I Bought a Backpack and it Turned Out to be a Very Good Decision

Last school holidays, I took my girls to an all day kid’s event at church. I needed a bag to hold my lunch bag.

I can’t even remember what I took, but I had wished I had a backpack.

The last time I was in Kmart, I bought a cheap, synthetic backpack for $25. I knew I’d need it for Maggie’s Kindy Excursion next week. But in a last minute move, I packed the backpack for our recent trip away to Coffs Harbour. And it turned out to be a very good decision!

backpack from kmart

My bargain backpack from Kmart

I’ve always loved a cross the shoulder satchel, but a backpack is handy when you want to be hands free, and you wish to store the bulk of your stuff – and your kids stuff, on your back. A satchel doesn’t hold as much as a backpack.

I must admit, I’ve never been a fan of backpacks as they remind of my school days, but this stylish one from Kmart doesn’t scream school and now that I have it, it will be used for outings and excursions. Now that I’ve streamlined my handbag, it’s easy to chuck my keys, purse and iphone into the bag. How good is it to no longer have to carry a baby bag?

I bought a backpack

I thought I’d research some backpacks if you’re considering this type of bag for yourself. I usually purchase leather handbags, but because I only use a backpack for specific excursions, I bought synthetic.

5 Stylish Backpacks

1. Kmart Stripe Backpack $15

kmart stripe backpack

2. Urban Status Camel Backpack $60

urban status backpack

3. I Love Billy Pewter Backpack $79.95

I love Billy Pewter Backpack

4. Adrift Traveller’s Backpack in Stone $79.95

traveller's backpack in stone

5. Adorne Two Tone Fold Over Backpack $44.95

Adorne two tone backpack

Have you bought a backpack to use for a specific purpose? Does it remind you of your school days?

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  • Not at all because we used daggy old “ports” at primary school, or massive sports bags at high school. I used a nice backpack when we were travelling Australia many years ago, found it very comfortable, stylish and practical.

  • I will definitely be using this on our next holiday. Practical is what I like these days. Funny how it all changes as you get older, have kids. etc.