Celebrating 2 Years of #everydaystyle in Style

On Saturday, I went to one of the best blogging events to date. That sounds like a big call, but I reckon it was up there with some of the best events I’ve been invited to since being a blogger. And before you think I’ve been invited to many events… I can count on two hands the amount of events I have been invited to.

Every day since I had Phoebe, I have taken a photo of my outfit. I have missed some days if I haven’t had time to get a photo, but generally taking an #everydaystyle photo and uploading it to Facebook and Instagram has become part of my everyday morning routine.

I don’t do it for likes or compliments. I do it to show a normal version of a mum at home with her kids. There are days where I look tired and frumpy and other days I could give Megan Gale a run for her money.

Nikki from Styling You created the #everydaystyle hashtag two years ago and a community of fashion savvy women have embraced the hashtag and friendships have developed from it.

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary, Nikki organized a lunch for the ladies who take part regularly using the hashtag.

It was an event I did not want to miss because if you follow Nikki’s Instagram feed, she’s a woman who knows good food and how to have a good time.

Prior to the event, I was worried about where the heck I was going to park. I had opted to park at the Myer Centre which I hate parking in but do it because I know I’m guaranteed a park and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg compared to some other parks in the city.

As luck would have it, I missed the turn off into the city and had to go over the Storey Bridge and that little mistake turned into a good call because I decided I’d park under Queens Plaza and for an extra $10 I got valet parking which meant I didn’t need to park the car, the valet did it for me. It was the perfect place to park because I pretty much walked through Queens Plaza, across the Queen Street Mall, through the Wintergarden and straight into the Hilton. Don’t you love when mistakes work out in the end?

Anyway, the lunch was held on the pool terrace and I got to catch up with bloggers I regularly read online, as well as meet new faces. Most of whom I follow on Instagram and know via their Instagram name, not their real one.

Trying to pose with the Style Balloons

Trying to pose with the Style Balloons


Take 2

Take 2


Take 3

Take 3


Take 4

Take 4


Take 5, Stuff it I'll just hold onto S.

Take 5, Stuff it I’ll just hold onto S.


Everydaystyle Lunch at the Hilton


Bev from Iris May Style and me

Bev from Iris May Style and me


I got to sit next to Lauren from Sand castles and Paper Crowns and we worked out we crossed paths at the same church over a decade prior. I couldn’t believe it!

I had Sue from Madam Cassowary on the other side who I regularly see sharing her #everydaystyle pics.

Lunch was served and it looked stylish.

Lunch Hilton Brisbane

We got tips on how to pose in our photos and where to place our hands. We had to practice and I did give it a go on Sunday but I felt too serious and didn’t end up sharing it. I’ll share it here though as proof that I practiced what I was taught.

My serious pose.

My serious pose.

After the tutorial, dessert was served.

Dessert Hilton Brisbane

Nikki pre-warned us that we would be getting a lucky door prize. I thought it would be some sort of sample beauty product because how can you give 30 decent raffle prizes away? Nikki from Styling You did. She turned into Oprah and gave everyone a super stylish gift. The prizes were AMAZING. Gift vouchers and accessories and clothes and shoes… it was like Christmas had come early.

I received these fabulous Turkish Towels from Knotty Towels. I had to laugh because as you know I write a plumbing blog and love all things homewares and I got TURKISH TOWELS! I have had Turkish Towels on my wish list since they became a trend. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to use them. I’m also thinking they’re a great towel alternative for the beach.

After lunch we congregated down at the bar to chat. I left a bit abruptly because the valet closed at 5pm. Unfortunately; I left with a headache which turned into a migraine. I was in bed as soon as I got home before wishing bloggers well in Sydney while they partied it up at the Kidspot Gala at Luna Park.

As wonderful as the event was, what made it fabulous were the women who came. All sporting individual looks and carrying themselves with confidence. The shoes everyone was wearing were insane! On Friday, I headed to Jo Mercer and bought these because I needed a heel that I could walk in. It is a skill to walk in a stiletto heel. I still can’t do it. The big trends in shoes at the lunch were tassels and gladiator style heels.

Special thanks has to go to Nikki and her assistant who put on a fabulous event. We received a Louenhide purse and notebook with our name tags which were such a generous touch to an already amazing event. Thank you to the Hilton for the delicious lunch and to Olympus who sponsored my bubbles (and everyone elses’s).


How awesome were the place settings?

How awesome were the place settings?

Styling You and Styled by Bec

Nikki and I

Anyone can take part in #everydaystyle. It’s just a matter of taking a picture of what you’re wearing and uploading it to Instagram, using the hashtag. The group is an inclusive one, not exclusive.

Thank you also to Vizcosa, who dressed me for the event. I’m also giving away a Kaftan from the Vizcosa range up to the value of $249.99. Head to this post to enter.

Have you ever been to an event that blew you away? Ever made a mistake that turned out better in the end?

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  • I saw all the party posts on Instagram and was wishing I was a fashion blogger. I love watching thee everyday style hashtag for inspiration but selfies and photo worthy fashion are not my forte. Lately i wear a lot of yoga pants and sports tanks so I can hike with the dogs and then work straight after.

  • Those place settings were a fantastic idea! I loved seeing everyone’s outfits on instagram. So much colour and style. What a great event! I started strong in #everydaystyle this year but due to five year old photographers who refused to work with me, I haven’t participated for some months. You’ve inspired me to start again x

  • I am seriously wishing I was a fashion blogger now or at least kept up with the #everyday style photos so I could have gone!! You looked beautiful x

  • Hugzilla

    OK, I’m not even a fashion blogger but I want to be one now because I would have loved to go to that event! Dude, that Nikki is all class.

  • I keep thinking I’m going to join into #everydaystyle and then I keep forgetting. I think if I ever get pregnant again I plan on doing it as a record of my growing bump {fingers crossed it happens some time soon} #teamIBOT

  • I think you rocked the serious pose! It *was* an absolutely fabulous event and I enjoyed every single minute of it. What I didn’t enjoy so much was having to drive up and down and up the carpark next door, looking for a space, even though I’d booked online the day before. Or scraping my car on a bollard as I tried to get close to the machine on the way out 🙁 grrrrr!

  • And you can vouch for me that I wasn’t even drinking alcohol (except for one glass of bubbly when I first arrived!)

  • Lauren Roney

    You looked so beautiful and it was wonderful to chat and spend time with you xxxx love the too serious pose too

  • It was such a fun afternoon! Great to catch up with you as always x

  • So glad you could go. I bet everyone looked fabulous.

  • Lunch was such a joy! I’m just sorry we didn’t get to chat more. I also went home with a headache, but we shan’t talk about why. I loved how every single woman there just OWNED her own look. You looked amazing!

  • Oh Bec – thanks so much for sharing the day here on your blog. I loved having you there and I love seeing you pop up in the feed every day xx

  • What an amazing day! And what an incredible community Nikki has built.

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Wasn’t it fabulous? I was so glad to see you breeze into The Hilton when you did…I was totally lost! Of course, you looked amazing and you have the prettiest face (hope that doesn’t sound weird!). Great photos and great recap of the day 🙂

  • I have to agree Bec it truly was a magnificent day and one that I felt so privileged to attend. Loved that we both wore the gorgeous Vizcosa kaftans – they made dressing easy

  • Yes, I loved wearing my kaftan to the event. It ended up being cooler than I expected. It was lovely to see you there, wearing the Amalfi. You looked gorgeous. xx

  • I loved that I got to sail in with you, but couldn’t believe we didn’t get to talk afterwards! It was such a great event! x

  • It truly is an amazing community. Nikki should be so proud. I love that women of all ages have got on board with the hashtag. x

  • Thanks Nikki. The hashtag keeps me accountable to putting in an effort in my outfits each day. xx

  • And thank you for the lunch and the gifts… everything. You truly are amazing. xx

  • Yes, I noticed that too that everyone had their own look and rocked it. Sorry to hear about your headache… xx

  • Yes, everyone did look fabulous despite the heat. xx

  • I love catching up with you at blogging events. You’re always a delight to hang out with. xx

  • I am SOO glad we got to sit next to each other and talk. I can’t believe we crossed circles without even knowing. How crazy can life be? I’m looking forward to our next catch up. xx

  • Oh no Janet. It’s so easily done unfortunately in the city. There isn’t much space between bollards. I loved talking with you. It’s always wonderful catching up with you. xx

  • LOL. Yes I can totally vouch for you… unless they put something in our lemon lime and bitters?? x

  • Yes you should join, pregnant or not. It would be lovely to see your outfit photos. xx

  • You would have LOVED it. It was so freaking awesome. Nikki is definitely all class. xx

  • Thanks Lisa. It’s such a great community to be part of. You should share some photos on instagram and see what I mean. xx

  • It’s hard isn’t it when you don’t have a photographer? Nikki showed us how she uses the tripod with her Olympus selfie camera, but my girls would knock over the tripod if I did it that way. I just rely on Jacob to take a quick pic before he goes to work. x

  • We need to see exercise gear in action Deb. We’d love to have you share what you wear, even if it is yoga pants. xx

  • It’s okay – my car already has so many dings, what’s another one 😉

  • Glad you had a good time Bec and it’s great that you have embraced your individual style. I’m afraid if I did the daily pics they might be a bit of a boring combo of clothes for the office and ‘active wear’ when I’m working from home/day off/yoga teaching.

  • Love you Bec. You also looked sensational xx

  • Carmen – Vizcosa.com

    Dear Bec, what a great recap of the day! for what I can see it was an amazing day surrounded by amazing women, you have not idea how proud I am to have dress you for the event, you looked more absolutely stunning and Vizcosa could have not been better represented. Much love! Carmen

  • Carmen – Vizcosa.com

    Huge thank you to both of you Karen Suzanne and Bec! you both looked incredible on vizcosa, and we are so proud to have dressed you both for the event.
    Much love
    Carmen xx

  • Thank you Carmen – really felt special being able to wear such a beautiful kaftan. Thank you so much for the opportunity xxxx

  • LOVE this post! What a great wrap-up. Thank goodness I didn’t read it back in December because my FOMO was already through the roof. Still kinda is. x