out of space.

How do you store your scarves? Do you own a lot of scarves like me?

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  • You do rock a good scarf, Bec. My current storage method is to scrunch them in a ball and stuff them in my bottom drawer which means they end up crumpled as all hell and I never wear them as a result. I’ll definitely have to latch onto one of your clever ideas.

  • Tracy

    I have the Ikea scarf storage thingy – I love it. It’s so easy to keep my scarves neat and tidy, as well as being easy to see what I have.

  • I have to get that Ikea scarf hanger, like must! I have a whole drawer full of scarves but it’s in the wardrobe and hard to get to, so this would be perfect for me. And any excuse to go to Ikea is a good excuse!

  • Mine are all just stuffed in two drawers – I think I need to get hubster onto that PVC pipe idea pronto!